Michelle on the Cover of Radar

Once again, why must they always pick a photo of Michelle “mean mugging?” Of course, it fits for the somewhat menacing theme announced in the title. “What so scary” implies that she is, in fact, scary to people. (Oh, dear Lord. She’s tall, smart and gorgeous! She’ll kill us all!) And an insider’s guide to la femme Obama? This I will have to read, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

9 thoughts on “Michelle on the Cover of Radar

  1. i’m def interested in reading the article, also. radar’s online site has given the obama’s a lot of great coverage, so i hope the article will be clever and informative.

  2. Looking forward to your thoughts on this article Snob. I don’t like the photo. It’s like some self-fulfilling prophecy.

  3. I sort like the cover. It’s in your face and you can tell Michelle is nobody’s push over. Let’s face it no matter what Michelle Obama does right she is now the new Hillary Clinton to the right wing nuts. I remember tons of horrible covers of Hillary when she and Bill ran in the 90’s. Only this time they are trying to make Michelle the black version of Hillary only scarier with a racist twist. I suggest everyone get use to seeing bad photos of Michelle. It comes with the living in the public eye.

  4. “An Insiders Guide to America’s Next First Lady”Next first lady…I like that. They don’t even consider Cindy McCain for a moment, or temper it with possibly, maybe, or even likely, no…Michelle Obama is THE NEXT FIRST LADY!

  5. I don’t have a good feeling about anything that involves black people that I didn’t write myself hahahahah. I’m playing but seriusly…the cover pic is already saing a lot. I’m getting a New Yorker “satire” vibe

  6. While I’m excited to read this magazine’s slant on Michelle, the one thing I’m not keen about with this cover are the other articles that they placed on the cover with her. 50 WORST Colleges? An article about OJ Simpson? I know this magazine is all about shock…but, the added subconcious negativity surrounding her pic make me wonder whether they have good intentions with this article….We shall see….

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