Who’s Your Veep?

It seems our dear Barry has made up his mind, only he hasn’t let us in on the secret yet. The press is guessing the announcement may even come today. Until that happens though, The Snob is still in speculation mode.

Who’s America’s Next Top Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate? Who will be the one to inquire everyday how future President Obama is doing? Is he sick? Does he need me to do anything? Is there a tie vote that needs to be broken in the senate? Who, Obama? WHO! Will it be? Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Sen. Joe Biden or Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine?

If you ask me, that sounds like a whole lot of boring (with hot headed Joe being the one thing that does not belong with the others)

Asked what he wanted in a possible president-in-waiting, Obama said:

“Obviously, the most important question is: Is this person ready to be president?” Obama said in an interview aired Friday on “The Early Show” on CBS. Second, he said, was: “Can this person help me govern? Are they going to be an effective partner in creating the kind of economic opportunity here at home and guiding us through some dangerous waters internationally?”

And, he added: “I want somebody who is going to be able to challenge my thinking and not simply be a ‘yes person’ when it comes to policymaking.

With Mad Joe and “The Uninteresting Foursome From Dullsville,” I have to admit all these choices are safe and borderline negligible as a plus or negative for the campaign. The register a negative 9.5 on the Richter Scale. Although if picked, Biden will bite off some heads.

The press has ruled out other potential and more “colorful” veep candidates like New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Sen. Chris Dodd, former Sen. Tom Daschle, former Vice President Al Gore, self-imploding former candidate John Edwards, Virginia Sen. Jim Webb and, of course, the 2,000 ton elephant in the room, Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Yes she will, indeed!)

I suppose he could shock the shit out of us and pull a Cheney, picking the person heading up his veepstakes — Caroline Kennedy. But she has no executive or foreign policy experience.

But her last name is Kennedy! Nostalgia vote!

And there’s still time to pick Will Smith, Barack! He’s a war hero. He totally punched that alien in the head, then all smooth-like growled, “Welcome to Earth!” And he was a fighter pilot in that movie. He saved the freakin’ world … TWICE if you count “Men In Black.” Thrice if you count “Hancock.” It’s never too late! Obama and Willie Will in ’08!

I can see the Obama girls playing with the Smiths’ kiddies on the White House lawn right now. I may pass out from the adorableness. And come on. Second Lady Jada Pinkett-Smith would be awesome. Imagine the fun she and Michelle would have joking about the height disparity alone.

Make my dream of an all black first and second family come true, Hope Man! I’ll be awaiting my text message.

14 thoughts on “Who’s Your Veep?

  1. Now that I think about it, Will takes like a duck to water to everything he tries – why not VP? I love Tim Kaine dearly but he ain’t the one ’cause he’s too much like Obama. Nobody seems to think it’s Sebelius. I’m a little scared of Biden, but that could be a good thing. And I’ve got nothing to say about Bayh – seemingly few others do, either.

  2. I still kinda want Gen. Wesley Clark as a big STFU to McCain’s never ending war references. . . and as a proud Virginian, I don’t want Kaine. He adds NOTHING to the ticket, has NEGATIVE experience, and I think will be a bigger liability than asset. Although he’s a good Governor. Now Will may be able to do it … and then DJ Jazzy Jeff can spin at all presidential functions. But is that too much ethnicity on one ticket? What about that dude who plays the Transporter to kick some GOP ass? Or since Toby Keith is apparently a democrat (seriously?) why not get out the Country-Nascar vote?

  3. I’m still hoping for a Wes Clark surprise myself, but being fron VA I’ll settle for Kaine.Actually this is one of those things that only matters until it happens and then it’s meaningless.Benson stomped Quayle so far into the dirt in the Veep debates that they couldn’t dig him out for WEEKS…but Shrub Sr still won…

  4. Get out of my head Snob!!!!LOLI really thought when I did my veep post yesterday that I was the only one who thought this was a dumb bunch of contenders–dull is more like it though.You’re right, aside from Biden and his loose cannon of a mouth, BLAH BLAH BLAH about the rest of ’em. Even Tim Kaine, who just doesn’t have the bite I think is needed in this race.What I said was that Obama needed an attack dog who was confident in the core liberal beliefs and was mean enough to stick it to Republicans without apologizing for their own beliefs. I mean someone who was acidic in their attacks and didn’t have a problem going tit for tat with Weathervane McCain and this crap he’s spewing and everyone loved.Ya know it’s only person that pops in my head (and I’ma lose all my readers with this one)answer below…Hillary Clinton**runs and ducks for cover**

  5. I think Sebelius is out for no other reason than I can’t imagine the unpronounceability of that ticket. Obama/Sebelius? Sounds like a freaking STD!I’m still firmly in Crazy Joe’s corner. I’ve had many years of entertainment watching him and Arlen Specter spar on C-Span, and he’d be a fun veep. He’ll cuss folk out in a heartbeat and not only would he not apologize, he’d just cuss them out some more. While Obama would be able to just sit back and play the conciliatory nice guy. Biden would be so crazy nobody would want Obama gone for fear of what a Biden presidency would be like. Kinda odd to think of the black guy as the SAFE alternative to Crazy Joe. Of course, Hillary would make an exemplary attack dog as well, though the Obama loyalists who believe they’re part of a MOVEMENT would implode.

  6. It would’ve made history if he’d chosen Cynthia McKinney. So many heads would’ve rolled and the knashing of teeth. She would’ve def. kept him in check.Hmmm…could he have chosen Donna Brazile and fooled us all?

  7. I’m hearing its Bayn.The bumper stickers are being printed at the moment.If the blind item about Will is true, he might not have a career much longer.

  8. OBAMA/CLARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!do u see them interviewing Hillary, asking her if she was doing everything she could for Barack???!said she she went above and BEYOND anyone in her POSITION would have done.uhuh?i still got my eye on u PUMA…and can these pundants plese stop brushing aside the fact that folks don’t want the scary black dude in office and that his skin color is suddenly irrevelant.pshh.PLEASE.

  9. HELL NO to Hillpatine.If Wesley Clark had been smart enough to attack McCain on the right stuff – militarily, I would have been fine with him. But, he chose stupid #)$(, and wasted all of his bonafides. Not crazy about Biden. But, he’s better than Bayh. I wanted Richardson. Then Webb (can you imagine Webb going after McCain – good lord, I’d be in heaven). Then the Cowboy Governor. But, HELL NO TO HILLPATINE.

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