It’s the Issues, Stupid

She came. She saw. She didn’t disappoint.

But as wonderful and stirring as Hillary Clinton’s speech was Tuesday night there was another image not wonderful and not stirring that was going on in the background.

If you watched the speech on CNN, after Clinton left the stage with a resounding call for her supporters to vote for Barack Obama, a reporter amongst the delegates stopped one quavery voiced black woman and asked her opinion on Clinton’s speech.

What followed was a surreal scene of a weepy, recalcitrant delegate who said she felt no connection to Obama. Who said she felt that in watching Hillary she saw a president on the stage. Who said she was going to cast her vote for Hillary as a delegate and was not sure what she would do in the coming months. She swore that she would never vote for John McCain, but Obama had “two months” to bring her around.

This woman’s statements were amazing in the since that they were amazingly dumb. I am empathetic with people who loved Clinton and were upset when she lost. I am patient and understanding as I know many black people would be just as upset if this were the other way around. But this was childish and disgusting. This was like a spoiled child refusing to go to bed, insisting on being given ice cream or to have another story read or to watch television.

Clinton, in her speech, asked a very pointed question of her supporters: Was this race about her or about the issues she represented?

It was consistently remarked in the press and by party members that the platforms Obama and Clinton were running on were near identical. They agreed on virtually ever policy decision. They voted the same on any number of issues.

To this weepy-eyed woman I ask: If your house is on fire do you care whether it is the county or the city fire department who comes to put it out?

Far too often voters get caught up in a cult of personality and lose their logic. I’ve seen it happen with both Obama and Clinton supporters. To see people go so blind for a candidate that they could not be reasoned with, that you could not appeal to their logic for they were lost in the jabs and spats of the race. Everything was personal because there was no policy to debate. All Obama and Clinton had to fight over was tone and personality, the mythical “experience” versus “judgment” debates that were largely meaningless. In the Democratic Primary you voted on who you liked, loved, admired or identified with because there was no meat to quarter.

Healthcare, housing, education, civil rights, the economy, the war, judges, justice, environment, women’s rights, gay rights, worker’s rights, unionization, international diplomacy, abortion rights, poverty and racism. If these were your concerns and you liked them handled with a populist and/or Liberal slant you only have one place to go and that’s the Democratic Party. For better or for worse. It’s like having a bad meal at Applebee’s and going on to forsake all food. That one meal did you wrong, therefore all meals were wrong. You’d chose death over a slider from White Castle.

We aren’t electing Gods. We’re electing men and women. Hillary isn’t a golden calf in a pantsuit. But if you, my weepy friend, for some sick reason, see Sen. Clinton as the sun and sky and worship her brilliance, if you find her to be mother, daughter and the holy spirit, aren’t you committing a sin against Goddess Hillary if Goddess Hillary tells you to get over it and vote for the guy with the “D” after his name? Aren’t you defying her will if you continue to be indolent to Goddess Hillary’s desires to see Barack Obama as president of the United States?

Did you really ever follow her at all? Because she’s going on to Obama’s side and you, weepy delegate, you aren’t following. You’re acting like a child.

This should be about the issues, not pouting or personalities. A voter should never let their heart get in the way of the right mind.

Don’t let the house burn down to spite the fireman.

23 thoughts on “It’s the Issues, Stupid

  1. I appreciate the larger point, and mostly agree with it, though I think they differ on leadership/governing styles.But more to the point, how come only the Clintonista sets you off? No tongue lashing for the Obamaholics (per field), or for the MSM who cannot get enough of this alleged division? (And is their love of the Clinton-Obama War merely an extension of their Clinton addiction or a new thing entirely??)Everyone’s going to bed and I’m still all fired up from the speech. Glad to find a late night blog post from the Snob!

  2. redstar: I think that particular woman bugged me because she almost felt like a plant by CNN, but then it got even more surreal after that and I was too beyond words.As per my statements on overzealousness that existed on both sides, that’s actually in a separate column for another site I now write for. This site is a for-pay gig, so they’re buying exclusive content. I had to break up my two ideas in order for me to have something new on my site and something different on theirs. I’ll post a link to it tomorrow. It’s more about asking people if they can get over their “Hillary Hate” now that Hillary for the (what is this …) the third or fourth time has endorsed Obama? I don’t get all this acrimony when you won. It seems petty.So I’m still annoyed on all sides. I just got to this particular fruit loop first.And I plan on writing about how the press is really playing up this rift which is pretty much negligible at this point. But really and truly. That woman was unbelievable. I don’t know if you saw her, but … my Lord. That was awkward.So … there’s more! I haven’t lost my objectivity hat!

