Jada Pinkett-Smith As Michelle Obama?

I get Will Smith as Barack Obama. They both have the ears. Barack has already called Smith out to play him (jokingly) if the Obamas get their “Hollywood Ending” in November.

Both Obama and Smith are tall and Smith is normally a thin guy (when not bulked up for a role.) But Will’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith as Glamazon Michelle Obama? Isn’t she, like, two feet too short?

From MTV News:

Thanks to countless blockbusters and a string of #1 hits, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith might very well be the first family of show business. But could the pair — married since 1997 — one day play the real first family?

This past June, Will told MTV News that he’d love to portray Barack Obama on the big screen, after the presidential nominee himself suggested the actor as the most viable candidate. Now Jada is joining her husband’s campaign.

“Pencil me in,” the “Matrix” star asserted, staking her claim to the role of Barack’s wife, Michelle Obama. “I love Michelle [and] would play her any day.”

No actual movie about the Obamas exists outside the realm of pure speculation, of course, although it’s not hard to imagine that one could eventually be made — especially if powerful players like the Smiths are behind the project.

I mean, from the clavicles up, I can see it. And Jada has the acting chops. But she’s about 5 foot nothing on a good day.

That said, Jada reveals herself to be a hardcore Michelle fan, which I can totally relate to.

“I’m voting for Michelle,” she laughed. “I’m always telling people I’m voting for Michelle to get into the White House and Obama is just going to follow her lead. She is smart and committed, and I just love her.”

Jada is out doing the media rounds because she’s, dare I say it, in a movie. A remake of “The Women” where she plays a good friend and a lesbian. I’ve seen the previews for “The Women” and, possibly against better judgment, I will probably plunk down $10 and watch it. I love Jada, as well as Eva Mendes and Annette Benning.

Debra Messing not-so-much but I don’t hate her.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith aren’t exactly keeping their Obama playing dreams on the mum as I’ve heard them talk about it everywhere and to anyone … even Stephen Colbert. So I’m prepared to see an under-tall Michelle O. on the big screen someday

“I gotta get the rights to the story,” Will told Access Hollywood on Thursday at the premiere of wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s new film, “The Women.” “I’ll make the decision in about two months as soon as he writes the ending.”

But it’s Barack’s wife, Michelle, that Will’s really interested in, Jada revealed.

“He has a crush on Michelle,” Jada said. “That’s his new crush. I gotta watch out because Will Smith loves intelligent women. Beautiful, intelligent women, that’s his Kryptonite.”

18 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett-Smith As Michelle Obama?

  1. tisha: I’m almost positive that at 10, Malia’s probably taller than Jada. Maybe Jada could play Sasha?And <A HREF="http://www.eurweb.com/images/articles/200802/tasha_smith(007-med1).JPG” REL=”nofollow”>Tasha Smith would be pretty close to perfect. She’s at LEAST tall with similar bone structure and she’s tough, fierce and gorgeous — all things Michelle is naturally.<A HREF="http://l.yimg.com/img.tv.yahoo.com/tv/us/img/site/83/04/0000028304_20060922004721.jpg“ REL=”nofollow”>Aisha Tyler and <A HREF="http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/02b52GU0u07qi/340x.jpg“ REL=”nofollow”>Gina Torres would make good second and third choices as well.I actually think with the right wig, Tyler would look the most like her.

  2. i like jada and all but they really need to cast a brown/dark skinned woman as michelle. anything else is just wrong. aisha tyler would be good.I could not agree more with this.

  3. They would have to go for an unknown on the casting for Michelle Obama. There’s no one in Hollywood that really resembles her. Jada doesn’t come close. Maybe if Oprah could drop about 60 lbs, we might have some inspired casting.

  4. i agreed with rikyrah.if Hollywood is going to do it right, please don’t get lazy and pull a halle berry.and Jada, they could always use some extras in some of the scenes….

  5. Oh yeah there doesn’t have to be just one movie about them either. We can have an HBO movie, a basic tv MOW and a motion picture. Why not?!

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