The Obamas’ Paper Dolls: What Will They Think of Next?

I’m waiting out for the Barack and Michelle Obama action figures personally. And I say action figures, not dolls, because Barack and Michelle are all about action. I expect them to be dressed and ready to lead the nation. And I expect them to be fly and fierce like my pair of Venus and Serena Williams dolls action figures. And the Florence “Flo Jo” Griffin Joyner doll action figure I had as a kid.

Fierce. I want them to be FIERCE, Mattel. Whenever you start cranking them out. But if you can’t wait for your own Barack with the Kung Fu grip, perhaps these paper dolls of the Obama clan Snob reader Nonie found will tide you over.

When I was a kid I used to draw my own paper dolls with my sisters. Mama Snob also purchased paper doll books for us as wee ones. I have fond memories of it. And, oddly enough, I actually own a British Royal Family paper doll set which includes young Harry and William and one solitary paper doll of their mother, the former Princess of Wales. Man, did she pretty up that bunch.

The book used to sit on my desk at work. It was a bit of a gag, because I’m not much of a royalist. I think monarchies are a little silly. But there is nothing silly about wanting your own set of paper dolls of your favorite future first family.

But seriously. I’m holding out for the action figures and Michelle’s separately sold fashion line.

8 thoughts on “The Obamas’ Paper Dolls: What Will They Think of Next?

  1. You know I often thought that of princess Dy, nobody would be paying those royals too much mind with out her.. at least not over here. Americans like their icons pretty, ODB was an exception…

  2. Oh the Flo-Jo action figure!!! I begged and begged and begged Mama G for that one. I used to run around my neighborhood with construction paper extra long fingernails pretending to be her. I LOVED that doll!uh…action figure!

  3. Just two issues with the paper dolls…Why does Barack look nothing like…well Barack?And when did the Obama clan turn into the lite brite crewe? I’m just saying…

  4. raquita: Totally. The greatest gift she gave the royal family were her two sons, who really made out like bandits looking more like mom and less like dad. The British Royals are truly some kind of hideous compared to, say, <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>the Monaco royal family.Even <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>the Dutch and <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>the Swedes are more on hit than the Brits.talented tenth: Yeah, I noticed that too. Everyone was EXTRA pale which is weird considering Barack is half-white and isn’t THAT pale. Michelle is very, very, very brown, as too is Sasha, and Malia is a golden brown. So seriously. It was like they just wanted to keep-it-simple and make them all the same shade of Egyptian pancake they used to put on white actresses to play “tragic mulattos” in the 40s and 50s.lisa: Not feeling that. I want the old school GI Joe, 12″ action figure, dyed brown with Barack’s face on it. I will settle for nothing less than a Kung Fu grip of hope and change.Besides, growing up with a ton of black Barbies and only a broken Michael Jackson doll and a white Ken doll with a chewed up foot (Big Sis’ fault), there is a dearth of hot black mall 11 1/2 inch figurines. They made a GW action figure (I actually have one that I got for free from the toy company at work. They wanted me to write about the doll and I’ve just never done anything with it.)There was even a Donald Trump 11 1/2″ and who in the hell wanted to play with that?Get on my “Hope n’ Change” action figure so my black Barbies can finally have a boyfriend!

  5. You may think “monarchies are a little silly”, but isn’t it equally silly to think in a republic “the brightest brain” would make it to the top of the nation? Isn’t is more the most ruthless, the best PR agency or simply the one with most money?

  6. radical royalist: I never said representative Democracies or representative Republics were perfect. I merely said monarchies are a little silly considering it’s the tax payers working to keep one family steeped in wealth due to their genetics and marriage rites in the comfort of luxury into perpetuity. That is the part I find a little silly. There’s no real choice. As per our various rulers, some came from the aristocracy, like GW Bush, the Roosevelts, JFK and such. Others came up from poverty or working class roots like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson. And those are just the modern president.Ultimately it is the public who decides what government they deserve. If the public wants to be ruled by a king, they will have one. We have a president who’s forced to go home if he makes it to two terms. It’s imperfect, but my tax dollars aren’t going towards Jenna Bush’s grandchildren to make sure they go to the finest of boarding schools and live a life of relative comfort and excess. Especially given that they don’t need my money. They’ll have their own trust funds to do that with.

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