CNN Plays the Veepstakes

Since this morning CNN has ruled out Tim Kaine and Evan Bayh as Obama’s prime picks. Joe Biden’s house is a flurry of activity and James Carville and Paul Begala are a little harrumpfffed that Barack Obama’s people didn’t even bother to ask Hillary Clinton her opinion on the veepstakes, let alone offer her the chance to turn the job down.

Bayh is apparently taking it like a man since Maury Povich stopped by the house just to say, “Evan Bayh! You ARE NOT the vice presidential candidate for the Democratic Party!”

A source close to Evan Bayh expressed disappointment with the decision. “We are all sad,” the source tells CNN. “But Evan was cool with this, whatever happened. He understands what he’s got — a family, and a life he’s very happy in.”

It’s like the Oscars. It was an honor just to be almost nominated.

As for the Clinton snubbing, it amazes me that people are surprised by this. The presidency only has enough room for one ego at a time. That’s why George let Dick do all the serious conjuring. Besides, at this point they probably can barely stand each other. Do we need to repeat Kerry-Edwards where they both hated each other but gave it the college try anyway? I’m for it if everyone can bury the hatchets in other places but their backs, but the amount of aerodynamics required to pull a Clinton veep off would take the theorems of quantum physics to come to fruition.

All respect to Carville and Begala, but the Obama people were probably annoyed with the whole notion that they should have to placate anyone who was trying to beat the tar out of them a few months ago. The Clinton people are probably still mad over … um … probably everything. Pick something. Mark Penn. How the shizz went down. Sexism. Vanity Fair Magazine. MSNBC. Losing to the newbie. YouTube. Half their friends joining the Obama camp. Having black folks call them racists. Chris Matthews enjoying a fine meal of Hillary Hate night after night. And I’m sure she’s mad at Bill for something, he was a double-edge sword. Once again. Lots of reasons to be mad.

But hey, it could still happen. Politics makes strange bedfellows, but I’d be wary of doing anything that could cause Chris Matthews to OD on reading the Starr Report for old times sake. Getting high off all that grossnesss.

3 thoughts on “CNN Plays the Veepstakes

  1. i’ve decided to sue CNN and the Obama Campaign for compensation of a neck injury from checking my txtmgs, making sure my cell wasn’t on silent and WolfBlitz.’s lying ass telling me any moment he’d get the VP scoop first.that aint right y’all…

  2. HaHa. So it’s Biden. Hope he sticks to a very tight script – OR ELSE. I’m seriously pondering a vote for McKinney because I’m in a ‘safe’ state and we desperately need 3rd party representation. I don’t know. It looks like I’ll get to attend the nomination speech live so I can’t go off message right now. Perhaps I’ll feel more at ease in a few days. I guess his record is supposed to be pretty good. Right now I am not so happy. I did write on the blackboard how I don’t want McCain as President like 50 times. Just to keep focus on what’s at stake. I need to do some more research. If he starts clobbering McCain in the press then I will be happy

  3. anyone who complains (still) about hrc not being the VP nominee is being disingenuous because they know HRC couldn’t be the VP because Bill Clinton refused to release donors for the library and his foundation. Again, Bill thwarts HRC. What else is new?Biden…I like his foreign policy credentials and I believe he balances the ticket. Yes he can fly off the handle but I hope and pray he’s smart enough not to give any ammunition to Team McCain by saying something who will McCain anoint to be his official nurse on the campaign trail?

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