McCain Campaign Looks Into the Eyes of Obama and Blinks, Dipping Into “The Crazy” With Veep Pick

My first reaction was “Who?” Quickly followed by a “what the f…?” To steal the talking heads from gushing about Obama’s speech John McCain attempted to throw a curve ball with Gov. Sarah Palin from Alaska.

If his goal was to confuse the shit out of everyone — mission accomplished!

I get the feeling the McCain campaign made this decision in the wee hours after Obama’s speech. After all, the news was supposed to leak at midnight, but it didn’t, signaling that the closing of the Democratic National Convention was THAT GOOD. Apparently the spectacle and revelry was not “too much” and “arrogant.” Apparently it set just nicely with folks as the awe inspiring rah-rah, “Go, Speed Racer Go!” vibe the Dems wanted.

The Palin pick smells like fear. Fear that the unity of the Clintonistas and the Obama-ites after all that feel good Stevie Wonder backed lovin’ could bolster the Obama-Biden ticket to the top. Palin is a Trojan horse meant to sway disgruntled feminist Democrats and lure them to the Republican ticket. And people joked that Biden was an “Affirmative Action” pick — Palin is like an Evangelical Geraldine Ferraro with an NRA membership, a first time governor who’s only in her second year and under investigation according to CNN.

I realize that some Republican players are attempting to spin this WTF into a good thing (She has two whole years of executive experience! She’s a social and fiscal conservative! Joe Biden can’t slap down a woman in a debate without looking like an asshole!), but she’s the governor of Alaska. How many votes in the electoral college does that pull? The Obama campaign is actually “pleased” with the pick as they feel the experience argument is now off the table now that McCain has picked a relatively unknown, not vetted 44-year-old.

On CNN the talking heads are arguing that this pick shows that McCain wants to be seen as the “real” agent of change by this wild card pick. Reporters Suzanne Malveaux and Gloria Borger are reporting that some Republicans are scratching their heads. I think John McCain started dippin’ into The Crazy, whippin’ out the Maverick card.

Ultimately, people don’t pick their president because of their veep selection, but just as it was odd that George “Poppy” Bush picked the dimwitted Dan Quayle to be within a heartbeat of the presidency, McCain, who turned 72 today, has strangely picked an unknown out of fear of the successful public relations coup that was the Democratic National Convention.

Smart move to distract the press and get them to stop cooing about Obama’s speech, poor move for the future. If he wanted to pick a woman he should have picked the former head of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Sen. Elizabeth Dole or ANYONE that people have actually heard of. (Fiorina was so effective as a surrogate she was able to tote views I didn’t agree with yet I still enjoyed listening to her.)

Is this woman the future of the Republican Party? Is this someone they’re going to rally around for president if McCain wins and decides to be a one-termer? Is she prepared to be the leader of the free world if McCain pulls a William Henry Harrison? And is this to generate some excitement? According to CNN, the McCain campaign had to bus people in from out of town because they couldn’t wrangle 10,000 in Dayton for this announcement. He had Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney there with him, but obviously flenched when Obama painted him as old, staid and out-of-touch.

But out of all this ridiculousness, I’m mostly disappointed that he did not pick my boy “Perfect Hair” Mitt Romney, aka “Guy Smiley” from The Muppet Show. I’m just distraught. No one worked insincerity like Mitt Romney. Every word he uttered sounded like the crowing of a used car salesman.

What will I do? Who will I make fun of? Damn you, Sarah Palin! Damn you!

27 thoughts on “McCain Campaign Looks Into the Eyes of Obama and Blinks, Dipping Into “The Crazy” With Veep Pick

  1. Hey I thought the republicans were against affirmative action; if this isn’t truly an affirmative action pick I don’t know what is!!!!!!!!!You mean to tell me she is more qualified than Romney.Please!!!!!!!!!Go Obama

  2. Guy Smiley?!?!?! ROFL! You are so lovably crazy! I didn’t think McCain would so transparently reach for the Clintonistas. But Sarah Palin is pro-life. Does he really think that former bra-burners would vote for him because of her?

  3. Guy Smiley??? LMAO.Black Snob, you have serious issues. You owe me for the keyboard I just ruined while spitting out my chair!

  4. DAMN what a masterstroke.You got WTF right…nobody saw this coming! I guess it’s gonna be the last fight in Highlander after all. Now that you brought it up.Elizabeth Dole WOULD have been a better candidate. at least she would have have the experience. I hope that somebody in the MSM brings that up.the good news is that this is blatant pandering, and that the Democrats are showing some signs of (gasp) Party solidarity.

  5. Sarah Palin should fall on her knees and pray to Jesus every night to protect her from Hilary Clinton’s wrath. There is no one that Hilary is going to let her take her place as the next first woman president.

  6. I thought he was going to pick Kay Bailey Hutchison. I’ve been holding my breath, terrified. She’s pro-choice and we would’ve been hosed. But he’s too chickenshit to choose somebody so dynamic. Amazing!

  7. I wish I were as confident as everyone else is. I think the sky falling and the dream is over. I think that his VP pick will be just enough to coax over mroe than a few white feminists of a racist persuasion. I hope that I’m wrong but I just get a sinking feeling.

