Hillary Clinton Died For Sarah Palin’s Sins

HRC, your legacy is under threat by a barn-burning, “Feminist For Life” from Wasilla, Alaska. Whatcha gonna do?

As I watched Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin’sPitbull with lipstick” speech Wednesday night I wondered, “What is Hillary Rodham Clinton thinking?”

I only say this because I can’t imagine that it sets well that Palin, a woman who is diametrically opposed to almost everything HRC professes to believe in, is taking her “18 million cracks” and running with them. And as she grasps the crown as the new political princess her defenders in the party and in the media cry sexism over every critique of Palin’s qualifications and past.

It was surreal watching Gloria Berger and Campbell Brown parse Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s statement where he called Palin “shrill,” pointing out the sexism when I recall a lot of sitting on hands over Clinton. As Democratic commentator Paul Begala pointed out, Clinton was referred to as a “bitch” on almost every cable news network, including CNN and it’s affiliates, yet no one had boo to say and every pundit was telling Clinton and her throng of followers that she needed to suck it up if she was going to run with the big boys.

Now those same individuals who relished in trashing Clinton are rushing to Palin’s defense. You can’t really blame Begala’s disgust. As a Clinton supporter he was among the many Clintonistas and feminists who felt they were dismissed as “whiners” in the face of the mocking of Clinton’s voice, clothes, looks, record, sexuality, “victimhood,” tears and morals.

But now it seems all the efforts of women and men to fight the sexism that dogged Clinton was only for Sarah Palin’s benefit. Republicans have gone from “women who play the ‘victim’ card are whiners” to rallying around Palin and crying sexism at detractors.

And everything is sexism.

Question Palin’s thin resume? You’re a sexist. Question Palin’s integrity in the light of “Troopergate?” You’re a sexist. Question her dedication to ultra conservative, anti-abortion causes? You’re a sexist. Mock her failed beauty queen storyline and Hockey Mom narrative? You’re a sexist.

Question if McCain only picked her for the most cynical of reasons? You’re a sexist.

Listening to Clinton Hater Dick Morris cry that no man would ever be questioned about their ability to parent while governing is almost vomit inducing. Hearing Sean Hannity behave as if he actually gave a crap or understood feminism made my head swim. Everything is relative, and now the Clinton Campaign Crucifixion on the cross of feminism has become Palin supporters’ “Remember the Alamo.”

Like the real battle for the Alamo, the men inside sent word to their leaders that they needed reinforcements, but barely got anything. The leaders deciding that the Alamo was fated to be lost.

Now Republicans, who hate both Clintons and fought them using everything from bogus charges that they murdered Vince Foster and countless Arkansans and various “bimbos of the week,” are holding up Hillary as a martyr. “Remember Hillary!” they shout, following their new Femme Fatal Republican icon, Sarah Palin, an NRA, gun toting frontiers woman.

Unlike the Texians fighting for the Alamo in old San Antonio, Hillary Clinton is not dead. Her campaign is, but Sen. Clinton lives — and so do her supporters who remember the rude jokes, jibes and digs that helped doom her campaign. Will they stand by as Palin becomes the no. 1 benefactor of their political dreams? Will Hillary stand silent while another woman takes her place as the most visible female politician on the national stage? Will feminists for reproductive rights stand idle while the right worships a “Feminist For Life,” aka an anti-abortion candidate who wants to make abortion illegal? Will they all remain silent as their legacy is stolen by a Palin Come Lately steals their proverbial cracked glass ceiling?

Will the real Hillary Rodham Clinton please stand up so Sarah Palin and her posse can shut up?

There’s a new line drawn in the sand and Palin crossed it. How long will it be before Clinton’s pride and ego compels her to take back what was hers?

20 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Died For Sarah Palin’s Sins

  1. THANK YOU! I’ve been asking myself the very same questions. It’s time for Hillary to lay down the law.

  2. If Hillary takes this one lying down I will SOOOOOOOO lose even more respect for her.Once the RNC is over I think both her and Bill can come out the gate swinging and HRC will be in the best position to come back at Palin.But could you imagine Palin running against Clinton in 2012–my God today! That’s be an interesting race.

  3. all: I was rather lukewarm over Hillary Clinton throughout the primaries, being occassionally annoyed by her, but … dare I say it … I will actually be DISAPPOINTED if she stays on the sidelines. Barack needs someone to take Palin out and no one can “out victim” Hillary Clinton. Palin may have a preggo teen, but Hillary had Bill the Poon Hound and the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” She can have no mercy on Palin with impunity. She’s the only one who can do it. And if she cares about her legacy (and getting a Democrat in the White House), she will.

  4. Bill the poon hound? lol that’s a good one.I too am waiting for Hillary to take on this scandalous neophyte who has all these crusty old male repubs salivating. Suddenly Giuliani and McCain give a dayumn about treating women fairly? I saw a couple of women interviewed before her speech last night, and they didn’t know much about Palin but were impressed that she was a fellow hockey mom and mother of five. One woman observed that Palin must have excellent time management skills to be able to manage 5 children. Yeah, but does that qualify her for national office?

  5. disclaimer: i hope everyone reading will understand that the following two-word pun is given purely for irony’s sake. it is meant to surmise the hypocrisy with which charges of sexism have been ignored in Hillary Clinton’s case and augmented in Palin’s, and the apparent responsibility incumbent on Clinton to defend her legacy. that being said…CAAAAAAT FIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!! 😉

  6. We’ll see. Hillary could be calling in whatever markers she has left or waiting for the $20M call from Obama. Also the Texans that were ‘defending’ the Alamo were in fact trying to steal it from the Mexicans so they deserved their ass-whooping. This is also what happens when white women rally the cry for it being a “woman’s time to lead” and exclude women of color. Now the Rethugs are not even pretending to see anybody who isn’t white and Black women are really gonna be in trouble with Palin in play. Obama needs to get Susan Rice and other female surrogates out stat!

