Palin: Daughter Pregnant! (Again?)


Besieged by blog rumors about her 17-year-old daughter, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — named Friday as running mate of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — released a statement Monday saying her daughter is pregnant and plans to marry the father.

The governor and her husband, Todd, said their daughter, Bristol, plans to keep the baby.

“Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned,” the Palins said in the statement. “As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.”

Liberal bloggers have speculated extensively about the possibility that Palin’s fifth child, born this spring, was actually her daughter’s.

Hmmmm … this doesn’t sound good and doesn’t exactly kill that rumor. At. All. Now people will be even more determined.

This is very much starting to turn into an Tom Eagleton situation, but let’s see what happens. There’s a hurricane going on in the gulf coast so this isn’t going to get the kind of attention it normally would in the 24-hour news cycle.

A politician’s kids should not be part of the debate, but with Gov. Sarah Palin using the culture wars and her own family values as her conservative credentials, the private and personal becomes the public and judgmental pretty fast. And left is BRUTAL on family values candidates who have a house out of order, often calling them hypocrites.

I feel sorry for 17-year-old Bristol Palin. Her mom really should have thought about what this campaign, what the press would do to her when there is this juicy of a rumor floating about the internet that her mother’s youngest is really her baby. And saying she’s pregnant now doesn’t really kill the rumor, but make people even more curious. It’s just messed up because as much as I don’t want McCain/Palin to win, the daughter’s exploits should be separate from her mother’s campaign … even if the mother is using her family as evidence of her piousness and judgment.

If anything, this makes John McCain look very reckless in his VP pick. (The New York Post claims McCain knew about the pregnancy before he picked her.) Most politicians wouldn’t have risked this due to the unknown fall-out. I still think Palin was not vetted and McCain went with his gut.

His dangerous, Crazy gut. And that’s why the prospect of him in the White House frightens me. If he can be this out-of-control when picking a veep I’m scared to see how he’s going to deal with Vlad the Putin.

32 thoughts on “Palin: Daughter Pregnant! (Again?)

  1. Wow. You’re fast. I’m just hearing about this from and you and now it’s on the news. How much you wanna bet that Trig will end up spending most of his time with Bristol? If it’s a lot, she’s probably his birth mother. Either way, I’m glad she’s escaping from home.

  2. McCain is toast. This exploding Jerry Springer drama just makes McCain look like an unstable idiot.If he didn’t know about the teenager’s pregnancy, his team was negligent in their vetting, if he did know and selecte Palin anyway, he’s a delusional bumbler. Either case, his lack of judgement on this crucial test disqualifies him from the presidency.

  3. This really does show how reckless and scary McCain is and Palin, I am sorry to say is an idiot. Like you said, telling us Bristol is pregnant does nothing to sqaush the rumors that the 5th child is not hers, frankly it only adds more fuel to the fire. Since all the reports I have read of how she birthed that baby sound suspect to me especially as a woman who has given birth 2 times. I feel bad that a 17 yo girl has to have her life plastered all over the world but her Mama should have thought about that before she agreed to sign up as a VP candidate. This story sounds better suited for a Lifetime movie, not a woman trying to become VP of the US.

  4. “WHO’S THE BABY MOMMA NOW?”Hilarious……I’m sorry but this is a disgustingly poor image for the Palin’s. What? Sarah was too busy induldging herself in her family scandal to tell her daughter have him strap on a condom?! No it’s NOT OKAY to be 17 and pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is not a positive reflection for them, so the family should stop sugar coating it like it is!Very trashy Bristol!As I read in a previous blog, the whole McCain/Palin appears so be very Hillbiily Gone Hollywood. VERY!

  5. I feel bad for Bristol, I do. She doesn’t deserve to be torn down like she has. Who didn’t do some messed up stuff at 17? No one is superhuman. But because her mother is pro-life and a supporter of abstinence-only education programs in school, the actions of her daughter are going to be used as a case against Sarah.And I will personally have an issue with Palin if she uses this a political tactic. If she uses her daughter’s situation as a reason why abortion should be illegal and sex education should be reformed. She has no shame if she does that. I do agree that if this was on the Obama side, shit would be hitting the fan.

  6. WowI respect the fact that she is keeping her child; however I think this is more of a reason that her mom should had declined to be McCain’s running mate and parent not only this child but her other young children.A lot of the moms that I know who are Christian Black stay at home moms do not support Ms. Palins decision to run.I think there will be those that support Bristols decision to keep her baby, but will be those that questions Ms. Palins choise to put her family second to a job…

  7. I find it hard to believe McCain knew. I mean, this is the daughter of his choice for VP that he met only once! This is making for an interesting election on so many levels.

  8. “WHO’S THE BABY MOMMA NOW?”Hilarious……I’m sorry but this is a disgustingly poor image for the Palin’s. What? Sarah was too busy induldging herself in her family scandal to tell her daughter have him strap on a condom?! No it’s NOT OKAY to be 17 and pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is not a positive reflection for them, so the family should stop sugar coating it like it is!Very trashy Bristol!As I read in a previous blog, the whole McCain/Palin appears so be very Hillbiily Gone Hollywood. VERY!

