The First Tyler Perry Production That Might Get A Snob To Pay The $10

Kathy Bates, Alfre Woodard, Sanaa Lathan, Rockmond Dunbar, Taraji P. Henson and Cole Hauser? Part of me knows that this flick might be crappy, considering Perry is rocking the world’s most unnecessary wig-fro and the dialog sounds like something from “The Young & The Restless,” b-b-b-but … it has Sanaa Lathan, Rockmond Dunbar and Cole Hauser! Lathan, who is gorgeous and talented. Dunbar who I loved on “Prison Break” and is handsome and sweet like a Milk Dud. And Cole Hauser, the only person who could act and have some sexual charisma at the same time in that Post-Katrina homage/train wreck of a cop show “K-Ville.”

I … I … I just don’t know how to feel. Perhaps I’ll rent “Why Did I Get Married?” to prepare myself. I’m picking that one because I can’t bring myself to watching anything with Madea in it and all Perry’s films sound incredibly preachy and over-the-top, but “The Family That Preys” might not be crappy. Right? Right?

33 thoughts on “The First Tyler Perry Production That Might Get A Snob To Pay The $10

  1. Thing about Tyler’s non madea movies is he ALWAYS verbally explains his characters backgrounds as in ” wow, we have all done really well for ourselves, I can’t believe we are lawyers and you won, the architect of the year award for the Ritz Carlton on Peachtree and you, the Peabody for your journalistic work at the AJC for the article about the little girl in the fire on january 15th 2004 ….” that may be a bit dramatic on my part, but no lie… that is EXACTLY what he does instead of developing his characters slowly or god forbid using inference … if you can get past that LOL you’ll enjoy the non-Madea movies.

  2. talktotisha: Oh sweet baby Jesus, that sounds horrible. But it’s Sanaa Lathan, Rockmond Dunbar and Cole Hauser! And if Dunbar had starred opposite of Hauser in K-Ville instead of Anthony Anderson’s whackness and if they’d fired all the writers and hired competent ones … man, that could have been a good, sexy, messed up cop show.I can do it. Must … put … up … with … shoddy writing and lack of character development! Think of Oscar winner Kathy Bates. She wouldn’t be in a movie that sucked, right? Right?

  3. This is straight up DYNASTY!I wish I was back in the States so I could see this over the top craziness. Robin Givens is in the movie too? Love it. Tyler’s wig is horrible.You never saw DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN? I wish you would rent it because I would love to hear your commentary on that film.

  4. I fully expect over the top wackness, peppered with preaching and teaching of somebody’s word throughout.

  5. This might just be the first Tyler Perry movie I go see…if only for the yummy manliness (TP himself excluded, sorry) since Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Now I’ll just think about Cole Hauser for the rest of the day…yumm…

  6. This looks good. I’ll check it out.Snob, you should most def check out Why Did I Get Married? It was actually a good movie. I liked it better than the stage play.

  7. Actually, it just MIGHT be crappy after all. Heck, it’s a crap shot with his features.Why Did I Get Married. Hmmmm. That’s probably one of his better plays (no Medea); and the movie…well, it was an improvement over his other from stage-to-movie works; bit it has it’s moments. Very grating moments where it’s like you hope the director yells cut because the scene is going for too long and then moments where you wonder/KNOW the script could’ve been written a lot better. Jill Scott saved it for me. I’ll rent this new one.

  8. i tend to stay away from tp movies too…but this one does look interesting…meh I’ll make the boy pay so i won’t be losing anything if it sucks 😛

  9. Same dog…same tricks.It wont offend you…it might entertain you, but the end will be crystal clear about 20 minutes in.If you minimize your expectations and enjoy the A and B list actors making the best out of a bad situation….it might even be WORTH 10 bucks…But know this:You would NEVER allow white folk to make movies this shallow and predictable and continue to support them.Well I wouldnt.

  10. I thought Why Did I Get Married was an exercise in frustration. I didn’t particularly care for Jill Scott’s character either. I love Jill Scott, but hated her character. What woman in their right mind would put up with that?!?!?! Then there was the one ball-busting chick and Janet’s passive character. I wish that the industry would allow more black women to write for black women, as opposed to Tyler Perry, whose initials also stand for ‘toilet paper’.

  11. Not the biggest fan of TP but in a moment of weakness just had Netflix send me Meet the Browns. It’s summer rerun season and I needed something to watch, and Angela Bassett is in it so how bad could it be? That’s a rhetorical question, so don’t answer.

  12. The plays are funny to me but I never go see the movies. I’ll pass this one too because I already know how it will end. Opinionated spoiler alert: Saana’s Character someone who made a bit for herself from coming up in the projects and marries a working black man who in contrustion. She has an affair with her boss’s son whose white and is using her for grudge reason while cheating on another white woman. Saana does it because he’s rich and he buys her stuff. They find out about it her husband get mad there is this big fight and Saana see’s how much of a b*tch she’s been. The man she’s having an affair with mother and her mother go on a road trip. Well you can pretty much tell everything else for yourself. This is why I only go see horror and action movies.

