We’ve Only Just Begun

It was big. It was beautiful. It was just the beginning … I hope.

I’m too mentally fried to write anything of substantive nature. All I can say is that 1) the speech was so perfect even Pat Buchanan had to agree, 2) I will never tire of looking at Michelle and the girls, 3) I enjoyed the moment and all its fullness and 4) I was glad he turned the “popularity breeds contempt” celebrity meme on its head by pointing out it was the acts of millions of individuals that put him on that platform. That the campaign is about them, us and the rest of America. Not him.

And could Joe Biden not be more stoked to be veep? Grinning, two fists in the air, I half expected him to leap into the crowd and start body surfing because The Crazy caught a-hold of him.

Now I will sit and wait to be “shocked and awed” by John McCain doing something lame, like not picking his loathed primary rival Mitt Romney for veep. (Everyone is murmuring he’ll ring-a-rosy around Tim Paw-who-the-hell-knows-who-this-dude-is-lenty. I’m really wanting to see Ann Romney, the handsome but not-too-swift, “serving our country by working dad’s campaign” Romney boys and ten billion other Romneys back in this thing. I have not tried to hide the fact that I find Cindy McCain dull and pinched, and, sadly, Megan McCain is no where near as fun as the Bush twins. If I can’t have boozy young adults I’ll take 1950s fantasies in minty Mormon flavor. Bring on the insanely wealthy and thick haired political Osmonds, please! One rotten Romney don’t spoil the whole bunch, John!

16 thoughts on “We’ve Only Just Begun

  1. Man, I’m becoming your like most frequent commenter. I have got to go to bed!I really liked the speech (EXCEPT: the whole “hot button issues” dodge near the end re: abortion, gay rights, etc.) – it was substantive and compelling and partisan (for the most part) and thank god he attacked McCain and Bush and acknowledged the economic benefits of the Clinton years. It was a great, great speech.I’m starting to feel sympathy for Malia – to possibly enter the world stage about a year before puberty strikes. You can tell how mature she is and so on the cusp of adolescence. I feel for her. Especially since Sasha is SO adorable and young and clearly loving the energy of this entire campaign. What a charmer!

  2. Tonight was a good night for America and a great night for Black Folks. Obama came thru in the clutch and gave a great speech. Obama showed that he is ready to be Commander In Chief. Poor McCain won’t be able to top this one. He better use google and get a speech on line.

  3. He dodged abortion and gay rights??? That’s what you call nit-picking. Pull out another card. (Although I doubt you can.) The fact is – Critics across the board agree, this is a speech that will go down in history as one of the greatest speeches of all time. “Eight is enough!” America – you got your red meat. McCain, you’d better come up with some NEW material – and quick.Jolie du Pre

  4. Good thing you weren’t there with a gun because you have so many pictures you could’ve taken him out at about a million angles. You did this before you went to sleep, what do you do when your awake set up domino exhibits?

  5. Well it was really cool being inside Invesco though we couldn’t hear him so well due to the positioning of the speakers. I never tire of looking at Michelle and the girls.

  6. I’ve been lurking on your blog all week and had to thank you for all these pictures! That speech was magnificent, and I doubt that McCain will be able to top it. I also saw Pat Buchanan gushing so much that Keith Olbermann had to cut him off. I am really excited about the general election.P.S. Michelle’s hair is still looking fab! ( sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

  7. I think we have so won, considering Obama has forced McCain to pick a ‘token’ woman with no experience and a corruption investigation going on. Yes, we can!!!

  8. Now if folks would be honest and admit that he is the best choice for President and go out and vote for him.I mean the brotha brought his AA game last night and put a whippin’ on McCain, that’s why he picked that woman…

  9. I love the pics, as always Snob.I thought the family looked absolutely fabulous – as usual.And Joe Biden?He’s RIDE OR DIE Joe from now on. He’s SO on board.

  10. Snob the last day was the ISH! Obama did no wrong on that day. The speech was PERFECT! He looked AMAZING! The family was too cute for words with their matching dresses. Biden and Obama have smiles live movie stars. The images of the White VP couple and Black presidential couple were beautiful. The black and white children playing together is an MLK dream come true. The fireworks and music (after the horrible country song) were so perfect it looked like something from movie (maybe Steven Speilberg planned it). I was in awe! I just want him to be President so badly and it would make a perfect ending to this story. Oh I can’t wait for the Barack Obama movie starring Wil Smith that must be done in the near future! Seriously, so many of the speeches were great. I almost cried again when Wil.i.am and John Legend sang Yes We Can. The night was just magizal. These democrats know how to throw a party. The party is unified. Obama made a sensible choice for VP and McCain pulled some stupid stunt in choosing his VP. Barack Obama will win and this is going to have a fairy tale ending. I love the OBAMAS!!!!

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