What Michelle Wore For Barack’s Date with History

If you were wondering who made the printed, multi-colored dress Michelle wore for Barack’s acceptance speech wonder no more. Women’s Wear Daily claims it was by New York designer Thakoon Panichgul. It is a floral Radzimir kimono dress and part of Panichgul’s Spring 2009 collection.

15 thoughts on “What Michelle Wore For Barack’s Date with History

  1. The energy between Michelle and Barack is electrifying. I was just telling the hubby last night that I don’t think I’ve ever seen ANY presidential couple exude as much love and sexiness as Michelle and Barack. I mean they actually look like they still make love in the morning before the kids wake up.Wink. WinkI love the dress; but I wish she would have worn heels. Her makeup was flawless and her hair is spectacular.

  2. Hey Snob,Can you tell me about those brooches Michelle is wearing? (does she have hidden mics in them?)BTW you are so right on about WTF Sarah Padin my God! A gunslinging Jesus freak with a scandal in the works? I’m not taking anything for granted though… not after 8 years of W. Bush. Americans vote crazy sometimes.Keep up the great work!Peggy Sue

  3. Snob,You REALLY love Michelle and the weeMichelles! (as do I), but it must be said…That dress was fugly. IMHO, I don’t think the style, fit or cut flattered her like the solid colors that she usually wears. And I think she can pretty much wear any color, but I think Michelle should avoid flowerly prints at all costs. I did, however, love the color coordination of the whole family. Both girls looked wonderful, Sasha was just perfect and Malia is going to be a teenager soon enough!Barack also did the matching tie shtick with Caroline Kennedy in what seems like years ago, when she and Uncle Teddy endorsed Sen. Obama.And yes, I know she is tall, but dear Lord, there must be someone who designs pretty, stylish 2″ pumps that she would like and also feel comfortable in.

  4. isonprize and rikyrah: I’m not too wild about this outfit either and I’m also not fond of her in prints, but she keeps insisting on wearing my least favorite of her outfits on Barack’s biggest days. Like I’m going to have to look at this alleged kimono thingy into perpetuity now. But at least she didn’t dress up like a perky Star Trek villain like Nancy Pelosi.

  5. They were all matched up – the kids and all. I absolutely loved this. The dress that she wore on the view sold out in white house black market immediately! go Michelle!

  6. I dug the dress, I don’t know why, but I did. I guess I’m tired of seeing Michelle in cool colors. And yeah, the flats are probably gonna be a theme for the campaign, at lease anytime she’s on stage with both Obama and Biden. With heels on, she’s taller than the both of them. I guess that’s not a good look when you’re supposed to be softening you image.

  7. i’m not that big on fashion, i leave that to the missus, but i wasn’t a fan of it… she looks so much better in form fitting solids (like the night of her speech… she was a stunning sight to behold).and the two of them (Barack and Michelle) just makes my heart beam with pride… reminds me of me and my wife and the genuine love and affection we share (plus we’re about the same age AND we have a 7 year old daughter, as well)!i plan to be in washington, dc on the january 20th!!!

  8. Love the Obama family. Love their vibe. Did not love the dress or the flats at all. I thought the print and the fabric were better suited to drapes or upholstery and not the future First Lady on such an important night. And even though she’s tall, she’d look like a total glamazon in the right heels without making Barack look like Tom Cruise.

  9. I loved the dress and heels she wore when she spoke. The flowery creation, also was tied like a bow in the back, not age appopriate, too short, and the different broaches, did nothing for her at all. I also love their relationship and makes my heart glad to see they really love each other…

  10. Gosh, I thought I was the only one who didn’t like this dress. The pattern made it look like a duvet at a cheap hotel. I do NOT need her to start dressing like an elementary teacher from Kansas to appeal to female voters whom aren’t used to seeing a strong, independant woman standing alongside a President. I also thought the white dress she wore on the second day of the convention was horrendous.She has a lovely skin tone. She can wear just about any color. But its the styles thats killing me.Her make-up is always flawless and I look back at how her hair used to look, like her sistagurl did it in the kitchen and she’s so perfect now. Straight, glossy, full, thick and healty looking. I think she doesn’t wear heels for many reasons. The main two being that she’s already tall and dont have time for the fuss of them. And because when her and my crush, I mean Barack stand next to each other she’s just a head shorter than him. It looks better, more picture perfect, without her towering over him.I bet they told her this. Lastly, I agree with the earlier poster who said she KNOWS they still make love. He is too handsome and she is far too sexy, young and lovely for them to sleep with pillows between them.The way she looks at that man and the way he touches her, you can just see the physical attraction oozing out of their bodies.I’m so happily jealous!

  11. Gee it’s getting hot in here people! I thought the dress was meh, but she can still pull it off. I really loved what the girls had on. And they look happy to be in each other’s presence as always. I was way too high up in the nosebleed section to see anything except the snipers, but they looked great on the jumbotron.

  12. I didn’t like it, either, and I almost always love her outfits. But, hey, that speech was a masterpiece. They couldn’t have looked any more like a first family.

  13. Hate the dress.But as a tall person, I don’t blame her for wearing the flats. Yeah, she could stand to find a pair of 2″ heels…but sometimes you just have to be comfy I guess. (and I agree with the person 2 posts up) I think they probably advised her to wear flats in order to take “better” pictures and soften her image.

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