What the … ?

From The Los Angeles Times:

But down in Florida, Michelle Obama’s speech apparently drove one as-yet-unidentified viewer a little crazy. Police in Pasco near Tampa Bay said a man exited his RV and began yelling and shooting his rifle into the air, apparently not celebrating. When police arrived and later the SWAT team, the man ducked back inside and held them at bay for six hours, despite tear gas canisters.

According to Sheriff spokesman Kevin Doll, when the man finally surrendered at dawn, he said the cause of his unhappiness was Michelle Obama’s speech. He was taken for psychological evaluation.

Well, I’ve always thought racism was a mental illness …

7 thoughts on “What the … ?

  1. The only thing I have to say is that … and I’m not advocating police violence, but ‘why is that when a non-black man has a gun and actually shoots it, he holds the police at bay is is arrested. However when black man resists arrest, or reaches in his pocket for his wallet or takes any number of other non-threatening actions, he is shot to death? That is just curious to me.

  2. I agree… the white man is taken for psychological evaluation, but a black man would’ve been shot or in jail.

  3. Can mental illness be taught or emulated? If so, then I’m with you!Can you imagine how many people’s heads exploded when she was halfway through with her splendid speech the other night? MANY.Sucks that he’s not down with our future First Lady…

  4. I so agree with the above commentary. Had that same man been black I am quite sure they would have found a reason to shoot him. Black lives don’t count and the police have made it very clear by their constant abuse.

  5. the white dude didn’t even get the business end of a tasering…so in this same logic, if i should have this same reaction whenever i see mccain and his cronies, i can expect to be placed in a nice padded cell…oh wait, i would be dead from the all the law enforcement officers unloading their weapons on me…equality…

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