When Obama Love Goes Too Far: More Shoes!

Found on Jezebel, Air Obama:

If being portrayed on the sole of a shoe and walked on qualifies as a tribute, then artist Jimm Lasser’s “Obama Force One” is the ultimate compliment. Also good, we suppose, for those Dems who don’t like to wear their opinions on their, um, sleeve.

Via Men.Style, where they write:

File under inevitable: the Obama Force One, created by Portland artist Jimm Lasser. And yes, you can in fact buy Barry’s sole.


You can catch even more at hypebeast where they advertise a “dunk on McCain” competition. Awesome. This is some Obama insanity I can actually get on, although walking on Barack’s face would be the ultimate disgrace in some cultures so there are some Africans, Muslims and all various Asians out there who are all “WTF?”

3 thoughts on “When Obama Love Goes Too Far: More Shoes!

  1. off topic but bear with me…guess what i just did? i just donated $100 that i don’t really have to the obama campaign on behalf of my friend. just two days ago i contributed another $100 that i don’t have (put it on my credit card) to the obama campaign in response to that woman’s (i won’t even put her name in my mouth) hate-filled tirade against obama. i’m not saying this to get a pat on the back, i’m saying that if you have friends who can’t donate, try to do it for them. this election is too important not to do all we can to at least give ourselves a CHANCE at a better situation in this country.

  2. I thought they looked kind of weird at first but then I visualized making footprints that look like Obama…that ish is off the chain! Man, people will be walking on wet cement and in paint all over the place doing graffiti. Man, Black people are so cool and creative sometimes!

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