I’m Sorry, Michelle Is Too Classy For THIS Abomination!

According to Us Magazine celebrity designer Tommy Woods has created this purse as a gift for La Femme Obama. Obviously, it is based on the Obama campaign’s ubiquitous logo. And obviously, it is hideous. Made from Acacia wood, he’s going to gift one to Michelle, then sell the replicas with a portion going for charity.

I realize the Obamas are falsely accused of being unpatriotic, but this star spangled, hope-flavored monstrosity doesn’t match ANYTHING Michelle likes to wear. Not even her Wonder Woman black belt, which possesses the powers of “change” and “whoop ass.” And Woods’ wood handbag is fugly. But the Obamas have inspired this sort of extremism and Tommy Woods has caught that “-itis!” The Obamaitis!

From Us Magazine:

“I hope she will get it in time to wear to the convention [next week],” Woods – whose work was featured on Sex and the City – said in a statement.

Yup. I can see it now when Michelle opens her package, excited over a new accessory, then gives this purse the same look you’d give a tacky Christmas sweater, tossing it on the pile of hideous crap the Obamas have received in the name of Obama love.

And then on perfectly embossed stationary made from a quality piece of heavyweight card stock, Michelle will have her staff lovingly write in cursive:

Dear Tommy,

Thank you for the lovely handbag you have crafted for me. I am amazed how you were able to draw such fashionable inspiration from myself and Barack. In fact, this purse is so lovely I’m not even going to wear it for fear of it getting nicked or damaged. Instead I’m going to place it on display in our home as a very special piece of art to remind us that we must continue to inspire this sort of creativity in others such as yourself. It is truly a treasure as you are a treasure, Tommy.


Michelle Obama

15 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, Michelle Is Too Classy For THIS Abomination!

  1. The response from the Obama camp is a very tasteful way of saying “H*ll naw I’m not wearing that!” That purse is an embarrassment to any and all who would consider rockn’ it. Whoever created this guy is that created it is nuts!!!!

  2. tommy should have his sewing kit revoked…fug purse and clearly doesn’t know a thing about michelle obama’s tastes…

  3. Wow it is really hideous. I guess it’s the thought that counts, but that thought should have been kept to himself. Haha!

  4. Oh hush girl. You’re messing up Michelle’s plan. Now he’s going to know that inevitable, cursive note is BS. On a serious note, it is really ugly. I thought it was a cake when I first saw it. I think that would’ve made it more excusable but now that I know that it’s supposed to be a purse, I have to say that shit is inexcusable.

  5. Michelle?Snob, come on.Not even Sasha Obama would be caught dead carrying that hideous thing.LOLIt will be on a shelf with other ‘momentos’. The Obamas will call it their ‘ Hell-to-the-naw’ bookcase.

  6. This is a trap! He knows that shit is ugly and that Michelle would never carry that thing around with her. When she doesn’t wear it he’ll run to the press and cry about it and the MSM and the Rethugs will shout “elitist”. And when Michelle tries to explain that it’s not her style they will yell “unpatriotic” because she won’t wear red, white and blue all at the same time. Oh yes, good people this is a trap. Make no mistake about it. There is treachery a foot!

  7. Ok, I gotta be honest here….I kinda like the body of the purse. Its a cool shape, I love the air-brushish look of the white on the blue, and the red stripes are interesting too. BUT…I cant stand the strap! HATE IT! Mayhap if they came up with something else…maybe….L

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