Ten Real Photos of the Obamas Better Than the Tyra’s Obama Fantasy In Harper’s Bazaar

Looking at Tyra Banks’ bizarro fashion spread for Harper’s Bazaar I thought of how it would be far cooler to dress Michelle in Oscar de la Renta dresses and Cartier earrings and to see Barack decked out in Ermenegildo Zegna. But, goodness, if he and the missus took time out for a lush fashion shoot, as much as I or you would enjoy it, the ribbing they would get from the opposition would enormous.

But that would be somewhat out of jealousy as we all know that you can dress Cindy up and photograph her quite nicely there’s not enough Silly Puddy in the world to make John McCain look like the young, stripper-loving, hard-drinking fighter pilot he was a billion years ago. Even Hillary Clinton got an offer from Vogue to go glam. But she declined out of the same concern that would keep the Obamas from going that next step into celebrity. They’re already getting lumped in with celebrity succubae Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. And Barack has an army of celebrity stans, from Oprah to George Clooney to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Scarlett Johansson to will.i.am to Chris Rock to Tyra herself.

They just don’t need the drama. But this hasn’t stopped them from racking up the magazine covers. Barack and Michelle have graced numerous covers solo, together and with their children. They’re not suffering from a lack of glossy magazine coverage. But it’s not their fault they’re so interesting, magnetic and photogenic. But until things ease up enough so I can see Michelle in Jimmy Choos traipsing around in Balenciaga, here are ten pictures out of my collection of Barack and Michelle that are fashion spread ready.

10 thoughts on “Ten Real Photos of the Obamas Better Than the Tyra’s Obama Fantasy In Harper’s Bazaar

  1. I love Michelle Obama! Especially the first picture when she’s reading to the children. Where is that, then?Are you a subscriber to obama daily on live journal? Whatsgood posts a picture of BHO, MO and the wee ones every day to your inbox.

  2. While I appreciate these,1. Where are the pics of Michelle with the military wives in Virginia?2. Where are the Family Obama pics so far in Hawaii?

  3. Dear Michelle, Can we be friends? I mean, can we drink coffee and celebrate the moments of our lives?Signed,Your biggest “stan”

  4. Snob Michelle is looking FABULOUS in those photos! That photo of Barack holding his jacket after a long day is just ….dayum sexy! I wish I had a man who looked so fine at the end of the day! He even looks a bit thicker in the photo. Beautiful!Aaaaaaaaa, she’s adjusting his tie OMG I love that married stuff! Yes Michelle can dress. I love photos of them looking in love and photos of the family. I want to have a family like theirs.

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