  13. I am CRACKING up at TalktoTisha because that is one thing I HAAATTEEEE about Tyler Perry’s movies, aside from the preachiness: he always has one character explain how wonderful they are all doing in their careers.

  14. Sorry, but this is a NO GO. Perry's dialogue makes Y&R sound like Tennessee Williams.Cast is interesting, but imagine how absolutely crushed you'll be when you watch Alfre Woodard saying his crapola. It kinda hurts my heart just thinking about it. Don't do it!

  15. Snob Sweetheart. As a cultured African American you do not have the right to have not seen those Perry movies. There’s nothing wrong with those chitlin circut movies as long as you don’t go there expecting to see Shakespeare or the Coen Brothers. My ex swore she would never see a “hood” movie and she missed out on “Boyz in the Hood” AND “Menace to Society.” It’s just as well because, to be honest, I don’t think she would’ve been able to get beyond the presence of the characters to even see what great films they were. Last time we spoke, she was whining that “The Wire” was a waste of television before seeing a single episode. The silly B#%chNot saying she is you, even though i wouldn’t mind YOU being my ex boo. While all of the premiere directors are busy on the next Malcolm X, Tyler is putting asses in seats. Sure his plots follow a formula but trust me, they’re much better than anything put out by George Lucas.(except the sfx)Here’s why you should support Perry; He’s out there DOING it and not complaining about it. In ten years or so he will be able to open the doors for young masterful directors who might not have had the chance without mr. Chitlin circut. Trust me, some of those people WILL be of superior talent.This dear snob is where we are right now, at this moment in history. We’re waiting for the next Oscar Micheaux but paying money so that Ice Cube can build his company. Nope you won’t see any oscar award performances but you will see some African Americans at work and even if the films were twice as horrid, even then I would still say that no Africn American has the right to not vote with their dollars when a Black movie with a hint of a positive message appears. Put your money down or the shit won’t ever get better.Please let’s not take the choice of many movies to be OUR entitlement. We still aren’t there yet. We STILL don’t have the luxury of choice that other Americns have.

  16. Notorious T.P. hater that I am, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…wow, that actually looks like a real, legit “drama” starring black actors and actresses.I just might skip the bootleg and go see this one. Matinee of course.Speechless.One note: why does T.P. just HAVE to ruin any semblance of seriousness by appearing in every one of his movies? That wig is ridiculous.

  17. but imagine how absolutely crushed you’ll be when you watch Alfre Woodard saying his crapola. It kinda hurts my heart just thinking about it.Alfre can’t catch a break. I remember being all excited that she was on Desperate Housewives, until I saw the crappy storyline they gave her. I was so pissed at how they wasted her talent I didn’t even bother to watch the next season. Only my girlcrush on Dana Delany brought me back to the fold.

  18. I cant decide if I would go see this — or want to burn it. Although Cole Hauser is quite hot …quite hot indeed. And I do love Sanaa. ..A girlfriend and I in law school used to write “Dear TP:” letters. We even had a gmail address made up to send each other them — they made the time pass. So far it seems that according to TP I must be abused (physically, verbally, or both) or I must “mess up” in life (drugs, so on and so forth) to catch a wonderful loving man. We used to lament to Mr. TP that he punishes us for not messing up, or getting messed up. We both sighed our way through “Daddy’s Little Girls” because he made Gabby out to be such an ass — cause all female lawyers are asses. I suppose that wasn’t the best outing for a gaggle of law-school attending females! I also hated Jill Scott’s character — but I loved her playing that character. Why does the beautiful larger woman always have to be with verbally abusive man who hates her size, and can’t see past the number in her jeans? Granted, this might just be personal “big girl angst” — but that bothered me to no end. Jill isn’t even at the high scale of “largedom” so they had to put her in AWFUL clothing to make her look sloth-like and ugly. Made my plus-size Seven7 jeans wearing rear-end angry to no end (but I still love Jill).However, I did like “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. It’s one of those films you can watch when you’re angry — like “Waiting to Exhale”.

  19. Cole Hauser is VERY hot and sexy. I’d see this movie for him alone. Looks like he’s kind of a naughty boy in this… see… dreams do come true. Now… if only big Hollywood would recognize his talent and give him a good shot. Very few men have his innate sex appeal and charm and that voice…*dies* and those eyes of his are so intense….*dies again*

  20. all: So I’m getting some mixed signals here. #1. Go see TP. It’s not high art, but it’s meets the minimum government sanctioned allowances as “entertainment” and helps the careers of chronically under-employed “blacktresses.”#2. TP’s got a thing for the Madonna-Whore complex, but with bourgie vs. ghetto and is waaaay too pedestrian, preachy and predictable.#3. Don’t watch it, Snob! You’ll be supporting trash!#4. Damn. I’m horny for Hauser.I don’t know what to make of all this info. As I said I have NEVER seen a Perry production, although I’m not some sort of prude. I like films that are multi-layered, inventive and complex. Like “Menance II Society” which is what I always thought an inner city tragedy would look like if directed by Martin Scorsese, my favorite director.I struggle with sap. White sap. Black sap. Asian sap. Latina sap. All of it. Like “Tortilla Soup” which was a remake of the Taiwanese original about daughters, a widower and a whole lot of estrogen fueled meddling. And since no one will make me a black sexual thriller that is not some direct-to-video garbage like “Trois” (can’t get anything Adrian Lyne-like or Paul Verhoeven-esque?), I have to pick my poison.