  8. I wonder what’s going to become of the investigation of Palin trying to get her ex brother in law fired. I hope Americans are smart enough to see through this.

  9. McCain would never pick a phony like Mitt Romney (Guy Smiley, that is damn good one!)… McCain tore that bastard to shreds in the debates without even trying (it was classic if you missed it)… he really doesn’t like that dude… I’m just sad we’re not gonna get to see Crazy Joe whoop on his a** too… oh well…I’ve heard quite a bit about Sarah Palin… She’s well liked, and she’s put a high-heeled shoe up the a** of fellow Repubs as well as Exxon… but, nobody *else* knows who she is and we’ve only got a couple of months… but then again, nobody knew who Dan Quayle was and they won in 88… not sure how to call this one, gotta keep watching…

  10. btw, don’t underestimate Sarah Palin’s skills and appeal the way Hillary underestimated Obama. Also, as a woman, don’t underestimate her newness. Women voters sometimes complained that there wasn’t enough hoopla made over the historicity of her campaign. I think that’s due in part to the fact that we’d been accustomed to the idea that Hillary Clinton would one day run for president for about 10 years now (8, at least). This is a new out-of-the-blue hope for (white) women voters, just as Obama was for us… watch out, McCain ain’t no dummy…

  11. bklynbam: The problem here is most women who were die hard Clinton fans were either pro-choice, feminists, Liberals, progressives, pro-gay rights, womanists or they were all of those things. Women, like black people, vote their interests. If you’re pro-choice you are not going to vote for a female conservative no matter how much you hate that Obama is the nominee. You’re more likely to hold your nose and vote Obama-Biden or stay at home, but if you’re concerned about the Supreme Court getting packed with more conservative judges who don’t care about sexual discrimination lawsuits, abortion rights, reproductive rights, women’s rights and civil rights, you cannot vote for this woman.She’s a Trojan horse. I don’t think the Clintonistas are that ignorant as to back someone just because they have a vagina as black Dems in Illinois did not split their vote between Obama and his past opponent Alan Keyes.The pick is an insult that assumes women voters are dumb and will take any heifer with a womb out of desperation. Besides, I think the media has really over-blown this rift. The PUMAs are a very small minority, most women voters care more about the issues than the people.

  12. My first reaction when they announced her name on MSNBC? I knew it. I knew it. I KNEW IT!!!!I knew McShame was going to pick a woman for his VP. The fact that the Dems have had such a historical year with Hillary and Barack running and the way Hillary’s female voters were crying foul, he had to do what he could to get some attention back.He knew that putting a woman on the ticket could sway some female Dumbocrats. He also knew that the main tv stations would be in such awe in her, that Barack could very well be pushed on the back burner. I mean, how many times have they mentioned his name since 9am? They’ve forgetten about him already.”All look at that young, hot fishing maverick with her Down Syndrome baby.”I hope she doesn’t use her child to get votes. The Resnublicans would be so low as to do just that.Heck, if I didn’t hate the Resnublicans so much I’d vote for her too. Her husband is HOT! He looks like Robin Thicke. Even she looks like an attractive librarian.And that wont help McShame at all. She doesn’t evoke confidence in me and wont evoke confidence in many, with her needing to be going over the card catalogue suit on.

  13. I totally agree with you, Snob, about McCain thinking that women are stupid with him throwing Palin in our faces this way–my gawd, how transparent can he be… As much as I didn’t like her tactics, I know this has got to be a huge slap in the face for Hillary–in this instance, I really do believe this has completely undermined her achievements. His pick is so blatantly patronizing.And, unfortunately, as patronizing and panicky as it reeks, methinks we (Obama supporters) might not want to take this pick for granted and get too cocky too quickly. I don’t know, but I smell a fat, nasty, hairy rat…

  14. Look, let’s be upfront–this was an excellent choice for McCain, despite reeking of panic. He didn’t have too many options that his base was actually going to buy, and he got someone who’s a “Maverick” to boot. Plus, because she’s got conservative street cred, she might help peel some votes away from now-Libertarian Bob Barr. That said, she’s also an excellent choice for Dems. She puts the “experience” question to rest–there’s only so many ways you can spin “she’s got *executive* experience.” She’ll upset the racists with her Eskimo husband (according to Wiki), tick off the older female voters (once again, McCain goes for a pretty young thing, instead of say, Elizabeth Dole), tick off liberal voters with her pro-life and “…but I have a friend who’s gay” stances. Finally, she’ll tick off some conservative female voters who will be outraged that she’s out on the road campaigning while she’s got a DS baby she should be caring for, given that it’s got special needs.So, it’s a good pick for both Reps and Dems…which effectively gives the pick a net effect of zilch. I’m not too worried.~Rayna

  15. All I can say is this: Get ready for Obama’s inauguration party people we have so won this!

  16. Carly Fiorina drove HP into the ground. Democrats would’ve played that record on repeat. She also said earlier this summer that Medicaid should be allowed to use for birth control, which is a no-no to Republicans.Kay Bailey Hutchinson does not feel Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. That is the #1 priority of Republicans. You saw what happened when the idea of a pro-choice VP was floated out there: Republicans shot that down.Liddy Dole…I could see that.

