Obama Family Vacation: Melts In Your Heart, Not In Your Hands

I can’t provide much commentary this go-round because today is my uncle’s funeral and I have house full of relatives, but Obama-maniacs, prepare to have your hearts start melting. We’ve got tons of pics of “Daddy and Daughters Time!” Hooray! And it’s all so wonderful and cute. But I’m itching for some pictures of Michelle. So far all I’ve been able to dig up are pictures where she’s obscured in some fashion. Oh well. Daddy/Daughters time will simply have to suffice! I’m sure there will be no complaining.

All pictures are by The Associated Press and are from Aug. 12.

Barack, Sasha and Malia walking along Kailua Beach in Kailua, Hawaii

Um … cutest … photo … ever.

Barack goes for a solo walk around Ala Moana Beach park in Honolulu, Hawaii

A picnic in the park with friends and family

Barack and Michelle head to a fundraiser

Barack hangs out after playing a little basketball at Punahou School in Honolulu

9 thoughts on “Obama Family Vacation: Melts In Your Heart, Not In Your Hands

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  2. I’m sorry for you and your family. You are in my prayers. Thanks for even thinking of us in your time of grief. Many blessings, Snob.

  3. Sorry about your loss, Danielle.Peace to you and yours.I wish that you could take a vacation in Hawai’i. (though I suspect that you’d be snobbing all over Obama anem.)

  4. MS Snob – I was sorry to read about your Uncle’s passing. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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