Friday Foolishness

After a trying week, this made me very happy. Also, I think “Ante Up” was one of the last rap songs I liked before I stopped listening to mainstream hip hop … And I love me some pre-Elmo Sesame Street. Not to knock the Muppet or anything. But it totally because Sesame Street feat. Elmo in the last decade or so.

9 thoughts on “Friday Foolishness

  1. Yeah…foolishness…since the song is talking about robbing people and shooting…this song is no different the the mainstream songs…today…still talking about shooting and robbing…glorifying crime….

  2. I love the Muppets and whoever wrote the last comment have the courage to sign ya name! And lighten up, eat some cocoa krispies and watch some cartoons ya scrooge! Jaycee

  3. What has always killed me about “Ante Up (Robbin’ Hoods Anthem)” was that it was semi-controversial at the time of its release as it seemed to advocate rappers being robbed for their fineries when they return to floss in their old neighborhoods.It was basically a shot at the more extravagant rappers who seemed to be obsessed with showing off. What was controversial was that rappers (along with pro-athletes and R&B singers) ARE often the targets of would-be thieves because they don't understand and lack awareness of the fact that they have to change their lifestyle once they leave their tax bracket. If anything, the song should have been a PSA to a Funkmaster Flex beat. Walking around draped in diamonds in the middle of the poorest neighborhood in town without some bodyguards means you essentially have a "ROB ME, PLEASE. I'M A DUMBASS!" sign on your back.Them thugs you know ain’t friendlyThem jewels you rock make ’em envyThis song was really doing a service.And now with Ernie and Bert the service continues.

  4. Yeah, now it’s Burt and Ernie’s PSA to Elmo. He can’t come around Sesame Street wearing all of his ice. Especially not with Oscar around hating on his shine.

  5. Loved the video. I’m all about pre-Elmo Sesame Street too. Did you hear a while back–upon the release of the first season DVD set–how politically incorrect and “edgy” pre-Elmo SS was? I thought that was hilarious. Cookie Monster, gluttony and obesity??? Gimme a break. It’s called teach your kids to friggin’ eat right to begin with.About the bling thing–the whole social psychology of all of that is pretty interesting. Sad though…especially for a lot of the hood rats/rappers who went from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds and are clueless about what to do with it (their money).

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