UPDATE: Roland Martin, Michelle Obama and TV One’s Hour Long Interview

Jack and Jill Politics reported Thursday that Michelle Obama would be resurfacing in an hour-long interview she’s to give to none other than radio host and CNN regular Roland Martin on TV One.

There’s not a lot of news leaking to be found of the interview but I seriously doubt that this thing is going to be hostile.

Now, TV One … which network is that again?

The interview will air at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 24. AOL’s Black Voices reports that Martin will talk with Michelle about everything “from the secret of her happy marriage to the surprising reason why she decided to support her husband’s pursuit of politics.”

Um … booooo. If I wanted to hear that I’d pick up a copy of one of the eleventy-billion magazines where she’s on the cover. You have to come harder than that, son. I need some dinner before desert and I’m sooo bored with desert Michelle. I want the Michelle that eats bacon and takes names. Would someone free Michelle O. from her own personal ‘shut the black lady up’ prison! Free! Free! Set her free!

13 thoughts on “UPDATE: Roland Martin, Michelle Obama and TV One’s Hour Long Interview

  1. Looking forward to hearing from Michelle. However, I hope they ask her some new questions. These interviews are tending to get a little repetetive.

  2. Yeah they got the vice grip of press control over Michelle but under the circumstances you can see why. It’s boring, it’s safe, it’s necessary. It sucks. But it’s necessary. But we should definitely lodge our protests about it.

  3. I love Round Head and Michelle! I enjoy any interview she does. I do miss the “old” Michelle though, where she wasn’t quite as…tailored I guess.

  4. um, aren’t we saying the same thing as fox news if we simply can’t believe in a nice, tempered, well-mannered image of michelle obama? i don’t think she’s faking anything lately… it’s just another (genuine) side of her.. why not?

  5. aha “Round Head”Roland is an ok dude.i especially feel bad for him when CampbellB. or the other stooges at CNN cut him off or makes side comments cause his likes to have the last word. man knows whats up majority of the time.But twill be refreshing to hear her views again even if she will be slightly scripted.

  6. Did some of you forget that Michelle Obama isn’t the one running?The focus of the interview is indeed family, black love and what it means to her to possibly be the first African American First Lady.I also got her to talk about what it means to have a women with hips, lips and thighs as the standard of beauty in the country, and what that image means to black women.Roland S. Martinwww.rolandsmartin.com

  7. Sounds like a good interview to me. I would not expect her to still be in primary mode; giving stump speeches. I think that Michelle is still being Michelle. She ia an, intelligent, accomplished women who is supporting her husband as he is running for POTUS. Is she suppose to be an activist as well? Why can’t she be Mrs. O, and we enjoy this moment in Black Histoy?Maybe she does not want anymore drama in her life. She does have two lovely weeMichelle’s to raise. I want her to be able to do that with the least amount of stress, considering the circumstances?I am thankful that we get to see the sister on TV One.

  8. I’m looking forward to it. Why can’t Michelle just have a nice interview with someone who doesn’t want to put her in a box, make her the Angry Black Woman, and has no agenda for ‘ Gotcha ‘ questions, and will be respectful to Michelle. Roland will do all of this.

  9. all: I don't have a problem with her having a "nice" interview. My issue is that I don't like cake & pie interviews with Michelle Obama anymore than I enjoy them with Cindy McCain. I hate them, period. People are just watching for a gaffe and when there is no gaffe it's forgotten about. The whole interview a throwaway.This is especially true when the interview isn't going to explore anything different. Different doesn't have to mean negative or angry. Just different. Or interesting. Being under the political wife microscope is stifling because you can never relax and say what you really feel because you know everyone is going to over-analyze it to the point that it becomes meaningless.So that is what I was referring to. That is what I find boring in light of the fact Michelle has done several print and TV interviews now that were safe and dull. Robin Roberts wasn't exactly interrogating the woman. Katie Couric didn't try anything funny. I don't recall Soledad O'Brien asking her if she hated America. I just wish our 24-hour news cycle weren't so stifling. Michelle is too smart and too talented for this, yet like countless political spouses before her she will be forced to sacrifice a good deal of her colorful personality at the alter of her husband's success.(See Teresa Heinz-Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Lady Bird Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Edwards, Eliot Spitzer's poor wife, etc. etc.)That's just how it goes. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

  10. mm, the Black Family in America ain’t doing so great… i can’t get enough of a Black SuperMom like Michelle Obama… cake-and-pie notwithstanding, i’m just happy somebody’s filling the Claire Huxtable void that this (half-) generation hasn’t known…

  11. Gee – somebody can’t take satire or a different perspective from a Black woman….hmmm. Instead of trying to disengage and diminish the perspective you put forth BS this should be taken to the Obama campaign that there are a lot of people out here with brains who are sick of the smears and sick of the attempt at overcompensation by making her into a ‘safe’ Stepford. Much of the support Barack has is due to the appeal and affinity {Black} women have for Michelle. that’s why we have the Michelle Obama Watch site afterall – because nobody was protecting her – not even her husband. But it will be interesting to watch all the same. Those that want to find gaffes will of course but hopefully they’ll be seen for the shams that they are. It’s down to 10 weeks and I can’t wait for this to be OVER!

  12. TV One is satellite right? Anyone know how to view this interview if you don’t get satellite? Will it be posted on the web somewhere (YouTube maybe) Roland? Anyone?

  13. I’ll be waiting for it to be posted online somewhere. It’s on the top-tier cable package with Comcast in my area. I refuse to pay $136/mo for cable and I am an admitted tv junkie. Hopefully they’ll update their website soon as well.

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