  3. I did see her, and I can’t decide if I can relate or not, truthfully. I’ve admitted my surprise at my investment in the Clinton campaign several times here, I think. At the same time, when I’d meet other volunteers who told me how deeply they believed in her, I was like, eh? Why? You know she’s just a politician at the end of the day, right? So clearly I’m still working out the psychology involved in all this electoral politics sh*t!Btw, today (8/26) was my birthday. Yay for Women’s Equality Day and Redstar! Attention much, Red? Hee. :)Nice to hear you’ve got a paid gig! Great news!

  4. To that whiney woman that CNN chose to spotlight:Clinton lost, bitch. Get over it. If you truly respect Hillary, if you truly love this country, if you call yourself a Democrat – you’ll do what Hillary asks you to do and vote for Obama.

  5. This is a big ass population of scorned women. Obama is the one they are focusing on like he had a one night stand with Hillary. There is real hate for no real reason towards Obama and if he loses Hillary will be to blame. That speech and her tone is a half-ass effort and anyone who has seen her speak knows it was. Barack will have to win this without the Clintons, and watch the Clintons turn into what was.

  6. At least, Hillary did all that she could and was supposed to do in her speech last night. If we have idiots still sold on the fact that more people like Obama than she, well, then I guess it’s four more years of the same with McCain. And that’s sad. That people don’t realize McCain is banking on this type of emotional and uninformed decision making.

  7. I don’t get that lack of logic either (and some of them are really pretty vitriolic about it).I was one of those who said that I wouldn’t vote for Clinton if she “stole” the nomination away from Obama–but, that was in the heat of the moment and I realize that the picture is much, much larger than that. We’re at a critical juncture in both American history and American politics, and I am convinced that McCain is not the one to bring us through it (for a ton of reasons). I got over myself. I wish these illogically-loyal Clinton supporters would get over themselves…

  8. just wanted say brilliantly written, snob. reminds me of why i fell in love w/your blog in the first place.

  9. I don’t get the all of this gnashing of teeth on pulling of hair either. I was walking through the lobby of my building yesterday and stopped dead in my tracks when I passed a television tuned to FOX news. There was this crAzy white lady ranting about calling people white or black. I think she was talking about Hilary supporters being called racists unfairly but I couldn’t even really understand WTF she was going on about. By the end of the segment 4 other people or various backgrounds were standing there with me watching this craziness and we just shook our heads. Some Hilary supporters act like Mister from the Color Purple just got the nomination over Hilary or something. And for the record I wouldn’t have voted for Albert just because he’s black.@Snob, I’m looking forward to your Obama post b/c my mom is getting on my last nerve. She can see how the disgruntled Hilary supporter are wrong but she also says she would have voted for McCain if Obama had not won the nomination. Grrrrrr!

  10. I saw that woman, Snob, and my response was the same as yours. I thought, “Did you not actually listen to the speech? Priorities, lady, priorities!” Let’s play a little game of logic–1. You follow the Hillary cult of personality. She has directed you to vote for Obama. Therefore, you should vote Obama. 2. You called yourself a “good Democrat,” yet you got all, “he’s got two months to prove himself.” If this woman is from a swing state, not voting for Obama will have pretty much the same effect as voting for McCain. If that doesn’t matter to you, then you’re not a “good Democrat,” plain and simple. I can assure you that J. McCain is not losing any sleep over any of your issues.Republicans have figured it out– you hold your nose and cast your vote. Then AFTER the election you air your grievances. Love your blog, Snob.~Rayna

  11. You’re right, Snob. There wasn’t much in the way of policy to argue over, so it was personality and which “ceiling” people wanted cracked first. It became racist and sexist and a lot of that was driven by the MSM and other people who don’t have the American people’s best interest at heart. My fave line from Hill’s speech (among many) was the part where she asked if her supporters were in it just for her. Her ardent supporters should listen to and think about that. Voting for John McCain does nothing for women and if you saw Hillary as the key to true gender equity, then how in the world can you justify voting for a man who has driven our rights straight into the ground on his Straight Talk Express? I get that CNN woman’s tears and pain – I think if I lived through some of the bullsh** that women lived through during the past several decades, I’d be hungry for this moment, too. And for many of these women, they will leave this earth before ever seeing that chance again. I can empathize with that pain and sense of loss. But where I draw the line – and you said it so well – I’m not going to let the whole house burn down. It’s bigger than all of us and we have to think about this place and how it will be for others long after we’re gone. Any other motivations beyond that are unscrupulous and selfish.

