More Hair Fun With Obama

6 thoughts on “More Hair Fun With Obama

  1. I was born and raised in St.Joseph,Missouri. I left st.joe in 1956,I only return for bartlett High reunions.The snob is great reading.I'm a snob.I like fine things,wines,cheese and lots of Jazz music.I try to attend all the jazz concerts here in california that I can get too. I like the old school R&b. Recently went to Las Vegas and saw Peabo Bryson,great,great show.

  2. Love the cut! It’s pretty hot. I’m devouring every moment of history in the making when it comes to Obama and that includes the haircuts that the shorties are rocking.

  3. The haircut is hilarious. I’m really amused and amazed @ some of the creativity Sen. Obama has inspired in so many people.

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