Tonight’s the Night!

While the adults prepared for speeches did a walk through and answered the stray media question, Sasha Obama seized the gavel and gave it a bang on the podium.

It’s Michelle “Mommy” Obama’s big night. She’s the one giving the speech, but for the youngest Obama, who always looks a little bored during such events, this was a rare delight any six-year-old can appreciate.

From Huffington Post:

After emerging from the backstage area 15 minutes behind schedule, Michelle posed at the podium, wordlessly, with one hand on Sasha’s shoulder, for the benefit of various convention staff who worked on lighting and camera placement. Then, Michelle took the gavel at the podium and raised it halfway into the air, posed again for a moment, and then set the gavel gently back down.

At which point Sasha stood up on her tippy-toes and grabbed the gavel herself. After raising it as high in the air as her arms would allow, Sasha brought the gavel down hard, and let out an accompanying squeal of delight.

Also, the girls’ dresses and sweaters are very lovely and colorful in these shots. The adorable factor is at an 11 here.

12 thoughts on “Tonight’s the Night!

  1. Thanks for up-to-minute pix! Can’t wait to see Michelle tonite! Hope you will post all DNC pix of Michelle.

  2. Thank you so much for the pictures. I can just imagine how it must feel to be there. Michelle, has me thinking of all the potential, I have not been living up to. I need to get busy! Go Michelle!

  3. Danielle – Michelle clearly established tonight that her family is everything that Obama’s family is not. Michelle’s father and mother established a tight family unit and raised their children to “reach higher.” Obama’s family was a polar opposite. Obama’s father was an arrogant and cruel polygamist while his mother was an unformed product of the liberal sixties. Michelle is the better half of the Obama/Michelle equation. Given the choice, I would vote for her for President not him. Best Regards Steve

  4. I absolutely love the Obamas, especially Michelle. Her speech i=tonight was amazing. Her presence is so regal. Man oh man, this is cliche but the Obamas really do give me a sense of hope (and inspiration). P.S. I wish they’d adopt me already. Geez.

  5. What an amazing speech.. I can’t wait to see what you write about her tomorrow. Michelle made woman of all walks of life proud tonight. Strong, Incredible and Beautiful

  6. love love loved her speech last night. shes s beautiful woman with such grace and class. i was @ the gym working out and watching it, and i almost teared up on the eliptical 🙂 thanx for the candid pics keep em coming!

  7. Michele did great. And as always, she looked awesome.Just how cute is Sasha? How cute??She so clearly was enjoying herself up there with her daddy on the telecomcast in front of thousands of people!As a pundit said (and for once one of them had a point), the girls come off so grounded and happy, and that is just not something that can be faked, and everyone knows it.Whatever you think of Obama, if you watched the girls up there with their mom, you get that the man is a loving dad, and that his family life is healthy.

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