Oh No, Joe!

As veep speculation is running wild a lot (and I mean A LOT) of reporters and pundits have been pushing the idea that Sen. Joe Biden may be “The One.” Sure, there still a lot of talk about Indiana Sen. Evan Byah, but lately its been Joe, Joe and more Joe.

The CNN is all “twitterpated” over the prospect of a Obama/Biden mashup.

In a week where vice-presidential speculation has reached a feverish pitch, Barack Obama gave tea-leaf readers another reason to suspect he will name fellow Sen. Joe Biden his running mate later this week.

Speaking to veterans in Orlando, Florida, Obama specifically called out the Delaware senator and former presidential candidate, calling him a ‘friend’ and saying he agreed with Biden’s call for U.S. assistance to Georgia.

“We must help Georgia rebuild what has been destroyed,” Obama said during a speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention. “That is why I’m proud to join my friend, Senator Joe Biden, in calling for an additional $1 billion in reconstruction assistance for the people of Georgia.”

It was only a passing reference to the longtime senator, but it comes one day after Biden returned from a trip to Georgia at the behest of that country’s president — a stark reminder of his national security gravitas and deep-rooted relationships with leaders around the world. As the Georgia crisis once again puts national security issues front-and-center in voters’ minds, so the Beltway chatter goes, Obama needs a running-mate with foreign policy experience now more than ever.

CNN sez Obama also gave Virginia Sen. Jim Webb a shout-out, but who cares about that! This is about Biden, dammit. Biden is “The One.”

I have mixed feelings about Biden. Other than his “articulate” faux pas (which quite frankly had more to do with his own ignorance about than anything), I don’t really have a problem with the guy. He’s excellent as a attack dog. No one rocks a pithy put down slam like Biden. But Biden is also notorious for speaking truth to power a little too frequently. There’s a danger in a guy who truly is a “straight shooter,” unlike McCain. Biden just says whatever is on his mind, for good and for nightmarishly bad.

Also, I don’t know what Biden brings to the ticket. Yeah, he’s got foreign policy cred, but so do a lot of aspiring veeps. Why not Sen. Chris Dodd, who is a stand-up guy and was willing to throw down over telecomm immunity even if it was going to be a one-man filibuster?

Mama Snob isn’t a big Biden fan, so when I read her the CNN article she loudly announced, “He might as well pick Hillary!”

Papa Snob is also shaking his head, worrying on Obama veep picks.

I don’t know if there’s any person more worried about Obama’s campaign than Papa Snob. He’s a pessimist who wants to be an optimist but has lived too long to believe in that anymore. He’s come to the conclusion that the only person who can help Obama pull in recalcitrant Democrats and a spare Rust Belt or Southern state is Hillary. He thinks this is a JFK/LBJ situation, where loathed rivals have to work together to win. He believes that with Hillary, Barack could pick up Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Virginia.

The only problem is … that’s not going to happen. There’s too much animosity amongst the supporters. I’d fear there’d be some massive revolt if that came to pass. The Obama people hate the Hillary people. The Hillary people hate the Obama people. I’m a believer in political expediency (anything to win!) but others? Eh … not so much. Then there’s the whole issue of both Clintons being such lightening rods and could potential obscure Barack’s campaign. The media and the Republicans crave their Clinton Crack. They are fiends. There’s nothing they’d love more than the former Dream Team now Nightmare ticket.

I still like Sen. Jim Webb, although he concerns me at times because he’s a former Republican and is interesting and talented enough to possibly compete with Obama for attention. Obama doesn’t need another attention whore. Biden, at least, wouldn’t be that.

14 thoughts on “Oh No, Joe!

  1. Obama desperately needs an attack dog. Hillary actually would’ve been great in that role, but brings too much other baggage. Dodd isn’t nearly as venomous as Biden can be. Obama always has to play the nice guy, so he needs someone who can go nuts from time to time and let him look all presidential reining him in. Biden suits that role very well.

  2. I’m in agreement with Roslyn 100%!!! I’m tired of the mister nice guy act and I want someone in his campaign with bite not bark! Evan Bayh is like free niquil, knocking you out cold with sleep, in his case boredom.

  3. I really wanted Obama to pick an older white guy with a lotta military experience who was against the Iraq war…is that too much to ask? I wanted Gen. Wesley Clark, but it seems like Obama and I aren’t seeing eye to eye on this.I’m OK with Biden. “Evan Bayh is like free niquil, knocking you out cold with sleep, in his case boredom.”I am with you there!Although I had (have) a huge problem with Clinton, I would accept her if Obama picked her, but I have to agree with Black Snob, there would be so much baggage and drama…look at all the drama surrounding the Clintons NOW as we move towards the convention!

