Michelle and the Girls Arrive In Denver Sunday

Everyone’s here and everyone’s adorable. Michelle, Malia and Sasha are showing the family flag, representing for the man who may be the 44th president of the United States. Per usual, the girls looked charming and were causal. Michelle went casual too, white blouse and what appears to be skinny black pants with a pair of daring red flats.

Once there they were greeted by Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, his wife and others.

8 thoughts on “Michelle and the Girls Arrive In Denver Sunday

  1. I love Michelle. Man, I adore that women. She’s an inspiration to me.I bought the Essence, Radar, Ladies Home Journal, Ebony and Time magazines this past weekend. Great articles in all of them. Obama/Biden ’08!

  2. There is never enough. I cannot get enough of this family! Michelle seems so down to earth and she always seems that way. I haven’t seen her waver. She’s a class act… wish there were more *ladies* like her.

  3. Snob,Holding it down – thank you. And guess what I saw in the bookstore- the Obama Paper Dolls. I LMAO…and then bought some..LOLI’m telling you…if I see something with them on it..I buy it.

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