First the Dessert: Michelle! WeeMichelles! Clothes! Happy! Pictures! Weeee!

Before I put my serious writer hat on I need to get this out of the way … the thing we all want, no scratch that, NEED to see!

Pictures of Michelle shining like an emerald with her jewel-toned dressed, perfectly heart-melting, adorable daughters, and a proud Barack and Michelle almost crying when she saw how proud he was, and the “I love you, Daddy. Daddy, where are you?” … and Craig.

I actually don’t have that much to say about Craig Robinson, the La Femme Obama’s brother. I hope he’s a better basketball coach than a public speaker. Michelle was the only one making slam dunks Monday night.

Wrap it up, Craig! We want to see the big show!

Hubby watches with rapt attention in Kansas City, Mo.

First off, the dress? Loves it! Michelle always looks gorgeous in jewel tones. (Or any solid color. I don’t think she has a bad color. The woman rocked ORANGE. That’s just how we do.) I don’t know who the designer is yet, but I bet it’s Maria Pinto, her girl in Chicago. The dress is similar to the purple sheath and an orange dress she’s worn previously that were also made by Pinto. I would have preferred a necklace over the beaded flower on her chest, but other than that I have few complaints. Over and over last night, myself, my dad, mother, pundits on TV, even on FOX News couldn’t get over how gorgeous she looked. The best Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez on CNN could come up with was it was too “evening gown” like. Um … seriously, Leslie.

Game. Set. Match. Michelle.

And the hair? It was like it was touched by the flat iron of God.

Now the makeup? Even more flawless. It photographed well and made her look youthful and gorgeous on TV. (She was magically forehead wrinkle free on TV.) She was radiant and rumor has it cosmetics maven Bobbi Brown did Michelle’s makeup herself. I wouldn’t be surprised. Michelle is the most coveted fashionistas’ fantasy in politics right now.

And they’d take Barack too if they could get their hands on him. Speaking of Barack …

This is the portion where I read Barack Obama’s mind as he watches Michelle’s speech.

“She’s doing great. I’m so proud.”

“Man, she looks beautiful.”

“I NEEDS my WOMAN! Damn St. Louis … I mean Kansas City! Just wait ’til I get to Denver.”

And I’m going to stop reading his mind now, because I think the rest of those thoughts should be private. Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink

Um … nothing to say here. Just beautiful. And all the “Michelle” signs. Can we vote Michelle O. for president? Should SHE have been vetted as a possible veep for Barack? I may be moving from Michelle fan to Michelle stan. Michelle O. in 2012!

Squeeeee! The girls! All dressed like jewels, just like mommy. And all their shoes are the same color. And man, Malia’s tall for a 10-year-old (no surprise with super tall parents). And I swear, I can’t look at Sasha and not see my baby sis, Baby Snob. You know she runs it at home, like all babies.

Also, it was a pretty brave thing to bring the girls out in front of such a huge audience, but they were just as natural and happy and sweet as they always are.

“Hi Daddy!”

This was the point where I started crying. It wasn’t Michelle’s touching story of her life, but seeing this very real moment that could not be faked. While Michelle and Barack have become larger than life political figures, the girls make them “mommy” and “daddy” again. They’re the evidence that they come from a loving household and are flesh and blood people.

Both girls were extremely happy to see their daddy, happily talking to him, saying they loved him and asking where he was. I could feel how much they all miss being together. And seeing Michelle tear up when she saw how proud Barack was and … you just can’t fake that. That was love, people. Love.

Blowing kisses. “Bye, Daddy!”

Again. Game. Set. Match. Team Obama wins.

25 thoughts on “First the Dessert: Michelle! WeeMichelles! Clothes! Happy! Pictures! Weeee!

  1. I LOVED her speech!!!! I too teared up when she brought the girls out . . . too cute. I just love this family! They make me want to do better. Love your blog!

  2. The speech was on point, but I didn’t tear up until the Obama Family moment afterwards. They are really just too much, and the fact that they are real makes it so much better.”Touched by the flat iron of God????” I laughed WAY too loud at that one đŸ™‚

  3. Ms. Snob, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Michelle was absolutely amazing! She took the GOP’s crayons right out of their hand and told them to chill with the “evil” cartoon they’ve tried to make her into. She was classy, poised, confident, lovely, (insert your own adjective here)! That was the Michelle that sold me on Barack when she visited the University of South Carolina (I got to take a pic with her too…its my Facebook profile pic :-)). She proved once and for all why they call her the “closer”!