  9. So much for Palin’s conservative values! Maybe if the Conservatives were not so against teaching birth control this might not have happened to Bristol Palin. What type of so called values is Sarah Palin presenting to the nation when her 17 year old daughter is pregnant? Is this the Spears family? This VP pick is utterly a disater!

  10. Well well well the juicier the better the campaign huh?Well, Palin obviously supports her daughter in this drama and kudos to her for that. My problem is that there is so much scrutiny placed on the Obama Campaign. Why wasn’t Fox handing out condoms to Bristol and her soon-to-be-husband-who-is-just-marrying-her-to-boost-the-McCain-Palin-Campaign?

  11. so excited that the “party of values” has fallen from grace…McCain is utterly and totally out of this righteous mind!! so Palin is against abortion but she supports fornication! if you gonna go hard- be ’bout what you be talking ’bout!!!

  12. this is a problem and *not* for McCain.. when the VP debate comes around, somebody’s gonna ask her about the baby thing and she’s gonna look like a victim… i can see it now, it’s gonna be “she’s likeable enough” all over again (nobody talked about that, but it was a boost for Hillary Clinton) if Biden is too rough on her in the debate (in a country where Caylee and Natalie Holloway are still big news) it ain’t gonna hurt McCain…i bet this doesn’t damage her at all among conservatives… unexpected pregnancies happen, it’s a fact of life, and conservatives aren’t as judgmental about this sort of thing as you might think… pro-lifers are gonna love the keeping-the-baby angle…

  13. Palin needs to concentrate on her family and stop acting like she can juggle them and the mess our counrty is in.2nd i dont feel bad for the fam one bit. they are lucky us libs havent pounced on them the way the rightwing wingbats would have if Godforbid and older Malia or Sasha were preg teens. they would be throwing every black stereotype about poor black tricks who cant keep their legs close. she accepted the Vp spot and the critics come along with it.being a PTA mom, having a special needs child, etc does not give u the right to run this countryp.s. boo just hired a lawyer cause her is in deep DOO. thats what you get for firing the dude that u were trying to FORCE to fire your values….thats a trip.

  14. Obama’s the father! Uh, no. no wait. She was taken advantage of, her drink was spiked! Uh, no, wait. She didn’t know that penises were so dangerous and E-Vail! No, wait. I found it impossible to believe that the offspring from such a fine, middle class, religious famous would turn up pregnant.No Sir and Mam, I cannot believe it or are the Palin’s black or Mexican? Enough sarcasm.Hell yeah, the little nasty tramp should be fair game. Her mother is running of a high and mighty platform of family values. I’d like her to explain away her daughter bumping and grinding at such a young age, with SUCH great parents. I mean, I know kids will do what they hell they want. And even the best parents cant prevent their hormones from running out of control, but when Mommie wants the world to think she’s perfect, I think she should be told how much she isn’t.As if her keeping the baby makes her less tacky. And they say McShame knew about this when he picked her as his VP. What, having a sexually active daughter is going to make her favorable in the eyes of liberal women? Try again.Obama will undoubtly show her respect. But I have bloggers rip that family to shreds. Along with the Political Pundits on TV.Because you cannot stand there and be all high and mighty on the podium, but have shit hitting the fan behind your closed doors.

  15. I am not feeling the shotgun wedding either. This girl is too young and inexperienced to commit to marriage, even if she will soon be a mother.

  16. There’s more to come cause Palin has dinosaur bones in her closet! With The National Enquirer and The Smoking Gun out there…there will be no escape from the heart of the truth. Can’t wait!Palin has a retarded kid, a knocked up teenage daughter, a son going to Iraq, she’s under investigation herself, coupled with the fact that she just had her baby yesterday makes her highly unqualified. The hypocrisy is sickening and the chick really need to sit her ass down in a corner somewhere. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want her being second commander in charge of nothing.I don’t feel one ounce of empathy for Palin or her “hot in the ass” daughter. That’s the choice you make when you have the audacity to step into the spotlight knowing the shamble that is her life! She wants to be veep, and she wants to be pro-life , but has a daughter who’s knocked up! Trailer trash at its very best! After the way the media roasted Obama because of the actions of a man names Jeremiah Wright you bet I won’t let this go. No way. No how.

  17. Sadly, the press won’t have as much of a field day as they’re currently having with Obama. Plus, they kill me–trying to make it better by adding that the girl is going to marry the father. Teen pregnancy is teen pregnancy. Fuck outta here!

  18. the reps have dispatched an army of lawyers and private dicks (tee hee) to find out if there are skeletons in palin’s closet…i finally looked up the official meaning of “vetted”verb: check, examine, investigate, check out, review, scan, look over, appraise, scrutinize, size up (informal) give the once-over (informal) pass under reviewthese are the definitions i found online. what dictionary was mccain using?