  12. Okay I’ve been up and down twitter columns and blogs, articles and reviews and NO ONE has discussed the bizarre use of Tubman’s quote about “keep going”. I’m not up in arms about it but I thought it was a bizarre reference for a number of reasons.1. So by default, Hillary voters and/or Dems are slaves who need to “keep going”, I have trouble buying this narrative because I don’t feel like anyones slave and certainly don’t want to be spoken to like I am escaping from a prison or in need of saving.2. So by using such a quote, Hillary placed herself in the context of Tubman? Quite a brazen move for a rich white lady. I do not believe Hillary has any right, esp given recent racially ambiguous Clinton statements, to be assuming Tubman status or that she is like her in any way.3. Overall I found the speech really patronizing and her voice shrill and dull. She should have been a kindergarten teacher the way she overemphasized words and widened her eyes. Again, see point 1 for the subtle ways she was herding her flock that seemed awkward and puts her voters in a supremely subordinate position.4. This is a petty point, but way to wear the bright saffron that Michele totally rocked weeks ago. Admit it lady, you are totally out of it when it comes to style and setting trends or the pace.5. Above all not many, if any, words about Barack’s character, experience or worthiness to lead. Selfish, self absorbed and catered to the navel gazing of her own voters. These people don’t care about issues, they care about identity politics, just like the CLintons, if they aren’t in charge they aren’t playing.6. I also thought that the end of the speech sounded like Obama’s people finally managed to do some writing for Hillary. The cadence, repetition, lofty imagery and content sounded just like an Obama speech. Overall I thought her speech was an artful dodge which is all the Clintons do. Dodge, refuse to define themselves, shapeshift and avoid supporting anyone that doesn’t support them. I found her racial remarks really interesting and cause for pause. Quoting Harriet Tubman to your voters and the Democrats seemed really inappropriate and a subtle way of suggesting that voters are slaves needing direction.

  13. I enjoy reading your blog and you did a great job with this post.I saw that woman, and watching her reminded me of why I usually change channels before all the commentating begins. She was so over the top ridiculous, and you are so right–you would think Hillary was a god or something. I can understand disappointment, but my goodness. The more she spoke, the more bazaar she sounded. I began to think she was putting on an act. I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would want to risk another four more years of the last eight.

  14. Anyone who votes for John McCain to spite Obama is NOT a real Democrat anyways. I repeat, YOU ARE NOT A DEMOCRAT!I say let them go…good ridance. If you can’t see the forest beyond the trees, there’s no saving you. Obama shouldn’t even have to waste his time and energy.

  15. Last night when I watched the teary eyed black woman on CNN go on and on about Hillary Clinton, I must say that as a black woman, I was utterly disgusted. Her whole lament just reeked of self-hatred and internal racism, especially when she said that she didn’t “relate” to Obama. Seriously?? She’s a black woman in America, and she can’t “relate” to a black man in America? At least on the basis of ethnicity!? I know that might rub people the wrong way, but i’m just keeping it real. If by now, she can’t bring herself to vote for Obama, her issues with him go beyond the fact that Hilary didn’t win. I contend that she has issues with black people. Furthermore, any person who calls himself/herself a democrat and then turns around and votes republican out of spite is an ignorant fool, who obviously does not care about his/her future, his/her children’s futures, or their party, or the Holy Hilary they profess to love. The same goes for Obama supporters who were saying that they would vote McCain if he didn’t clinch the nomination. At the end of the day, these candidates are just men and women; we don’t know them on a personal level, we can only go on what the say they’re going to do if they are elected, regardless of whether they actually carry out their promises or not. So for people to look for that “connection” with Obama, or those seeking a candidate that they can “have a beer with” is irrelevant. IT’S ABOUT THE ISSUES! Why can’t people understand that??