  7. Faith: You’ve got no quarter from me about The Alamo and the US-born Texian interlopers trying to snag the once Mexican territory. That’s why this quasi-pro-Hillary, pro-womanist rallying cry feels so false.And I agree. The female surrogates need to hop to it, but Hillary is the most visible and the biggest female powerhouse. If she says anything about Palin the press, and everyone else, will listen.

  8. “How long will it be before Clinton’s pride and ego compels her to take back what was hers?”-Very long.I don’t think Hillary Clinton gives a shit.Why?’Cause she ain’t the Democratic nominee for President.It ain’t about HER.

  9. i don’t know about all this get-women-to-bash-sarah-palin stuff… isn’t that some form of exploitation? one of the first big problems i had with hillary clinton was that she sic’ed her brainless bootlicking Negro surrogates (Andrew Young, Bob Johnson) on Obama.The best thing is to keep the press digging up her dirt… she’s pissed a lot of people off in Alaska and she’s a real cut-throat. Somebody’s gotta be ready to cough up some more juice on TrooperGate. And *stick* to TrooperGate; don’t focus on anything abstract and forgettable like pork-barrel spending…We need to find a Rev. Wright moment for her. Something that will resonate strongly… plaster that Trooper’s face on the evening news. Interview the fired Commissioner of Public Safety, get some good sound-bites and YouTube that ish!(i need to be a strategist… sounds like a fun job!)

  10. bklynbam: I agree that it should be Palin’s past words and actions that do her in, but I don’t think this situation is analogous to the Dem fight when Sen. Clinton sicked Rangel, et al on Obama.1) It was the Democratic Primary where nastiness can have a huge blowback.2) The black-on-black arguments were personality/experience debates, not about policy.Right now the Republican plan of attack is to accuse any criticism of Palin as part of the sexism Clinton encountered. Unlike in the Democratic Primary, Clinton shares very few views with Palin so distinct contrasts can be drawn between her beliefs, experience and governing abilities. Clingon (and other female Dems) can engage in a debate where the sexism cry becomes moot.This doesn’t mean that male Dems can’t critique her. They just have to be prepared for the onslaught since they were slow to react to sexism against Clinton in the media.

  11. sure, but the fact that Clinton dispatched her Black friends to take him out was offensive enough for me by itself, irrespective of what the arguments were (that they did it so tastelessly, only added fuel to the fire)… maybe i’m focusing on something that’s not so important here…everybody already knows she’s against abortion in all cases and that she’s on the far, far (nutcase) right… she was never really gonna get those Hillary voters anyway. On the real, McCain didn’t pick her to attract women voters… that was merely a ruse to attract attention and camouflage his true intent… he picked her to energize the far right… there’s a lot of right-wingers who were gonna sit out the election, who will now show up and vote McCain-Palin… There’s gotta be some real live dirt in that TrooperGate joint if she just hired a lawyer… if the Dems had any brains, they’d focus on that… issues aren’t gonna matter here because there aren’t any new votes to capture (not women, not liberals)… if they can snag a nice tasty sound-bite and YouTube that joint over-and-over like “G-d D–m America!” they’re good to go…

  12. bklynbam: Well …. she does have an iffy pastor as I <A HREF="http://blacksnob.blogspot.com/2008/09/drama-rama-in-mccain-campaign.html“ REL=”nofollow”>reported on him yesterday:Palin has her own controversial pastor troubles — an ongoing them in the 2008 race with Rev. Wright, then Rev. Hagee and now with Wasilla Assembly of God Pastor Ed Kalnins who has “preached that critics of President Bush will be banished to hell; questioned whether people who voted for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 would be accepted to heaven; charged that the 9/11 terrorist attacks and war in Iraq were part of a war ‘contending for your faith;’ and said that Jesus ‘operated from that position of war mode.'” (<A HREF="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/02/palins-church-may-have-sh_n_123205.html“ REL=”nofollow”>Huffington Post)

  13. yeah, but it’s not gonna stick… needs something juicier if it’s gonna stick. Rev. Wright wrapped it all up in 3 succulent, juicy, YouTube loop-able, unforgettable words… you can’t buy that kinda bad press! Watergate had “cancer on the presidency”… we need the contents of those e-mails or something… we just need enough so that the press will put it in her face and force her to answer it… keep in mind, this is not the kind of stuff that a moderator brings up in a debate; it needs to get in the press.. EARLY!short of something like that, everything else will be swept under the rug… easy… The right wing has a major weapon in the form of Fox News… they can chalk up any attacks on Palin as part of an onslaught from the “Liberal Media”…

  14. pitbull in lipstick is the same as a bitch, yes?troopergate has reared itself…hrc has been awfully quiet during all this madness, but as someone said, it could be that it’s because she’s not on this ticket so she’s staying out of it…where are those 18 million angry clintonistas to come forward and muzzle this alaskan nightmare?

  15. It’s not Hillary’s job to be Barack’s attack dog.If he wanted her in that role he would’ve offered her the Vice-Presidency.Since he did not, she should sit back and relax and watch the fireworks.

  16. i’m with miss malevolent!now you want hillary to help!?! wtfFOR?barry the pussy is on his own. ask joe for help! or msnbc.

  17. If Hillary is smart (and we all know she is) she will jump in and set the record straight. Who knows, she may be campaigning against this woman in eight years time…for the presidency. (Now imagine that race. Yikes.)

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