  19. Heads up now, I have a hard time getting my head around the idea, but I keep reading about this being a trap. This is the exact time when one would figure the Rove-worms would be wriggling around under the carpet again, though…

  20. I’m sure the that the Christian Conservatives just LOVE this. The plans of a shot gun wedding to avoid further embarrassment is a nice touch as well.**smh** I agree that the children of candidates should be off limits,but Palin is a public figure, so she has to be prepared to have her private family business put out there and placed under a microscope by the nedia and general public. Palin has other skeletons as well– like trying to get her soon-to-be- ex brother-in-law fired. I hear she was under investigation for that– among other stuff. McCain will regret picking her as VP. I think that he may have shot himself in the foot on this one. I know many Republicans who are not happy with his choice..

  21. It amazes me how the Republicans are so quick to talk about what is “off the table” (candidate’s families), when they sought to hang Michelle O. out to dry over her “patriotism.” And, as someone else mentioned, were this to have happened to one of the Obama girls, you know there would be all kinds of insinuations about what bad parents the Obama’s are–along with all of the stereotypes to go along with it. Yet, Palin’s “embraced” for “being real”…Aaaaahhhh, nothing like a good double-standard.I think they should rip her up (–actually, both Palin and her daughter). As folks have said, running for POTUS/VP makes everything about you public–again, if she and her family can’t take the heat they should get the hell out of the kitchen.Oh–and, it bugs me–I was just listening to a pundit basically blaming the Obama campaign for this juiciness leaking to the public. Gimme a break!!! McCain shouldn’t have acted so desperately, and, he should have been more thorough. You may have already seen it already, but even per the FBI, it looks like she was nowhere near as thoroughly vetted as she should have been. Check <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”> this out from the NY Times.The human in me almost feels a little sorry for Old Leatherface.

  22. I was initially interested in this blog because of the piece on Colin Powell, whom I admire and miss. I thought that perhaps there might be some worthwhile viewpoints from ‘the other side’ which might help me to be a good broadminded individual. WRONG. This place is worse than Weekly World News. What next? Palin is the mother of an alien child? The lack of civility and reason here cause me to look elsewhere on the web for informative commentary.Max

  23. Perhaps you should if you feel that the legitimate discourse taking place here has stooped to the Weekly World News level; this is a blog that discusses the news from the Black perspective and people here can bring up the fact that if this were one of the Obama girls, watch out Barack and Michelle.The truth does hurt and unfortunately it appears you are accustomed to getting the news from the perspective of the White dominated mainstream media…

  24. I was watching the news in my area and they showed some comments from white people about this situation and what upset me was that most said that this is a private matter and it happens in all families. This does not happen in all families. This should not be considered something normal now. Black teens have been getting pregnant at an early age for years and the white people looked down on us for that, but now that it is rampant among white teens they claim it happens in all families and its normal. We need to teach our teens about responsibilty. America has the highest pregnancy rate in the industrialized world and we are supposed to be such a Christian nation. That is crazy. The crucified Janet Jackson for showing one of her breast for split second claiming that kids were watching when most of this kids start having oral sex at 11.

  25. The absolute lack of discernment and critical thinking shown by all parties in this is scary. Fact is the VP is a heart beat away from the highest office in the land Obama mentioned that in relation to Biden. Paladin is potentially a heart beat away from the highest office in the land. A pregant teen does not happen overnight – the act that results in pregnancy does. A teen ends up pregnant if the parents do not communicate with the teen and prepare the teen for the reality. Abstinence only education that also includes that birth control in all forms is not foolproof is a recipe for disaster – because fact is kids are going to explore with or without parental intervention. The parents failed to be there and relied too heavily on the schools. There are tons of kids that make it through life without getting pregnant. The chance at the highest office in the land is more important than being available for a 1) kid in trouble, 2) a teen soon to be married to a reluctant, and 3) a new baby with Downs. So spin the story that you support the choice and that it was the daughters choice – even though in Alaska parental consent is required for an abortion for a minor i.e. under 18 – given the parents views, the election and opinion polls there is no ‘choice’ in it!Clearly post pregnancy hormones are squirrelling her already questionable judgement. As in trouble as the economy and the country are there is no way with all these distractions she can be effective. McSame was rash and impulsive in choosing her – traits that are really valuable in a leader. A gut reaction unchecked especially one based in fear, and a lack of understanding and critical thinking and planning. They teach critical thinking as part of the training in the military and at the academy – maybe he missed those classes. A leader cannot effectively lead when running on fear, one would think his military training would make him calm under pressure and utilize the OODA loop to pick a clear, well thought out course of action that takes in to account the intended and unintended consequences.So much for officer’s training school.Sad part is a troubled teen, unprepared for life, needing parental support especially maternal guidance for being giving birth and being a Mom, facing an adult situation (i.e. marriage) being caught in this fire storm. Yeah all teens make mistakes unfortunately her’s are being played out in the media. But to be fair – maybe it will be alright – once the wedding arranged by Smith and Weston (so that is what they mean by gun control)is over, Bristol and her do the right thing husband, get to DC, she will have the best day care and childcare taxpayer money can buy, and Palin can do her job. A catastrophic success all around.

  26. TBH when I first heard talk about Sarahs youngest actually being Bristols, I was amazed. Unbelievable.And now that this has come out, it doesnt change anything for me. It just seems like a cover up. Albeit, not too good a one, but better than the first rumours

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