It’s like Brangelina but political

From the Duluth News Tribune’s “Our View”:

(B)ut there’s still the matter of their names, which caught newscasters like CNN’s Betty Nguyen hung up in a tongue-tied “Obiden.”

“I’ve got to stop you,” her colleague T.J. Holmes said at one point. “That’s the second time you’ve done that, ‘Obiden.’ ”

“I said ‘Obiden?’ Really?” she replied.

“You didn’t realize you said it, but Obiden.”

“It’s becoming a household name.”

By accident, of course.

Yes. An accident. I’m sure of it. BTW, “Obiden” sounds amazingly Celtic.

7 thoughts on “It’s like Brangelina but political

  1. Actually I hope they don’t do the blended name thing. At this point it refers to couples that are annoying, pretensious, oversexposed and ultimately doomed for failure. Beniffer, Billary, etc. That shit could be a curse. Every blended name couple ends being the but of jokes or people no one wants to see anymore. I don’t want that to happen to Barack and Joe. Obama/Biden works for me.

  2. I need a Holmes post. I have a question. It would be inappropriate to change the subject and ask the question here.

  3. anonymous 10:54 am: Unless Biden and Obama are “doin’ it,” name combos should be out of the question. But you know folks are going to be lazy and do it anyway. Anything to trivialize the magnitude of this moment.

  4. Black Snob: I agree whole heartedly. I think a blended name combo is the only thing that could turn me against Barack Obama. Well that or cheating on Michelle with a white woman. Every celeb that I liked that became a part of a blended name couple soon lost me as a fan. It’s just too cute by half and the kiss of death. I don’t even want a blended name for Barack and Michelle. I mean has anything good ever come from it in the long run?

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