Pearl Harbor, A Swim, And A Lei For Mom

If it weren’t for the fact that he’s going to have to return to the trail I could go on forever searching and posting pictures from the Obama family vacation in Hawaii. Mostly because seeing Barack and the girls interact with people and do regular family vacation things is awesome. Again, there is very little Michelle in this photo spread, but she’s is at Pearl Harbor with Barack, the girls and a gaggle of multi-culti kids, likely nieces and nephews plus friends of those kiddies.

Barack also body surfed. Met some fans while body surfing. (Does the Secret Service swim near him when he’s catching a wave?) That means there are, yet more, pictures of Barack shirtless. They’re not as gratuitous and “tabloid-y” as last time, but he’s still shirtless all the same. This is something I would not recommend for McCain to attempt. That would do nothing for anyone. It may even lose him one or two votes. Nothing says, “I’m healthy!” like a flat stomach and the ability to swim with impunity. McCain, sadly, possesses neither.

Oh, Michelle. Why so illusive? I want and need more pictures of you in Hawaii too. I can barely see those silver flats you’re wearing. How can I judge their cuteness if you don’t come closer? How, Michelle? HOW!

Getting Wet and Wild (Sort of … It should probably read “Wet and Mild”)

Barack Obama is a total water baby. He couldn’t go to Hawaii and not catch him some sun and surf. Hallelujah. Don’t let those paparazzi keep you from having your fun! You’ve got nothing to hide but fit and thinness.

This beats pictures of Bush cutting brush on his palatial ranch in Crawford, TX. Did you know George is abandoning Crawford and moving to Dallas when he leaves office? Poor Dallas. What did it ever do to anyone … besides unlawfully prosecute tons of people that the DA is trying to clean up now?

That said, this looks much better than John Kerry windsurfing, primarily because Barack is fit enough to go shirtless and secondly, his body is largely concealed by water. Thirdly, he isn’t doing anything in the ocean most folks can’t do if they know how to swim. Look at him go!

And now to meet some potential voters. Even while on vacation.

Visiting the spot where he scatter his mother’s ashes

Barack tossed a lei to his mom into the ocean.

Beautiful. The Associated Press is doing a fine job. Those pictures were both poignant and gorgeous. I could actually feel the ocean spray on my face. Made me miss Santa Barbara.

Someday I’ll return to you, Santa Barbara. Someday.

11 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor, A Swim, And A Lei For Mom

  1. Love it. If I saw Barack Obama in the water I’d just die. Mostly because I’m paranoid of boogies coming out of my nose whenever I’m jumping in and out of the waves. But partly because I’d just be so happy to see him in such a regular and normal activity. Elitist, my ass. It’s the BEACH!

  2. I think Michelle O. is probably working overtime on her big speech for the convention…which is going to be great. I’ll watch her speech and his speech at the stadium but that’s it. To worried the Billary are planning a coup and I don’t want to watch it. They upset me so much.Shelly

  3. bourgieadventures beat me to it, but imagine if you were just swimming along and the guy beside you turned out to be Sen. Obama, next Pres? That’d be nuts!!!! Keep bringing the photos = they’re great!

  4. Thanks for the recent pix. Your blog is the best/most current site for Michelle pix; I agree with you, I need my regular fix of Michelle. She is so classy, Lol about judging the cuteness of those silver flats!

  5. You kill me with these photos. Once again, excellent stuff and while I have never been one to get all warm about Obama’s physical appearance since he resembles my Pops. I do have to same he looks nice without a shirt and yes, I agree McCain should not try to be caught on a beach or shirtless. I suspect we all would loose our Cheerios with those shots.

  6. Wow. Of those great pictures, what caught my eye was his tan lines. He’s kinda pale under his shirt.

  7. McCain would get a very different sort of press attention if he took off his shirt in public, and I think he knows it. Yech. Thank god he’s got motivation to keep his moobs covered up.I sure hope Obama got a chance to relax with those cameras following him around all week!

  8. Those are gorgeous shots of Barack and the ocean…very meaningful…I wonder why I dont see it plastered on Fox news….hmmmmmm.Anyways, big ups to you and your blog!Another black snob over here…where do I turn in my application?Dallas

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