  4. i dont trust HALF the crap that comes outta AC or WolfB.’s mouth anymore.ALLLL ABOUT RATINGSSS with CNN.(thank GOD for JackCaff)Biden’s racist past (and future…) will be too ammunition for Obama haters to use. I am gunning on Gen. Wesley Clark who said what EVERYONE HAS BEEN to scared to say about Mccain using his capture in war as justification for being Mr. KNOWITALL on national security/Iraq…NICE TRY johnny.but i am more concerned about the Billary followers/racists/psychos DTP at the convention.they are up to something….

  5. I think he should pick Clinton and I think he will. There’s definitely a lot of resentment on both sides but it strikes me that Obama die-hards, who haven’t lost faith from FISA, offshore drilling, etc., will accept this latest decision of his…I think pp who just really want a Dem in the WH see this as the winning ticket. And I think the diehard Clintonites will be more appeased than they’re willing to admit.

  6. Obama cannot pick Hillary. Period.As we speak, she is running her own agenda for the Dem Convention. Obama gave the Clintons an inch and they are taking a mile. I’ve heard that the supporters of Hillary are planning some sort of demonstration at the convention. She just wo’t go quietly.If Obama can’t control Hillary now, what’ll happen if he chooses her as a running mate and she privately disagrees with a position? She’ll run roughshod over him. The Clintons have too much ego, and baggage.I think that Obama may go with Biden, too. He’s a bit too slick for my tastes, but he may gel with some of those who still cling to Billary.

  7. I think Biden has WAY too much baggage. Aside from the comment he made about Obama himself, he made some underhand comment about Indians and 7-Eleven a while back, and this was the guy who got caught plagarizing back when he first ran for president, ultimately dropping out.That’s wayyy too much fodder for the Republicans, and apparently the Obama campaign is remiss to fight back.Aside from possibly delivering Virginia, I think the governor, Tim Kaine would make a decent enough running mate, however, Kaine’s of course, lack of foreign affairs experience wouldn’t necessarily bode well. But isn’t it all about getting in first and then Obama can find some bomb Sec. of State.Real talk, Snob, do you think that Obama would be good hollerin at Condi again for the Sec of State position? Or at least someone like her.

  8. uppity: Personally, I think Condi hasn’t fared well under the Bush Administration. To be blunt, I’m afraid she may be radioactive due to her close friendship and admiration of President Bush and the prevailing belief that she framed reality to form her boss/friend’s vision rather than give him an honest assessment.Not that people with “honest assessments” stayed employed very long with the administration.Plus, I think it would disillusion a lot of the hard, anti-war Dems who basically view Condi as a war criminal. If they couldn’t get over Clinton not apologizing they are NOT going to get over Condi being anywhere in the vicinity of Barack. That would be a heart breaker for them.That said, I think he should pick a non-military, but long-time political hack with a successful portfolio and a touch of the rebel streak. (But not too much.) Basically someone with personality and ambition, but understands Washington inner workings (or is a fast learner). But I wouldn’t want an “inside man or woman,” mostly because I fear they’ll pull a Hayden and still wear their uniform to work even when they’re not in the service anymore.Condi came out of Bush 41’s administration. It couldn’t hurt for Barack to pull someone from the Clinton era. The bulk of Bill’s old foreign policy team is consulting him now anyway.

  9. Can someone tell me what’s up with all of the parades, carnivals, festivals, and bar mitzvahs that will be thrown in Clinton’s honor at the DNC convention. Does anyone else see a problem with all the attention she’s going after? Is this an attempt at fundraising cause I thought Obama said he would handle that…then she comes behind him with all of this?

  10. No one rocks a pithy put down slam like Biden.So very true. But I don’t quite think I’d want to see him as President. In my view, the biggest problem Obama has is that he’s going to need someone with more experience on the ticket with him, yet all those experienced people are…ummm…politicians. I would like to see him go with a relative unknown (like Dodd), but then, the average swing voter still won’t have someone he/she can connect with as far as experience goes. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine anyone actually bringing something to the Obama ticket while not taking something else away.And as for Condi, she’s got the “historical document” problem. She’s part of a massively incompetent administration, and it would be hard for her to redeem herself afterward.

  11. HELL NO to Hillpatine, under ANY circumstances.Just this week, Bubba complemented McAncient AGAIN…andHER BROTHER is meeting with the McCain campaign? And, he’s supposed to consider her?Hell to the naw. But, I’m down on Biden too, especially after Jill Tubman’s post this weekend over at JJP about Biden. His ‘ pattern’ of racial remarks is disturbing (I’m being kind). As for Bayh – blech. I’d like Webb, problems and all.

  12. Personally, I’d like Sebelius, but I think she’s at the bottom of the short list.I’m torn about Biden. On one hand:aforementioned “clean and articulate” debacle. Near deal-breaker to me. On the other hand, I swoon a little bit when he goes OFF (and he goes off like I wish a m-fer would) on the 1984-like machinations of conservative Washington. The question is can he do what he does in a way that will help, not harm, the Obama campaign?

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