Vacation’s Over!

3 thoughts on “Vacation’s Over!

  1. A well deserved vacay.even if interrupted by the obviously biased forum with the whatshisfacewarren pastor who didn’t call mccain on his lies or when he didn’t answer what group he’d TAX but he jumped on obama every chance he got.not surprised.

  2. txbabe98 — thank you for saying how I’ve been feeling since I stayed up late to catch the second showing of that forum. I was actually HOPING it would be good — but alas I went to bed with sore feet (I work retail — thus why I had to watch the late showing) and a bad attitude about the forum. I’m waiting with anticipation for a Snob posting on the whole thing — esp. after Warren is on Larry King Tonight…..

  3. McCain was so fake at that forum. My mom said, "I was kind of impressed." I was like "Are you serious?! I looked straight through that." He's fake just like Hillary.Hope you had a nice vacation, B. Back to school for me :(According to J&J Biden is racist? not cool 🙁 He was one of my favs.p.s. Snob, I am still re-reading the "Places, Please!" post (yep, I printed it out). I had my mom read it too. That post was SO on point.

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