  4. Yep, I cried too lol … I reminded me of the relationship that I have with my Dad and my Aunt.I’ve been going through some ish recently and I had just finished talking to my Aunt about an hour before Michelle’s speech. Michelle reminds me of her. And then because I’m a Daddy’s girl to the 100th power, the moment with Sasha and Malia made me fall out. Hearing Michelle’s story made me realize that I’m no different from her and that if I work as hard, I can achieved what she has achieved in her life. It gives me hope and faith that everything is going to be alright.

  5. I love how comfortable the girls were in front of thousands and thousands of people. When I was 7 you would have had to drag me out clawing at the doorframe to do the same thing. Sasha seemed to genuinely be having fun up there. And that says a lot about how she was raised. She and Malia obviously feel very secure and safe in themselves.

  6. I got teary, too… seeing the girls up there and I felt their chemistry. There is nothing fake about this family. LOVE THEM!I love your coverage–I check every day when I can!

  7. And the hair? It was like it was touched by the flat iron of for that. HILARIOUSBut, wrong.I love this post. Thanks for the pics. I cried during the intro video. That she would be honoring a good Black man like that, just warmed my heart. What a good Black man, a good Black father could do. By setting the example of what Michelle SHOULD EXPECT FOR HERSELF, Frasier Robinson did something for his daughter that she could never repay. Craig was bad, but I suffered through it. I didn’t begin to cry again until they panned to Mrs.Robinson. Her face. It was the face of the ancestors. It pierced me to my soul, because I know that face. Michelle Obama brought it. Brought it hard and fierce yesterday.And the WeeMichelles – Can’t express how much I adore them. The unscripted moments with them and Barack were just too much to handle.

  8. I was bawling throughout the entire speech. BAWLING. Just the sight of seeing Michelle walk out and all these signs with her name on it…Black Women have it made with Michelle Obama. When you turn on the television and see all the horrible ways we’re depicted and then last night…people of all colors chanting her name and hearing her recall stories about how her and Barack met. Bawling. Bawling like a baby. The Black Family Unit is alive and real! And when she talked about her dead father…bawling.The hair and make-up: flawless. Stunning. I go back and forth on the dress. And Snob: I was so thinking about you when I saw the dress because I thought you might not like it. Oh, and don’t kill me, but I felt like it needed…oh, I don’t know: A BLACK BELT. kidding.But you could tell that some of her speech seemed forced (like the part about Obama picking Chicago organizing over Wall Street – it was the same line out of a running TV ad)and maybe it’s just me, but her saying “God Bless America” at the end just didn’t feel right. Necessary, but not organic to who she is. (like I know her all like that!)Michelle Obama rocks my world. Not even exaggerating when I say she sold me on the Obama ticket last night. I was going to vote for him of course, but I didn’t BELIEVE. If she believes in him, then so do I.

  9. Snob…thanks for the great recap and pics. I couldn’t have been more proud of the Obama family last night. Those girls are too cute! And Michelle’s hair…my word! Perfection! It was almost distractingly beautiful and perfect. Didn’t love the dress so much, but she wore it magnificently. Can you imagine if this woman got to rep. black women for the next 4 years?…My soul just heaved at the thought of such a prolonged period of nourishment… In closing,I second cranberry with the hysterical “I luh you Michelle!”dkan71

  10. I teared up, cried, yelled, screamed and kept saying to myself, “I can’t believe this…I can’t believe what I am seeing!”You would think, hell, I thought I would be over the fact that their Presidential campaign is so historic, but last night showed again me I am not…

  11. I just wanted add… Michelle Obama looks fabulous in prints too! I loved that dress she was wearing when Joe Biden was introduced as Barack’s VP pick. I think it was a royal blue print — but it some photos it looked purple. I actually devoted several minutes to trying to figure whether the blue or purple looked better. She looked great either way.

  12. Great.. now I’ve got The Beatles in my head..Michelle, ma belle.These are words that go together well,My Michelle.

  13. Wow. I loves me some Michelle! What a wonderful change it will be to have a brilliant, strong, wonderfully American couple in the White House again. How long has it been? Bravo Michelle! You are the face of all that’s best about our great nation!

  14. I’m loving those pictures too, you know that you must obey Princess Sasha :)!As always, Michelle looked flawless, and her speech left my whole family searching for the kleenex.The designer’s name sounds Latina, if she is, the turquoise dress and flower are supposed to deflect evil spirits and harm *like the haters*I had to find out who did her hair myself, and found out on another blog that it’s Johnny Wright, who did her hair for Ebony magazine: is a truly beautiful woman, both in spirit and in appearance. I pray that she will grace this country as First Lady.

  15. Good Lord,Michelle Obama makes my eyes sweat. She is so hot! She’s super-sexy and fully clothed! Look at the poise! The smile kills me.I’m in love but please don’t tell my wife. HA!

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