O’Reilly Tries to Bully Obama Into Coming on “The Factor”

Sayeth Newshounds:

(H)e made his pitch saying that Barack Obama had promised to come on The Factor after the primary. ” He looked me in the eye and patted me on my shoulder.” He warned that ” the dance has been going on much too long” and “what am I to think?… “As a journalist and a voter I would like to know why Barack Obama is so hesitant about defining himself?”

Then offering the ultimatum O’Reilly said, “If Barack Obama continues to hide himself from American voters, he encourages a negative information flow against him.”

Considering that Barack and Michelle Obama have been interviewed by everyone including People Magazine, Larry King and even Access Hollywood, what dark secrets or petty nonsense can only be revealed by the O’Reilly interview technique.

Oh, the desperation! I’m assuming he’s referring to this embarrassing incident where he almost caught a beatdown from a Secret Service agent in New Hampshire.

Video from Crooks and Liars.

Tsk. Tsk. Silly O’Reilly! Tricks are for legitimate press!

I’m getting rather sick of FOX News staffers bitching and moaning about how they aren’t treated like a legitimate media source. (The Dems won’t have a debate here! They won’t come on our shows! Wah! Wah!) That they’re the bastard, black sheep, red-headed, inbred step children of cable news. It seems amazingly stupid that a network which has lead in the ratings for years (although they’re experiencing some slippage this year) is worried about its “legitimacy.” If Rupert Murdock doesn’t give two shits, why do you? If your bosses cared about legitimacy you wouldn’t have spend so much time reporting on crap.

And it’s not that CNN and MSNBC don’t report on crap. You guys just take it to another level. Like excuses to show “wild” girls on spring break and call it “news coverage.” The stalking of people who disagree with you. (Mike Wallace only stalked people who had something to hide because they were being felonious. Calling you a gas bag is not felonious.) Altering the faces of print media critics to mock them. That whole “Obama’s baby mama/terrorist fist jab” crap. That shit. That fact that you didn’t cover Jena 6 … at all. These are the reasons why no one takes you seriously in the industry. You’re like a bunch of 14 year old girls with a slam book watching “Gossip Girl.”

Wolf Blizter is a total slut who will news whore for any source! Katie Couric plagiarizes her signing-off statements! Everyone at The New York Times are all total gaylords! Instead of the “Gray Lady,” they should call it the Gay Lady! News sluts!

See? Not cool. You’re acting like a total gaylord, O’Reilly.

NEWS SLUTS! *Giggles!*

12 thoughts on “O’Reilly Tries to Bully Obama Into Coming on “The Factor”

  1. Just to add:Of course there is some weird, and still unsubstantiated by Google, lol, that somehow the DNC disinvited FoxNews simply because by inviting them would recognise them as a legitimate news organisation, which they’re not.I mean, Bill-O is a complete clown.

  2. Fox is legitimate. It’s just they have a differing view. MSNBC paints John McCain as a loser, it’s just FOX takes it to a new level. No one in the news game is trying to be objective. The tabloids have taken over our news and now you only get it from a certain point of view. If I was Obama I would go on the show why not talk to all the closet racists that watch Bill-O!

  3. freemanpress: For me, FOX is on legit in the scope that it has a full programming schedule like CNN. Despite all the love people have for Olbermann, Maddow, Abrams and occasionally Chris Matthews, their network is still piss poor at best. Rarely breaks any news. (FOX! FOX will break news at least!) Feels “chintzy.” (FOX is just tacky, but you tell they spent money on all that tackiness.) And cannot be taken seriously until they fix that horrid “Doc Block,” where they play nothing but “Lock Up” and child pervert remixes from Dateline. That shit is just embarrassing. What’s the point of being part of NBC if you can’t benefit from their news gathering? Why isn’t there more crossover between the NBC reporters and the MSNBC? Why didn’t Brian Williams host their primary night coverage? And they could at least make an attempt to compete with Anderson Cooper and Larry King.What does FOX has up at that time? Hannity and Colmes? Geraldo At Large? Greta Van Sustren? A Bill O repeat? I’d watch that shit over Larry King and Lock Up.But that’s my MSNBC rant. BE A REAL NEWS NETWORK, DAMMIT! It’s like they’re 1980s BET of news, back when the wrong titles would come up for the wrong songs and they would show failed black sitcoms like that Patti LaBelle/Vivica Fox vehicle, “Up All Night(?)” and “Desmond.”Per most news being crap, yes, but CNN is straddling in the love/hate with both Obama and McCain thus doing a poor job covering them both much like the major three networks, CBS, NBC and ABC … which is far more typical. The press is more scandal oriented than biased. Who ever has the most drama or the best story that can sell advertising hours, that’s what they want. If you want news for news sake you have to watch PBS or C-SPAN.That’s my beef with FOX, really. They’re largely news analysis. I don’t have a problem with news analysis, but I do have a problem with reporters editorializing under the guise of “some people say …” WHO, MFer? WHO SAYS WHAT! The reporters on CNN do this too, but once again, they’re all over the place. They manage to fuck over everyone, which in “news world,” if everyone hates you, you’re doing your job right.

  4. “If Barack Obama continues to hide himself from American voters, he encourages a negative information flow against him.”O’Leilly is a retard. Barack is not hiding from anyone except the mentally challenged cretins who watch Bill’s show. And why would anyone expect that appearing on his blabfest would reduce the flow of negative coverage they spew.

  5. i have to keep saying this…bill o’reilly used to host “a current affair”…he is a boob…he would be better served by having cindy mccain and her weak bones on the show…that would be very entertaining…

  6. O’Liely a journalist. GTFOH! He can keep whining through election day. Obama already went on Fake Noise with the other idiot talking guy. He doesn’t need the legitimize another one. If he does he should meet with Geraldo just to stick it to Bill.

  7. “If Barack Obama continues to hide himself from American voters, he encourages a negative information flow against him.”WTH?What do you call what Fox has been doing to date?An endorsement?

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