Popularity Breeds Contempt

I can see it now. Air Force One decked out with “22s” and spinners. Maybe even a set of hydraulics. Watching the hip-hop president in the Oval Office with his baseball cap on backward coping a gansta lean in the big chair. Should be really pimp, don’t you think? Cool man, real cool. Instead of giving away presidential cuff links to guests, as is the custom, he will offer “bling bling.” — “The Hip Hop President,” Craig R. Smith, World Net Daily

It only gets worse from there.

He’s the sum of all fears. It doesn’t matter that Barack Obama, an Ivy League grad lawyer and polished politician with a firm grasp of the English vernacular, hasn’t exhibited anything to warrant these fears.

And it doesn’t matter the inherent hypocrisy as the current Commander-In-Chief regularly mangles and assaults th English language, from making up words to fumbling them to resorting to terms such as “awesome” and “cool” to describe what he likes. For example, when he told Pope Benedict his speech was “awesome.” Or how he said he saw into Vladimir Putin’s soul. Or just recently when he was photographed chest bumping a military academy grad.

Apparently the qualities of white anti-intellectualism are good, but the qualities of black anti-intellectualism (that Obama doesn’t even represent) are a malignant evil that must be cast out.

I could understand calling Obama the “Hip Hop President” if he were aspiring politician/activist/author and self-described “Hip Hop journalist” Kevin Powell. But Powell, Obama, Kanye West, Willie Horton — Same thing, right? We do all amazingly look alike.

But what Smith’s column really represents a recurring meme of Barack Obama being a fluffy whipped chocolate confection that dances on your tongue but only fills you up in the most superficial of ways. That he is a man who is all hype and hope, but no substance. That he is a danger because he will put a stripper’s pole up in the Oval Office and Barack will suddenly morph into Dave Chappelle’s satire of “Black Bush.” Only instead of demonstrating how crazy George W. Bush sounds to black people, it will contort into the theater of the Negro absurd — a filming of “I Love New York” in the White House’s Map Room.

After a few months on the job, he can refer to his cabinet members as his “bitches.” Hey don’t get angry at me. Take a listen to any hip-hop song, and that is the type of endearing language you will hear. A group of playas that have no respect for the country. The same country that affords them a lifestyle most people only dream of, and all they can do is endlessly complain about it. Barack is very good at putting America down. Just like his hipster homeboys. Remember that hip-hop is a culture, not a color. It’s a mind set and a way of life – one that is chosen not inherited. It has been slowly infiltrating every class and race in America for years. A culture that has led people to believe they deserve more. That America somehow owes them something. And because they think they have been ripped off in some fashion, they are angry.

There’s a certain point where you start to think Smith’s column is a joke, a parody, but his paranoia is real. Popularity breeds contempt and suspicion and fear and envy, and it can come out in all forms, from inane columns like Smith’s which play on the “Negrophobia” of whites or from would be assassins the authorities tells us we shouldn’t worry about.

Wednesday the FBI arrested three men who were allegedly hatching a plot to assassinate the Democratic nominee.

They downplayed the incident, claiming they were “meth heads” incapable of pulling of such an attack. But really this talk of “capability” is moot. The Secret Service and the FBI both know that all it takes is one determined person, either politically motivated or mentally disturbed, to cut down a great man. The assassins of King, both Kennedys, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Benazir Bhutto and John Lennon and the would-be assassins of Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan were a motley crew with obscure motives and mental deficiencies. Many working alone, telling their plans to no one.

All it takes is one. One motivated individual, sitting in their room, polishing a rifle or fashioning a bomb, dreaming of infamy or obsession. John Hinckley Jr. was a depressed, mentally disturbed man comsumed with actress Jodie Foster and the film “Taxi Driver.” He believed by shooting Reagan he would win her attention. If the FBI had found him before he shot Reagan they would have said Hinckley, with all his mental issues and meek demeanor, was not capable of pulling off an attack.

That’s the other side of popularity, of being such a dynamic figure, a symbol, on such a large stage — you attract everyone, for good and bad. Standing in Invesco Field, addressing 85,000 tonight could conjure up enough Negrophobia to set the opposition’s hair on fire. Powerful figures able to stir that much emotion and attract so many people are feared. Obama is fashioned as crude, B-Boy Caesar, staged by Leni Riefenstahl with Richard Wager’s “Flight of the Valkyries” remixed to Ludacris’ “Move Bitch” playing in the background.

For a black man who is not running for the end zone or performing an elaborate song and dance routine, for a black man to address such masses as the potential leader of the United States of America, Obama’s mere existence to some is a threat — a Rubicon once crossed that we can never return from.

The Republicans and John McCain can’t summon the excitement rippling through the Democratic side. So out of a mixture of envy and ambition, they attack him for being what he is — well liked and loved. He’s a celebrity. He’s Paris Hilton with a tan and a brain. They have to make fun of what they fear. They have no other recourse.

These are the things you have to live with, deal with and accept. Barack Obama has crossed over from man to icon and icons have a history of being smashed. The
iconoclasts are watching and waiting, singing to themselves that the higher he rises the harder he’ll fall.

I don’t want to see Obama denigrated personally, politically or physically. I want fairness in the system. I want him to have the same chance McCain has and not be despised simply because he plays the game better. But that’s a lot to ask when even being well-liked is an indictment of your character.

