The Portmanteau of Doom

I wrote earlier about CNN’s Betty Nguyen referring to Sen. Joe Biden as “Obiden” repeatedly on the air. (My man TJ Holmes called her out on it. West Memphis, represent!) And as I was writting up a different version of this story for DailyKos it occurred to be how dangerous this “Obiden” mess could be inf allowed to spread further into the mainstream.

When it comes to celebrity, we Americans have an obsession of smashing the names of famous couples together like Bennifer, Billary, Bennifer II, TomKat, Vaughniston, McGosling and of course the robust and insane sounding Brangelina. (My favorite because it sounds like a hearty breakfast cereal.) But when it comes to presidential candidates and their veeps we need to nip this thing in the bud.

Unless Barack Obama and Mighty Joe Oldster are “doin’ it” they should not have a Portmanteau. People already treat Obama as “cute” and “superficial.” He doesn’t need a cute and superficial name for him and Sen. Joe Biden.

And if the media MUST dub them something, why not something presidential-like or really butch like “Ebony and I’ll-Kick-Your-Ass” or “Murtaugh and Riggs.”

And Biden is SOOO Riggs. He’s got that mad dog, Mel Gibson look in his eye and the foot-n-mouth to prove it.

Side note: Other Portmanteaus the press could have gone with …


9 thoughts on “The Portmanteau of Doom

  1. Obama and Biden remind me of good cop, bad cop coming soon to a theater near you. I get the feeling Obama will play the I’m above negative attacks part. While our man Joe will smack the Repbulicans around for sheer fun. This will be one interesting ticket. Win or loose come Novemeber nobody will say the Dems didn’t give it all we had!

  2. Yes, Anon; that is exactly why he went with Biden. I would liken Obama’s choice of Biden to acquiring set of mobile testicles. Biden can and will lay the proverbial “smackdown” on anyone who’ll dare say anything negative about Obama.However, the drawback will be that the Republicans will use past Biden statements against the Dems ticket (which they are already doing). Another problem is how to contain the natural outspoken nature of Biden; you want him to be spontaneous, but you don’t necessarily want him shooting his mouth off and cause a problem for the ticket. Portmanteau? that’s a new one for my mental file. Thanks, Snob for edu-mo-cating a girl!Deedlelee

  3. I was feeling awkward about the selection of Biden until you compared him to Riggs. With that hollywood action film reference, my solidarity with the Obama campaign is whole once again.

  4. Ya know… I had my reservations for a few hours. But, I’m with this now. I’m okay with Biden and it’s for exactly the reason you stated.Riggs… you’re DEAD ON! LOL!! He can either be a really good thing or a really bad thing. I hope like crazy he’s a good thing. I wouldn’t mind him flipping the eff out on McCain and reading him on national tv… but in a really political “Riggs” kind of way! :-)I hate how they combine names, too. I think it’s okay for celebs because really… who takes them seriously? hehehe But for candidates for presidency (even the president)? Not cool…

  5. I like JoBama. I’m lmao right now @ all this silliness. I was lukewarm and underwhelmed by Biden when I heard the selection. However, this could get interesting since Joe has no fear of the Republican machine. Let the games begin!

  6. LOL Thank you for reminding me how bad of an idea that name is. When I first heard Obiden, I said, “Uh uh. that is not cute.” Then it began to rub off on me. Thank you for reminding me that it’s a bad idea.

  7. Ugh. It’s annoying that the media loves those damn portmanteaus – but I don’t think Obiden is that bad, comparatively speaking. It’s just irritating and a bit demeaning.

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