  17. mccain just let his american friends know that he has not a shred of respect for women…this is a desperate move by a desperate man who is so stupid that he picks an inexperienced pro lifer as his veep to fight for the clintonista votes…that being said, we still have to be very careful if we think this is a done deal…the repubs are SNEAKY and DESPERATE and will sink to new lows to get what they want…remember dubya got in twice…we just have to be diligent in registering democrats and VOTING for obama on election day…

  18. As a woman, I’m offended. Offended that someone so obviously unqualified got the job. This reminds me of Clarence Thomas. There were a number of HIGHLY QUALIFIED, INTELLECTUAL BLACK REPUBICAN JUDGES that Bush 41 could have chosen. He chose that clown Thomas. Same here. I’ve been having debates around the blogosphere. The names brought up?Kay Bailey Hutchinson,Fiorina, The Whitmans (Meg and Christine Todd), even Olympia Snowe. I agree with some of these women, disagree on a lot, but they were all qualified – you could make the case they were. All I’ve heard is that she has ‘ executive experience’. She’s been running Alaska for one month longer than Obama’s been running for President. And she already has two investigations going on her? Puleeze.

  19. Ugh! I’m a woman and so insulted. Rikyrah beat me to the Clarence Thomas analogy, i.e., “Ah, we need an African American judge? Here you go! Enjoy!” Kay Bailey H. and Elizabeth Dole would’ve been much better choices. Like Hillary, they are the same generation, attorneys, and experienced. I’m an Obama girl, but the Republicans do have their share of intelligent, accomplished women. And is it just me or was McCain SO patronizing when he was describing Palin? I feel sorry for her. She’s being used because she fits the perfect demographic the Republicans are trying to court. That’s great about her fifth child and all (like we haven’t heard it all day long) but WTF does that have to do with staring down Putin and dealing with the Middle East?

  20. It’s time to attack McCain on ‘Country First’. NOBODY who is thinking about this country would choose Palin.The first decision a Nominee makes is the VP choice. McCain is willing to turn America over to Palin?

  21. McCain met Palin only once? Was she even vetted? Short term maybe this was a brilliant move. Long term it could backfire as we learn more about her.That said, I’m worried for the simple fact that Bush beat Kerry. Karl Rove is a genius and I do not underestimated the far-right. Rush is already singing her praises.

  22. McCain met Palin only once? Was she even vetted? Short term maybe this was a brilliant move. Long term it could backfire as we learn more about her.That said, I’m worried for the simple fact that Bush beat Kerry. Karl Rove is a genius and I do not underestimated the far-right. Rush is already singing her praises. Mitt Romney IS Guy Smiley. haha

  23. Palin is pure public relations. She is there simply for show. I want to see how she will be used specifically. She won’t be able to talk much because she’s got no real experience so they can’t put her upfront. They can’t just keep her quiet because the people need about this woman. Republicans messed up again with this one. I wrote an old blog I never imported asking if the Republicans were trying to throw away the election. I think I need to find that blog, publish it, and write a part two immediately. Strategically, I can pull that apart so easily.

  24. If the Sarah Palin choice says anything about John McCain, outside of his utter contempt for the American people, it is that he has become a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT. This choice means that he has become ‘ their boy’ without hesitation. If this were about choosing a Republican WOMAN, there were plenty other choices of GOP women. But, this wasn’t about that. This was about selling out to the Religious Right, because Palin is THEIR GIRL. John McCain does not have the money of Barack Obama.Barack Obama has been out organizing McCain in every state that will be fought over in this election. It was announced only a couple of weeks ago that the McCain Campaign was BEGINNING to form a ground game. But, ground games take money. Money McCain doesn’t have. The ground game for the GOP, in the last 2 election cycles, has been done through The Religious Right. He had no way of getting them to come out and work for him. UNLESS HE CHOSE ONE OF THEIR FOOT SOLDIERS. In choosing Palin, he is once again, giving into the GOP base. In choosing Palin, he is in bed, up to his neck, with the Dobsons, the Pat Robertsons, and all the rest of them. Maverick my ass. He’s even more of a pawn of the Religious Right than Dubya, and I didn’t think that was possible.

  25. I’m just as shocked as everyone else. This pick just came out of nowhere. I’m hearing unsavory things about Palin and her family.Just rumors but you never know.First off her 4 month old special needs child is supposedly her 16 year daughters. Also she’s being investigated for using her power to get her ex-brother in law fired from his job. The other crazy one is that her son is being accused of rape and thats the real reason he enlisted. I’m sure the National Enquirer will be on top of this.They were right on Edwards.

  26. Go National Enquirer. Go! I find it strange that in the People ‘family’ photo of the McCain and Palin family (McCain+Palin sounds like PAIN) the oldest daughter is wearing a very loose fitting dress. I’m not a conspirace buff but is she trying to hide the after effects of a pregnancy?

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