Bu to them he is the Pied Piper of Hope and Change. They fear that when he opens his mouth to speak he will steal their children and their country away.

11 thoughts on “Popularity Breeds Contempt

  1. just read the hip hop prez peice…..not even sure where to start….so bad. ive forwarded around, lets get this guy fired. just AMAZING how far the right is willing to go to completely obfuscate their own sitting presidents total inadequacies. im too nonpartisan to make this a dem talking point, as they have their own moonbats on the far left that sling pizza sauce during congressional hearings at men in uniform, but wow. this guy is off his nut. thanks for sharing snob, ive forwarded your rebuttal with the piece as well! along with a loud endorsement of your work.

  2. It’s disgusting that people call him the “Hip-Hop” president. And it’s also disgusting that people have such a one-sided view of hip-hop based on stereotypes and not actual research (but that’s another story). Hearing/reading Obama being denigrated really hurts and it’s frustrating. What bothers me the most is that the racist degenerates who make disparaging statements about Obama simply feel the way they do because he is black and nothing more–taking nothing else into consideration. Forget the fact that as you said, he’s an Ivy League grad who pulled himself up by the boot straps and followed his dream (isn’t that a part of the American dream?). Who cares that not only is he very intelligent, articulate and has a beautiful family but has also written a book and won a Grammy (for the audio version of the book). Let’s forget all of that. He’s black and so he must be bashed. It’s just disgusting. We have possibly one of the worst presidents in history, a country in trillions of dollars in debt because of him and citizens dying in a war that should have been over yet all people can focus on is Obama being black! The assbackwardness of some people is amazing.

  3. ok at first i thought it was joke, but then i had to read his article and look him out, and to my horror, its not a joke. its sad that people really think like that. Then i look at him again and I see what the problem really is, older white man, yes it’s oh so clear now. They are terrified of this kind of change. I’m so glad we (everyone who is no an older white man) are a lot more open and enlightend. It’s like an old white baby boomer’s swan song…

  4. There is now a $3 bill being circulated that shows Obama as a Muslim. They KNOW it isnt true. But yet, due to thier utter stupidity, they still call him a terrorist.I guess he can take it all in stride and say its because they done have SHIT else on him thats disparaging.As far as the HIP HOP Prez comment is concerned. I’d love to have 5 minutes alone with the bastard that wrote such an ignorant statement.That man is intelligent, articulate, handsome, carries himself well and soft spoken, if you ask me. Once again, they know he isn’t grabbing his crotch, walking with a pimp limp or wearing a afro with his fist pumped. But because of the color of his skin, they confuse him for being something he isn’t. But im sure thats how the write views all black men.Your supposed to ignore that kind of retardness, but how could you?It makes one want to make them stick their head up their arse and roll them down the stairs of disparity.

  5. Miss Snob, Thank you for giving me something to do in my down time between classes…However, I’m a little mad that I had to read this racist drivel! The GOP and their 527s are getting downright ridiculous…Its like they expect all black people to be either supern****s or Uncle Toms. For them,there is absolutely no place in their world for a smart, talented black man who has earned EVERYTHING he’s gotten in life and is willing to fight for the less fortunate to do the same. Hell, based on their basic tenets the GOP should actually love Barack. But alas, you have to expect this kind of hypocrisy from the same people who tell you that a “timeline” is different from a “time horizon”, “torture” is different from “alternative interrogation,” and “buses arriving a week late to New Orleans” is the same as “heck of a job Brownie.” These guys are definitely gonna get whats coming to them…lastly, Miss Snob did you notice that Mr.Smith is a close friend/associate of Jerome Corsi? (i.e.- “Harvard Ph.d” and author of that trashy anti-Obama tome that came out a few weeks ago/Kerry’s swiftboater)….ridiculous.

  6. The ignorance of that “article” makes me angry. The ignorance of the people who would buy, and have bought, and truly believe the utter BS in it makes me want to cry.

  7. Snob, I saw this yesterday on wnd.com. They don’t do satire. These people are the ultimate fringe, only barely hanging by a thread to respectability. I used to comment often in their forum, but I was banned for disrespecting a cretin who insisted a certain personality was not a racist because he had met the person – at a white supremacist convention! That’s the crowd they attract. The site pounded and pounded the drum of “was he born here?” for months. Their columnists used his middle name habitually, making the obvious subliminal message louder. This is actually the most overtly racist rant I’ve read on there in awhile. Someone else even wrote in, saying that.Yet it’s still there.

  8. And unfortunately the hateration is going to be industrial strength from here on out. These folks know that there’s not a whole lot standing between BO and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and that scares them to death. So like any cornered animal they’re going to lash out. So expect a lot more blatant racist crap and somebody to actually go there with the N-word very soon.In the meantime continue to pray for the safety of the Obamas (or send positive vibes if you’re an atheist).

  9. How refreshing is it that racism is actually beginning to go out of style? Maybe, the word “nigga” will go the same route?

  10. Wow. Thanks for sharing. This man has some serious issues. I haven’t heard something so ridiculous in awhile. He obviously feels threatened by Obama. The fact that Obama has done so well and risen to such a social and political level challenges his sense of superiority. People say some pretty crazy things when they feel threatened. You might think I’m insane, but I honestly feel pretty sorry for the guy. He has a very warped sense of reality.

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