  21. LMAO at all of the comments. Y’all are funny as hell. Snob, you know Tyler Perry is WHACK + INFINITY!!!! Probably, I will see it just so I know I am right about Tyler Perry’s inability to produce a good film.~Ramona

  22. You know Snob, et all, I watch TP movies for the same reason Zinjanthropus very articulately stated in the comment above. How I get through it is to go in the afternoon or on someone else’s ten dollars. If I truly can’t stomach seeing it in theaters I rent it when it comes out on DVD. I just believe that we have to keep hammering away at Hollywood and conveying the message that we SPEND MONEY too and that they should take note. The best way to prove that it is financially advantageous to cater to a black audience is for us to spend money on black produced, written, directed, acted films. All of ’em, even the REALLY sucky ones.

  23. I had to come back and just add I work in Hollywood and when crappy movies do well, Hollywood keeps making them. Do not think for a minute because Tyler’s movie’s make money that the next Spike, Gina Prince Bythewood or Kasi Lemmons is going to catch a break. Uhm no. Why would Hollywood risk making a movie like TALK TO ME which didn’t do well vs. TP’s movies?I’m happy for TP and that he is going his thing but he is not the only rep of the black experience in America. Let me tell you what hollywood thinks about the success of crappy black movies…we don’t have taste. We don’t demand excellence, we’ll see anything except a good drama. Yes there are crappy movie with white people but they also have a wide range of movies to choose from.If gina’s next movie is good…please go out and support it. Tell all your friends. If it’s a good movie and it tanks we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  24. You know what Snob, I’m going to go outside of myself and suggest that you watch a couple of TP flicks. I recommend it only to see what you’d write about them. I love your way with words and either negatively, or positively, you’d write an awesome and probably comic review on the movies.

  25. This one actually looks good. I like the fact that he has departed from the same ole, same ole. I’m gonna see it, God willing.

  26. Well, to you B.S.(LMAO) ahem…Black Snob…I will say that as one who’s job it is to critique culture, one must be as Kenneth Clark said an “involved participant observer.” Meaning you gotta minimally watch it so you at least know it.Just like how many bloggers holler about how bad BET is, but we still watch the Awards just so we can critique it. Or even FoxNews even though we CAN’T stand it, and even if you don’t turn your TV to it, clearly there’s a clip of the Clown in the most recent blog.So, yes, go watch it.Secondly, I’m just happy to see Kathy Bates in another movie.Thirdly, I think Tyler is taking a page from Spike Lee–not doing movies that are clearly targeted to a black audience, but now to one that clearly has wide appeal. I still think he has a far way to go before he produces his “Do The Right Thing” or “Malcolm X” and in the wider spectrum, I don’t think this movie is going to prove to be his “Inside Man.” (I don’t care what anyone says, but “Inside Man” is a GREAT movie.)But as we see, this movie is not marketd as a Tyler Perry film, his name isn’t mentioned until the end–although we clearly see his face in the trailer. I mean, Spike Lee didn’t heavily market “Summer of Sam,” “25th Hour,” “She Hate Me” (although that was a typical Spike Lee joint full of gratuitous lesbianic sex–my dad went OFF when I rented that movie) or even “Inside Man.”And I can’t wait for “Miracle at St. Anna’s.”But, yes, beyond the shadow of a doubt, I’ll go to see it at the show. I went to see “Why Did I Get Married” “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Family Reunion” all at the show.And as far as his effed up wig, that’s just a TP trademark–remember how bad Boris Kodjoe looked with his hair in “Family Runion” and how effed up Shemar Moore’s braids looked in DOAMBW.But I guess you wouldn’t–you still haven’t watched

  27. K, I watched “Why Did I Get Married?” last night and it was just aiight. It was not a good or bad movie. I did notice the look how well we’re doing for ourselves explanation. Malik Yoba is sexy. Richard T. Jones is not convincing as evil. Not enough sexy to watch it again or reccomend.

  28. Black Snob,I tape House of Payne for my sister. While recording, the trailer for this movie came on. I was like HOT DAMN!!I love me come Cole Hauser, and I always enjoy Robin Givens. And Kathy Bates. I’m looking forward to this movie. I’ll fork over the money.While I have seen all of TP’s movies, I haven’t seen one of his play.

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