John Edwards Admits Affair

And I’m not surprised. He says, Rielle Hunter was not his lover, she’s just a girl he screwed a few times who thinks he is the one, but the kid is not his son! He claims another married guy, an Edwards campaign staffer, is the father.

Oh, OK. Way to make yourself look like a complete tool, considering your wife has incurable cancer and all. No big!

Guess that eliminates one Obama veep possibility!

I have to say I’m not really surprised. I realize that a lot of people liked Edwards this go round, but for me he was still Mr. Perfect-Hair-McSmiley-Face from 2004 who couldn’t win his home state. I liked that he was running on a populist theme and all. Goodness knows folks just act like America doesn’t have poor people, but I have to say … not a fan. And I thought people were on crack when he was suggested for veep as I doubted the second time would be a charm.

That said, Gawker and a host of other blogs have been bitching for months about the Washington press, among others, who were ignoring this story, but again, it’s about a sexual affair involving a dude not running for president who currently holds no public office. At the end of the day, this is a story of famous, rich douche cheats on wife, hurts family, annoys millions, joins the political branch of the “Can’t Keep It In the Pants” club.

Current and past members include: current Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer, 42nd president of the United States Bill Clinton, Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, Senator David Vitter of Louisiana, Rep. Mark Foley of Florida, current New York Gov. David L. Paterson, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, former Democratic Presidential Primary candidate Gary Hart, former Democratic Presidential Primary candidate Jesse Jackson, three US presidents known by their initials: JFK, FDR and LBJ, Third President of the United States Thomas Jefferson, etc., etc., etc. …

Engrave another name on the wall!

19 thoughts on “John Edwards Admits Affair

  1. I have to say, I was pretty surprised and disappointed. I feel extrememly sorry for Elizabeth (who I like) and their kids. I'm also a bit angry that he ran for POTUS, knowing that this would've came out. What if he was our party's nominee right now? We would've been done with.Still, the media is making way, way too much of this. & I'm tired of them trying to connect him to Obama. Obama is not the one who had the affair.

  2. i thought the chick was going to be hot. uh, no. i never trust people who look and act too “perfect” like that. not shocked about this just as i’m not shocked about the osteen wife calling the black flight attendant names after she didn’t act fast enough to clean a quarter-sized spot of liquid from the armrest of her first class seat.

  3. TBS…ABC news reported that Elizabeth Edwards knew about the affair in 2006…do you think she tried to advise her husband to tell the truth before he embarked on his second run for the White House?Also Rielle Hunter is a lucky former yoga instructor …she got paid a lot of money to shoot a film for Edwards with zero experience. And all these nice friends of Edwards are helping her to support her little bundle of joy.My final comment…the baby is his even if he’s trying to play like he’s MJ singing Billie Jean.

  4. Trust me she knew about the affair. She may have told him to go out and have it…… My cousin used to clean their beach house, and she said he always seemed in love with his wife…. All the times I have seen him here in chapel hill off camera…. He seemed like he loved her. I personally think she knew about it. I don’t condone it, but I believe that she did.

  5. 1. The Democrats dodged a bullett. Could you remotely imagine folks who thought Edwards was ‘the safe choice’, because he was The Southern White Guy. We are 20 days away from the convention. 88 from the election. It would be over. 2. He couldn’t have better taste? Um, she looks haggard to me. 3. I need men to answer this question for me. If you’re a rich man, and you have children (both sexes), please explain to me why you don’t just get a vasectomy? I had that question with Jesse Jackson, and I’ve got it with Edwards. 4. He’s a multi-millionaire many times over, and he’s paying the hoochie from the campaign funds? You’re telling me that there wasn’t some offshore account she could have had access to instead? 5. The kid’s his, and she, like Jesse Jackson’s hoochie, has found her way to financial stability. Filmmaking ain’t stable. Now, she’s got a guaranteed 18 year check coming in. 6. Pathetic.

