“The Flat Iron of God”: Who Did Michelle’s Hair

In all the excitement over Michelle’s speech, dress and kids I forgot to add this tip I received from a reader, Sandra, more than a week ago on a story on the hairstylist responsible for Michelle’s Denver ‘do.

His name is Johnny Wright and blog Bella Sugar interviewed him July 29. Here’s a snippet.

How did you start working with Michelle Obama?
It kind of happened on a whim, and I’ve been doing her hair now for a year. My agent out in New York booked me for her Ebony magazine shoot, and she liked it so much that she had her people book me. I actually just got a call today from her saying I’m booked with her for August a whole week — I’m going to do her hair in Denver.

Denver! Denver is important.

You know, I was very nervous with that particular booking. I was highly screened before I was even allowed to walk into her room — and I totally understand that. Whatever it took for me to be booked with her, she is a very normal person. She has two young children, and I think that her staying normal keeps them normal too. It’s just great working with her. She’s never picky; she never asks me for things I probably can’t do. She’s very understanding.

9 thoughts on ““The Flat Iron of God”: Who Did Michelle’s Hair

  1. okay, but what was she wearing last night (Tues. night) up in the stands? and was her hair pinned back? I thought she looked great (again).

  2. Bless that man! I’d like him to touch my hair. LOL!She always looks great–last night was no exception. I’m going to remake that outfit this weekend. HAHAHA!Now, I know I’m not the only one doing that…. *crickets* Right? *looks around*

  3. Ok, I have to say this: While I liked the overall shape, style and condition of her hair…I thought the front was a wee bit too high…brought to mind the high-flying fabulousness of Oprah and Patti LaBelle back in the 80s. I really.really.really.really hope that that crap doesnt come back again. I really dont.L

  4. OMG I was wondering this BIG TIME. Thank you for the info – Im linking to this over at my site.PS- I love your blog. Like major sweatage for real.

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