My uncle, William Charles (left) and his older brother, my father, David Cecil (right) playing outside while someone (neither could remember) sprayed them with a water house. This photo was taken back in their hometown of Gainesville, TX back in the 1950s. The two of them shared a bed together as kids and are best friends.

I just wanted to write that I appreciate all the kind words over my uncle’s passing. I still can’t believe he’s gone and it will take a while to get used to for all of us. Especially for his wife, their children and grandchildren and my dad.

When we were in the limo Wednesday leaving the church to go to the burial and it broke my heart when my dad told me my mother answered the phone that morning and gave it to him saying, “Your brother is on the phone,” and as always he asked, “Which one?” before remembering his little brother was dead.

But my uncle did lead a full life. I just know he wanted to live it with us a little bit longer.

Thanks again.



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  1. What a wonderful picture of your uncle, Snob. Love is stronger than death. Even after a person leaves this world, we continue to love them, maybe even see that love grow and change.A prayer for his spirit…

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