  16. And the church said, AMEN. I couldn’t have said this better. I received a comment on my blog today from a Hillary supporter who said she wouldn’t ever vote for a man again. So I thank you for this one, I’m going to put a link to this article on my blog today.

  17. Okay I might say something really inflammatory here, but I’m developing a theory that a certain part of the black boomer generation still years for a white advocate and because of the YEARS of “white advocates” they just cant wrap their head around actually having one of their own in office? Is this a product of some impossibly stubborn racial brainwashing, that blacks need Kennedys or Clintons in order to feel protected or reflected? Seems to be reminiscent of some kind of poverty of the mind and heart that is so deep it might not be touched. Younger generations listen to the Clintons and hear white people that are trying “too hard” to be black or be black sympathizers. By quoting Tubman and cozy shots with their black buddies they scream “look I’m down”. Now does it get silly continuing to look to them for some “proof” that they aren’t racist, yes. But the fact that they bring it up again and again, fans my suspicion that there is just simply a difference between boomer civil rights and a post modern generation that has come of age and is ready for the real thing.

  18. Snob, I only lasted about 15 seconds listening to that woman on CNN. I am completely convinced that she was a plant. Of all the people in that convention hall to speak to, CNN, home of James Carville and Glenn Beck (sorry T.J.), just happened upon the one black woman who was out of her mind. What’s more scary to me is that she was sent to Denver to represent a group of people (probably African-American). Hopefully, the members of the Democratic Party in her home state saw that foolishness and this will be her last convention!Honestly, I am tired of women who have been used and abused by men in their lives (fathers, husbands, boyfriends, co-workers) taking that abuse out on Senator Obama. If this “woman” had any questions about the type of man Senator Obama is and his attitude toward women, she was not listening Monday night. Just seeing Michelle and the WeeChelles on stage should have cleared up any misconceptions.Some women always want to be a victim.

  19. I saw that lady last night….and like most of you, I think CNN had been watching her complain all night and then happened upon her at her point of eruption. Mt. PUMA went BOOM! Or did it just whimper? At any rate, Hill’s speech did exactly what the Obama campaign wanted. She couldn’t sell a speech based on her personal affection/respect for Obama because….drumroll please….She has absolutely none for him!It was evident throughout the primary. Check out some of the old debates. Hillary rarely even acknowledged the man’s existence before his victory in Iowa. Most of her attention was focused squarely on Edwards. Do ya think that much changed in a year? Face it, arguing on Obama’s merits solely on issues was the only way to go. It would have be disengenuous to do anything more. I know I wouldn’t have believed it.

  20. I missed that crying woman. After I watched Hillary’s speech on CSpan, I changed the channel to something non-political. As I hear it, the camera work is by Fox. The commentary on CNN and MSNBC is constantly reaching for scandal, and I’m tired. And I am really glad I haven’t listened to the cable TV pundits since the convention started.

  21. I really wanted to punch the crying woman in a ovary (a la Anchorman). I’m sorry (sort of) but she boiled my blood more than anything. I thinks she was a plant, and as someone said above I hope her home delegation gives her a nice long “come to Jesus” talk about her display. My dislike has nothing to do with my endorsement of BO (so don’t label me a Obamaite), but think maybe it’s my resentment of feeling like I’m not counted as a feminist woman because 1) I did support BO over HRC and 2) because I’m black so of course most of us would head on over to his side. I’m an educated (thus probably elite in some eyes), feminist (I went to a women’s college, duh), black woman who supports BO and didn’t like HRC (I miss old crazy feminist HRC — where did she go?). Why do I feel like I’m being forced to give up my feminist card because that’s how I feel, and he’s who I chose? Why don’t I count into the “women vote” statistics? Can’t I like BO and care about Roe, Supreme Court Justices, birth control, children’s insurance (though I have no kids thank goodness!), and breaking the glass ceiling on women’s pay? I mean seriously….that woman embodied to me everything I’ve had to fight with for the past umpteen months to “keep” my feminist card and not be blocked into my vote simply because I have a God given perma-tan! [/end rant]

  22. Puma has the video of the woman speaking on their website and their (white) members are really praising the black woman that spoke. My POLITE response was not to their liking and they deleted me. I think the black woman was a plant. Puma needed at least one black to fight the rumors that they are all middle class white women. I think the whiny speaker was so happy that they chose her to be there and to be a big shot – she would have done anything to make them happy. (in my opinion).Thanks for the great article.

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