A Hawaii Vaction With The Obamas

A little meet and greet. A little golf. Perhaps some surf and sun? I’m sure the photographers will make sure we get enough footage to gorge on until we are full of Obama family fun. Here are the latest pictures by The Associated Press of the Obamas in paradise.

The escape out of town. First we must say good-bye to the Chi. It’s great hanging in the house that Daly built, but sometimes you’d prefer to hang ten. Barack and his bunch are Hawaii bound!

Did any politician ever look this cool in shades or what? It’s ridiculous. That man kills in sunglasses. It’s almost sick. It’s like the reverse Superman. Without his glasses he’s just your mild mannered, hope lovin’ politico, but once he flips on the shades he is double-O Negro, ready to go James Bond in the name of consensus building and ass kicking. Jacket casually flipped over the shoulder, master of his domain. That’s hot.

It’s Barack, Michelle and the weeMichelles, Sasha and Malia Obama. Adorable as always. If they get to be first daughters in the White House I have a feeling they’re going to rival what ever prepubescent teen Disney is pimping Saturday mornings on ABC.

Aloha, favorite son!

Barack, Michelle and the mayor of Honolulu.

Ah, Michelle. Ever dressed with subtle understatement yet different enough to stand out. This is a woman who loves some leggings too. I’m not much of a legging person myself, but when you’re that tall and that thin you can wear almost anything and pull it off. I like the top. Very feminine and soft. Quite lovely and she always wears nice, simple flats. She’s great when it comes to the shoes.

Barack carrying an obviously all tuckered out Sasha while eldest Obama daughter Malia walks behind. Nothing like getting a lift when you can get it. And she’s the baby in the family, so she ‘s got the best chance at getting whatever she wants.

And now for a little golfing. Barack’s no Tiger Woods, but do you think Eldrick will ever call the man who could be president up and invite him for a little scramble with Michael Jordan and Roger Federer? Because that would be so awesome. And Barack is basically the Tiger Woods of politics, sans the multi-million dollar Nike contracts and the uncanny ability to slay golf courses into submission.

For more pictures check out the Honolulu Advertiser’s photo gallery.

3 thoughts on “A Hawaii Vaction With The Obamas

  1. Yeah…thank you for Obama Family Hawaii pictures. As usual, BlackSnob, you rock. I love the one of Sasha in her Daddy’s arms. Awe.

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