Michelle Obama: Denver Fashionista

More Michelle! More pictures! Dazzling in blue, beige, brown and cream! Working on finding out who the designer(s) is/are. If you have a tip, e-mail me! I love the second picture above with Michelle, hands on hips, ever the Glamazon, with her hubby, both looking out like they’re ready to take on the world … in impeccable style.

8 thoughts on “Michelle Obama: Denver Fashionista

  1. Gosh, I’m starting to seriously adore that woman. Even though I wish I was her husbands concubine. I kid. Well, no I’m not. It’s my dream, I can think what I want! She’s oozes clash, confidence and charisma. She is like an older sister, the wise one, to all black women today.However, that off white/creamish dress is not the business. It reminds me of something the mother of the bride would wear. Other than that Purple is definitely her color. It goes perfectly with her lovely chocolate skin tone.

  2. See I disagree with Anon. I LOVED that cream dress — and so did all the women I was at a watch party with. I do agree with anonymiss that the champagne-esq dress needs some strappy heels. The flats bring it down — and I must admit I’m not thrilled with the color choice, though I do like the chunky necklace. I really do heart her . . .

  3. I love and covet the blue and the cream dresses. And knowing the past choices of the lady Michelle they might just be affordable too!

  4. I loved them all.Sigh.I just love Michelle. Let her wear a potato sack, and I think I’d give it a chance. PS-. Michelle Obama’s favorable rating jumped to 55% after her speech. Her and Cindy McCain are now tied

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