Daddy Obama, daughters and friends get a sweet treat

Ah, vacation. All Barack Obama ever wanted. Some time with his little girls and their little girlfriends. (Or cousins … I’m not sure who’s kids are these, but they’re cute!) Walking around the home turf, visiting your old stomping grounds, visiting your grandmother (aw!) and visiting the grave of your grandfather (aw.) And doing it all with a throng of photographers because the “O” Man is where the story is.

I can still see the newsroom where Obama reporters are fielding their takes on his campaign and the assignment editor is all into it, along with the news desk and the producers. Then the lowly John McCain reporter comes in with a piece on McCain greeting folks at Kerby’s Koney Island diner in Bloomfield, Mich.

“What?” said the editor. “Obama’s eating shaved ice and wearing flip flops, you say? STOP THE PRESSES!”

Not that McCain didn’t try to get some attention. Cindy’s been sporting her arm in a sling along with her designer Nancy Reagan Jr. wear. That raised some eyebrows. The flacks for McCain said an over exuberant supporter squeezed her wrist so hard during a handshake it re-injured an area where she’d had a carpal tunnel condition.

Hmmm. I’ll let this one fly this time. But if Cindy starts showing up at events with black eyes, explaining that a door knob hit her in the face after she fell down some stairs, John McCain is going to have some splainin’ to do!

And once again, camera stalkers, where is Michelle? I need my fix!

Visiting the grave of Barack’s grandfather.

The Pali Lookout point in Honolulu

And getting his golf on.

8 thoughts on “Daddy Obama, daughters and friends get a sweet treat

  1. the pic w/ him & the girls going down the stairs is so cute!. They're all wearing a blue top w/ a white bottomw.awwwww.

  2. Who’s the baby daddy of all them kids? So Barack went to Hawaii to visit all his baby mamas instead of going to Myrtle Beach and playing golf with old white people.

  3. Man, these pics are too cute for words. All the little girls and him. You know the mothers said to him, ‘ Just bring ’em back alive, please’, joking with him, considering that they would be surrounded by Secret Service. You know, those are some stoked agents, who pulled this week’s duty. The places were so beautiful. He looks like he has enjoyed himself. And, I’m glad he’s gotten to visit his grandmother.

  4. And he’s surrounded by Black people OMG. I thought he was supposed to be a white guy in disguise, lol.

  5. What no pictures of Michelle? Where is she hiding? This is really going to boost my sister crazy notion that Michelle is pregnant.

  6. nola: If your sister’s prediction comes true I will simply scream with excitement. Not just cute Obama daughters but an Obama BABY! Screw Brad and Angelina’s twins! We haven’t had a baby in the White House since John-John. Folks would go BANANAS.Or at least I would.

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