It’s the Issues, Stupid: Part Deux

Here is the actual video for anyone who missed it. I wrote about it after Hillary’s speech.

It’s garish in so many ways and has been played several times on CNN already. This is frustrating for me on so many levels because I’m sick of the media playing up what boils down to a fringe group of hardcore Hillary dead-enders who really, at this point, hate Barack more than they actually love the issues they claim they are for.

I’m also tired of the constant stream of haterade from Barack supporters about Hillary supporters and the Clintons in general. Theses are politicians. You can’t get emotionally invested in them. You can like them. You can admire them. You can support and vote for them, but once you get lost to the pique of a back and forth campaign you start poisoning your own rationality.

No matter how the press hyped it, the Democratic Primary was not nearly as negative as past Democratic Primaries. Almost every blow between the two candidates was off-kilter, coded or passive aggressive. This was mostly because both candidates were running in Democratic Primary where the field is full of potential land mines of groups you could offend. One gaffe and every gay, black, Latino, feminist, blue collar, Ivy League intellectual, single mother, Liberal, progressive, populist, union member will hate you. Clinton tried whatever she could to stop him, dancing on the edge of knife wanting to win, but not wanting to be called a racist and in the end losing on both fronts.

I’m tired of the conspiracy theories about the Clintons. I can agree that they can be arrogant and self-absorbed, but I have no desire to hear old, rehashed Republican talking points from the 1990s coming out of the mouths of Barack supporters. The same supporters who are fighting Republican talking points of Barack being a secret Muslim who studied at a Madrassa.

I guess I want both Hillary Clinton and her supporters to be gracious in their defeat and I want Barack Obama and his supporters to be humble in victory.

He won. She didn’t. Can we call for a moratorium on reliving the Hillary Hate of the primaries now that it’s all over?

And can this woman in the video please, catch a clue? I want to shake her violently and scream for her to be rational. Barack Obama isn’t the Antichrist anymore than Hillary Clinton is the devil. Can’t people see that the hardliners are cut from the same idealogical cloth? Care more about your life and your community. I am tired of such childishness.

For the blog I wrote the post “Un-Break My Party,” (set to run later today) which basically sums up my points here. Any lingering angst is just poisonous. It’s time for everyone to kiss and make up.

I wonder if the speech was enough to bring about some calm reflection and rationality to the waring tribes of the Democratic Party. I hope people who love Barack can feel proud and solid in him being the nominee without still worrying, obsessing or foaming at the mouth over the Clintons. I hope people who love Hillary can feel proud of the job she did and do what she asked of them.

11 thoughts on “It’s the Issues, Stupid: Part Deux

  1. The media loves to blow out of proportion any perceived contention between anyone famous, especially politicians. I’m sure Hilary desperately wanted to win, I would worry about anyone running for office who didn’t! It is standard procedure in politics to create attack ads just as it is standard procedure for linebacker’s to attach wide receivers. In the end it is all just a game, just showmanship.PSI like that you posted a picture of you and your lovely hair. I have a two-year-old who I think has the same hair as you. We’ll see as she gets older and it changes.PPSSorry about the football reference.

  2. Well – Obama said “silly season” had begun and he ain;t lyin’. I tune out most MSM outlets because they are invested in keeping people as stupid and uninformed as possible, including their own staff.

  3. Great follow up.Personally, this woman seems certainly over-invested in Clinton, but reasonable about Obama in a post-primary context. Figure she hasn’t been paying attention to his candidacy because she’s been nursing her wounds; now her hero has told her to move on, to vote Obama, and she’s saying, ok, he has 2 months to win me over. This is a reasonable expectation for any candidate, esp. after such a memorable Primary and amidst an on-going media onslaught to try to undermine the Democratic Party.This woman is nothing like the PUMA crowd who refer to Obama as the “Affirmative Action” candidate and the racist bile that comes from No Quarter. This woman is nothing compared to the anti-Clinton types who believe all the GOP lies about the Clintons. She’s crushed and trying to move on, and definitely not planning to vote for McCain. I think some Obama organizers in her area ought to get her phone # and try to put her past Party activism to future use. She’ll probably cry again after Bill speaks and hopefully go into Obama’s speech tomorrow night determined to give him a good listen after Sen. Clinton and her “husband” (LOVED that from the Clinton video) have implored her to do.

  4. I think sniveling Hillary delegate (SHD)just needs more time to accept her own misjudgment. In order to live with herself, she’s hanging on to the “Hillary was the best candidate” mindset until she can cope with the fact that she (SHD) was wrong.The manner in which Hillary managed her campaign (all short-term planning), the remaining size of her campaign debt and her racial polarizing is indicative of how she would have run this country. Not too well.When SHD finally accepts her own failure, she’ll accept Hillary’s.Hopefully, that will occur on or before 11/4/08. Obama needs the votes of all “good Democrats”.

  5. I do believe that Barack supporters would be more that willing to let it go and accept a win graciously if they were not continually assault by so-called Clinton supporters <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>spreading lies and vitriol. The woman that spoke last night about Barack not being experienced enough is yet another example of the ridiculousness. I no longer blame Hilary after her speech last night but this shit has got to stop because it is aiding McCain.

  6. Let’s call a spade a spade: this ***** is crazy. You know it….you KNOW it…..(crazy eye)

  7. i’m sorry, the clintonistas need to listen to the hillary they love so much and put their support behind obama…i am not buying into that “obama” needs to win me over crap…he is the democrat’s nominee! now, if the clintonista’s cannot handle that at this point, they were never democrats in the first place and they truly like a future of mccain and his drooges taking away all the rights they’ve worked so hard for…no worries for them as there will always be opportunity for the to shake their bare breasts at next year’s biker convention…right beside mccain’s wife…

  8. Snob:This is a CNN phenomenon. I was gonna watching Bill Clinton give his speech on CNN and I had to switch to MSNBC because CNN kept switching the camera shot from Michelle to Hillary. They play up a chasm for ratings and it’s annoying as heck.

  9. This is one thing I don’t blame on the media. I blame the actually people themselves! This delegate was genuinely upset that her candidate didn’t get the nomination and I get that! But to sit there and say that she would rather not vote than vote for Barack is ridiculous. Yes I am a HUGE Obama supporter, “Starting in his eyes was the first time I heard the Beatles”, stupid joke from a hilarious movie! But if he would have lost I would have been more than happy to place my vote in for Hillary Clinton. Regardless of what I personally feel about each candidate running, all of them are still Democrats and they fundamentally will move this country in the way I think it should be moved. All from Economics down to the Social Issues so forgive me when I upset when so called Democrats who support Hillary are walking around saying that they would rather chose McCain than Obama. Am I missing something or didn’t the Republican Party drive this country from great prosperity on all fronts to the shit hole it is now. We are not in kindergarten anymore it is time for everyone to grow up and focus on the purpose at hand. Everyone knows that the last 8 years have been horrible, so how hard is it to realize that 4 more years of the same policies will result in the same. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

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