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Today a couple of my BFFs are visiting. They’re my two best friends from Bakersfield — the newly ordained Anglican priest and the current, seminary attending Episcopalian postulate. They’re my two red-headed Irish-Dutch and Irish-German sisters, so I probably won’t be doing much updating today. (Although I could talk about strategy to counteract the Palin pick ALL DAY!)

The “Doomed Romance” series should resume this week. I was inundated in political news (obviously) and the series was bumped in favor of the Democratic Convention. Now the Republican Convention is set to kick off and a hurricane is bearing down on the gulf coast just after the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Let’s hope that everyone is spared the grief that plagued the region three years ago. But if the hurricane is devastating, let’s hope FEMA and the Bush Administration doesn’t sit idle while people drown. I can’t/won’t stand for it if I have to turn on the news and see what I saw three years ago. I’m not interested in crying for months, looking at people lose everything.

Tom Brokaw is getting on my last nerves. I miss Tim Russert on “Meet the Press,” so much. And even though he’s no Timmy, I wish they’d just put David Gregory on there. Brokaw just let’s the people he interviews go on and on and he doesn’t challenge them very often. Today he had Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty on and didn’t ask once if Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was more qualified than him to be vice president. He was a runner-up. Everyone knew he was being vetted along with Tom Ridge, Carly Fiorina, Joe Lieberman and Mitt “Mittens” Romney. He’s on McCain’s team. So what was wrong with him? That would have been my no. 1 question. How is Palin more qualified than you who’s been governor longer of a bigger and more complicated state? But noooo … Brokaw just sat there and let the man babble endlessly about Palin’s accomplishments — which more and more sound quaint rather than remarkable, like a high school extra-curricular resume where you rattle off you were president of the glee club and was a member of the Honors Society.

Also, fellow blogger and black nerd, Afronerd, is hosting author Jeremiah Camara on his radio show tonight. They’ll be talking about Camara’s new book, Holy Lockdown: Does the Church Limit Black Progress? (Hmm. I might have to check out that book.) They’ll also talk about Camara’s work on a “Holy Lockdown” documentary as well as his response to CNN’s Black in America series. The show starts at 7 p.m. EST. To call in “live” dial 646-915-9620 or reach Afronerd via email/IM at afronerdradio@yahoo.

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  1. i was too young appreciate the honesty and balance that Tim Russert and Peter Jennings brought to their networks.its pathetic to see what Charlie Gibson, George Please Steponmyface, and Cokie Roberts and others have done to the credibility of ABC/NBC/CBS,all for some damn ratings except maybe Cokie’s always been a wackjob.i think TB is in the same boast as Brian Williams.How do people feel about Brian Williams?something just isn’t right about the dude. hes trying really hard to be Mr bypart but i don’t buy it one damn bit….

  2. Hi Snob,Just wanted to say I found your blog several months ago and since then I have been a faithful, several times a day reader.My husband even enjoys your commentary especially in regards to Mrs. Obama “…Her hair was touched by the flat iron of God…”, even my stylist who is one of the best loved that…I just wanted to ask you to look into something if you will and blog and let others know about it; referring to The Michelle Obama watch blog and the story regarding the PUMA’s and their newest stunt.They made a film featuring “Michelle”, “Barack”, and others in Black face. These racist white whiners need to get over themselves and we as black women need to do something to hold them accountable.Thanks for letting me ramble,Yours in snobnessMs. Raesontogether

  3. reasontogether: Wha … wha … what?!?! That sounds insane! Of course, I think these so-called PUMA people are Republican performance artists trying to get on television. Agitators. Sort of like Act Up for assholes. At least Act Up was about AIDs awareness. These people just appear to be giant douches.But I will head over to Michelle Obama Watch and peep that out.

  4. I really miss Tim Russert. I like Tom Brokaw, but I have to admit he’s been disappointing me lately. I DVR’ed MTP today, I guess I’ll skip out.And wait what are they doing to Michelle? Thanks for checking that out Ms. Snob!

  5. I only watch Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. All the rest of these so-called commentators are nothing but hacks. And Tim Russert was such a defender of the status quo that I cannot understand why he gets a pass from you. He must have asked Obama the same question 5 times in the same interview, apparently in an effort to get the answer he wanted. I’m sorry he’s dead, but he wasn’t a great commentator.

  6. way off topic but a friend of mine posted this on their facebook page. apparently cornel west and juliane malveaux hated barack's speech. do they have a point?

  7. Bendra, I cannot believe you feel that way. I LOVED watching Tim Russert hammer into side-stepping, non-answering politicians. He was NOT a defender of the status quo–we the public were/are accountable for that. He assertively made them answer the questions we, the attentive public, were desperate for them to answer. Tom Brokaw makes me want to pull all of my hair out and set my sofa afire. I get pausing my TIVO and screaming at the television because I was so frustrated at his inability to moderate effectively. Russert was my political hero.

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