No More Kids for La Femme Obama!

Michelle Obama told TV talker Ellen DeGeneres that she is through having kids:

Michelle Obama says she and Democrat Barack Obama probably won’t have any more children because the presidential race is enough additional responsibility.

“I think I’m done,” she told TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in an interview. “I think our third child is this campaign.” (FOX News)

The interview is to run on “Ellen” Monday, Sept. 8.

I realize that at 44, unless you’re Sarah Palin, it might not seem like a good time to go half on a baby with Barack, but I won’t hate you if you make it to the White House and get knocked up. In fact, I will only love you more because the only thing cuter than Sasha, 7, and Malia , 10, (who are the pure Colombian cocaine of cuteness) would be a new, beaming Obama baby.

But I’ll stop thinking about that before I jinx it.

Side note: I love Michelle but I TOTALLY HATE what she’s wearing on Ellen. Please let my eyes be lying to me. Let it be an optical illusion. Someone convince me I am wrong!

14 thoughts on “No More Kids for La Femme Obama!

  1. Meh…She coulda kept the summer arts and craft tye-dyed inspired skirt.Oh well, she was bound to slip up one day. And compared to Cindy “Lou” McCain, she still look good!

  2. Could you imagine Obama Land if she got preggers in the White House?You know there’d be websites set up for pregnancy watch. I told you. I can find something positive in anything Michelle wears….lol

  3. oh Lord. is that the “terrorist” tie dye skirt of doom? love her to death though. and i would LOVE to see a little “barack the third” playing w/malia and sasha! lol.

  4. No one, even the Obamas needs to have more than 2 children. If you want a larger family, there are plenty of little brown kids waiting in foster care.

  5. Image Consultants in campaigns make recommendations for what one should wear given the population to be addressed. I think that it is refreshing that Michelle might want to show the more creative side of herself on a show such as Ellen. One can’t look like “Jackie O” everyday; it would be too contrived. I know this as a fact(and this is not the forum how I know this why) : image consulting in the field of politics encompasses what one wears among many other things.

  6. Snob….what do I get for the best tip of the day????I was the one who sent you the “skirt pic.” I should get poster of the month or something….;-)Mr. Holmes has a Facebook page. How do I know it’s his??? He’s friends with Mr. Lemon who is friends with other CNNers. fun! Don’t stalk him ladies or he’ll take it down.

  7. The outfit looks good from the top to mid thigh, then it goes into this tea stained tablecloth mess.This woman was made to wear purple, it looks amazing on her. I dont watch Ellen, but ill be sure to catch this episode. And to heck with Michelle and Barack having a third child, they can adopt me.

  8. anonymous 11:21 am: I’m sorry. I totally have two snaps up for you all in the air for the Facebook hook-up (which lead to me finding his burgeoning MySpace page and twitter page.) It seems he’s just now getting acquainted with social networking. But seriously. You’re the bomb and I was going to email you that, but I couldn’t find the note you sent me a while back on Skirt Magazine. Hit me up with an email. I’ll hook you up with some kudos!

  9. Why is it that Sam Cooke, Malcolm X and now Barrack Obama didn’t have any sons?? We can’t get a John John equivalent?

  10. bassey: I KNOW! We need a future prince in our black royal family. We’ve already have a Queen Michelle, two darling princesses and King Barack. They need to sire a son. They owe me! … I mean, they owe black America.Especially since MLKIII was underwhelming. Jesse Jackson Jr. is … meh. He’s OK. But I’d love a little boy Obama. Give him a name that’s all royal and fierce! Like Kingston or Frederick or Hakeem.Hakeem Barack Hussein Obama would grow up to be such a pimp … just like John-John was before he had to fly himself into oblivion.

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