  6. why would he run?! And why would elizabeth say go for it? This is not France. Americans like to believe no one cheats. There is no way this would have been kept a secret.If he were the nominee the election would be over. crazy. I too don’t understand not getting a vasectomy or if the condom broke getting a morning after pill. Why lie about the kid? There are paternity tests. Anyway he is not in public office anymore so hopefully this story will die soon. It’s between him and his wife. However I feel the far right is going to have a field day with it.

  7. Per why he still ran despite the affair: He has a huge, massive ego. He admitted to that. Most people who run for president do and you have to have some kind of special ego to think you deserve to be “leader of the free world.”Secondly, Bill Clinton rewrote the game when the press and the opposition trucked out Ginnifer Flowers in his 1992 campaign against Bush 41 and Ross Perot.Clinton took that affair, copped to it and went on “60 Minutes” with Hillary explaining why he thought it was irrelevant. Then he managed to snag the White House anyway.Then there was the degree of men with past infidelities who were all running for president fall 2007, even though most of their bidness was public long before. See McCain leaving old wife for current wife; Fred Thompson being ancient with a toddler; the three-ring-circus that was Rudy Guiliani and his wife Judith Nathan.Plus Hillary was running with Bill’s baggage still being sidled to her even though, as far as I can tell, she didn’t make her husband cheat on her repeatedly.Point being, it’s not desirable and Americans still don’t like their presidents screwing around, but the Ginnifer Flowers story hit Bill Clinton in the summer as well. Perhaps Edwards thought he could weather it like Bill did if it surfaced OR perhaps he thought with the strong likelihood that his Republican opponent would also have some bimbos in the closet maybe the other side would be reluctant to fling this Gigolo Joe scented poo.After all, I’m pretty sure that’s why John McCain dodged the question from jump when a reporter asked him about Edwards. Why would he want to open his mouth and give anyone the excuse to bring up his past stripper-chasing, booze-drinking, wife abandoning ways? Let alone that flimsy, but suspicious story The Times floated in the spring about him getting it on with a lobbyist not named Cindy.But few politicians let publicly unknown affairs stop them from running … even in the age of 24 hour news. It has more to do with the types of people who are drawn to this high a level of political theater and the ego factor.

  8. Haha. I actually posted a comment on another blog where I wrote “to the tune of Billy Jean”…..the kid blah blah. Oh that satire. Man this man just PISSES ME THE EFF OFF!! He knew from the time he announced his campaign that this was gonna come out. He couldn’t pull a Bill Clinton when he hadn’t even been elected! Thanks to Bill people turned a blind eye to Bush and look where that got us. How much you wanna bet the kid is his? Boy did we dodge another bullet. I find it hard to accept how selfish these politicians are when so much is at stake. Was he in the race just to provide contrast to Clinton back when she was supposed to be the chosen one? SMH…

  9. Reading that list, makes me wonder where all the women politicians who cheat are. Either there aren’t any or no one cares to put them on blast if they do.On one hand, it makes me sick, because Elizabeth is an amazing lady and she doesn’t deserve both cancer and her man stepping out on her like a common douche. And seriously, if you can’t keep it in your pants, can you choose someone who doesn’t look so…unfortunately tired?On the other hand, he’s not the nominee (thank God) and I doubt he was going to be the VP, so can we focus on the real election and agree that is political career is over. I’d be SUPER pissed had I donated money to his campaign.

  10. Oh, and FOR SURE it’s his kid. Conveniently your staffer comes up and claims it. Guess he drew the short straw. Someone call Maury. I’d love to see the staffer stand up and say “Told you! Told you!” and Johnny E sitting with his head in his hands while Rielle runs backstage and Maury comforts her.

