Bonus Obama Love: Dunking On McCain

First seen at the Democratic National Convention as worn by film director Spike Lee, found on Hello Negro and created by UNDRCRWN, I present to you …


It seems people have an Obama/basketball fixation, no doubt because Obama played varsity B-ball in high school and still loves the occasional pick up game. He’ll even drain a three-pointer every now and then. But because of Obama’s love of basketball and black folks love of basketball in general there is room ripe for parody. There are a plethora of Obama dunking on his opponents imagery is floating around the web. This is probably the best one as it mimics a controversial Nike ad with a black baller basically dunking the ball with the white defender catching a face full of sweaty basketball crotch, as McCain is getting a good whiff of Obama’s scrotum in this illustration.

For others who share this love of Obama Basketball, the following pictures are for you.

7 thoughts on “Bonus Obama Love: Dunking On McCain

  1. love the pics. although somehow they make me feel like i don’t want to see him anywhere near a piece of chicken. he should consider not even campaigning in the state of kentucky.

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