  11. all: What I find sad (and what the press really hasn’t gotten into) that a spouse having an affair while another spouse is going through a chronic, life-threatening illness (or debilitating injury), isn’t uncommon. Often the affair is something convenience because usually the husband and wife are not having sex anymore due to the illness.Of course, Elizabeth was fine in 2006, but God only knows what goes on in a marriage or the psychology of going through something as difficult as the loss of a child and, later, cancer.This is no excuse for John’s behavior though. It’s more of an explanation. Issues like this sometimes lead to the break up of military families (or the families of police officers and firemen) when a debilitating injury happens that dramatically alters the spouse either psychologically or physically. And I don’t think he truly ended the affair back in 2006. That kid is totally his kid. Why else would he meet them at the Beverly Hills Hotel? Why would he want to be anywhere near either of them if it wasn’t his kid? That’s the truly messed up part. For Elizabeth this has to be such a heavy tragedy, because even though the fault is all on John, all women deal with insecurities and I’m sure she had a-plenty between John’s soaring ego and all the attention he was getting — being handsome and youthful looking — and here she was, being slightly heavier and older looking (despite them being around the same age). On top of that she’d had cancer (and now it was back.) And cancer doesn’t making you feel good about anything. Her self-esteem was probably in an insecure place before everyone fawning all over her husband. This just had to be like being cheated on all over again having this out all over the network news.

  12. Why is most people in office are having an affair and lying about it? i guess its a common thing… I guess we must not be surprised when we hear of anything like this with government people…

  13. Maybe I’m just slutatious but I don’t have see what the big deal is. No one knows what’s really happens in the marriage but the two people involved. I don’t know Elizabeth Edwards personally but she strikes me as extremely self-possessed . I love the fact that she is quoted as saying that John wasn’t the most handsome man she has dated. She seemed confident enough in her relationship and her man to know that he is in love with only her. The other women (I’m betting there were others) don’t matter. Those two have been through a lot, and I’m sure no tired lookin’ former yoga instructor is going to come between them.His supporters on the other hand. Liberals can be so self-righteous sometimes.

  14. black snob,I totally think Elizabeth has some self-esteem issues. I have heard her, on more than one occasion, criticize her looks in comparison to not only her husband, but the other wives on the campaign trail. Once when they were on Jay Leno, she mentioned in so many words how Michelle and Cindy McCain were very thin and beautiful and she wasn’t. She was totally fishing for compliments and I felt bad for the woman. Another time was at that potential First Lady “debate” hosted by Maria Shriver. It featured Michelle, Ann Romney, Fred Thompson’s wife, and Cindy McCain. Elizabeth’s opening statement was how she felt out of place surrounded by such beautiful women. It was totally awkward and sad.I was not at all surprised by the affair. Hell, she probably encouraged it. While I do think he loves the woman, you just don’t see the same kind of raw passion between the two of them like you see with Barchelle. (That’s their official celebrity hybrid name! LOL)They always came off to me more like really affectionate buddies, than lovers. And she always seemed way more into him, which always stuck me as odd. While Elizabeth is naturally very pretty, and I think she’s way better looking than Mrs. McCain, who looks like a lizard, it’s obvious that, for whatever reason, she is not into keeping herself up like Michelle does. And to be married to a man as vain as John Edwards, you need to keep your game tight. I’m not saying he strayed simply because Elizabeth is not a living Barbie doll, because his baby mama is not as naturally pretty as his wife. But I think she was so down on herself and so up with him, that her low esteem for herself just boosted John’s already gigantic head and made him believe she’s just take it. And she’s still with him, too.Oh, and that is his baby.

  15. but does it deserve to be breaking NEWS!!!and since it is I guess that I am a little upset that as consenting adults they engaged in unprotected sex for God knows how long… because to say he loses his credibility is an understatement and during that time period fathered an illegitimate child while his wife suffered from an incurable disease with a mistress that probably spent many a day smiling in her face! very Springeresque& might I add that I didnt think the Squeaky Clean Ole Boy had it in em!!!

  16. i had the pleasure of meeting elizabeth edwards in phoenix a feww years ago and she’s a very nice, down to earth lady…sadly, i am not surprise to hear that even john edwards has a wandering pee pee…but if elizabeth forgives him then who am i to judge…i’m upset that he could’ve been the democratic nominee for president and this would’ve come out in a very big ugly way…and to satify the masses, get maury to do a dna test…i bet edwards is the daddy…

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