OMG and WTFs For L’Oreal’s New Beyonce Ad

An item of note from Wednesday:

What the hell is THIS unholy abomination?

People joke about the forever “brightening” of Beyonce, but this is just ridiculous. L’Oreal went out of control with the PhotoShop and unnecessarily so, considering she is unrecognizable. And what’s the point of having a celebrity spokesperson if you can’t tell that’s the celebrity who once sang lead on a song called “Bootylicious?”

They were ready for the jelly, but they needed it to look more “vampiric.”

I was hipped to this “creation” by Negro Intellectual who found it on TMZ. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan (although I am a fan of all divas to a degree), but it is pretty insulting to do this to her. To basically tell her that, “oh no … you’re not light enough, Bey. You could always be LIGHTER,” is highly insulting. Most people, white or black or Asian or whatever, already find Beyonce attractive as her caramel self. Extremely attractive to the point that they often embarrass themselves slipping on their own drool.

And she’s so profitable and so ubiquitous. She’s everywhere, even shilling for American Expressas her brown self. She has proven, as UPS used to tag, “what Brown can do for you.” So really? What up, L’Oreal? Ease up on the whitewash before some stans start organizing a protest on why you made their favorite chick look like some bland, ashy-faced blonde when she was perfectly fine just the way she was.


She was fine BROWN! Keep Beyonce brown, lest the stans revolt!

14 thoughts on “OMG and WTFs For L’Oreal’s New Beyonce Ad

  1. I blogged about this on my site too. I think Beyonce deseves some blame here too, maybe more than Loreal even. From what I undestand the celebrity has final say on the pacture. Idk she soled her “soul” to the coporations a long time ago. It’s like the whole rap music debate…do u blame the artists or the label? W/e the case is Beyonce needs to get it together and stand fo SOMETHING.

  2. Doesn’t Beyonce have enough dough to start her own make-up line? I’m surprised Jigga hasn’t put her on to more lessons in hustlenomics.

  3. nyc/caribbean ragazza said… uhm, as I stated on jezebel, she got a nose job (to look more anglo) and wears fake blond hair almost to her butt. I don’t think she’s upset about this ad.”I agree..

  4. nyc/caribbean ragazza said… “uhm, as I stated on jezebel, she got a nose job (to look more anglo) and wears fake blond hair almost to her butt. I don’t think she’s upset about this ad.”I agree. Beyonce is almost bionic and the way people fall over themselves for her is embarrassing.Give me Kelly anyday.

  5. While I find Beyonce to be a beautiful woman and even more attractive because she is black, this shhh has got to stop.She’s already declared herself a creole despite the fact that her pops is black. Now she’s damn near bout to pass. It’s like MJ part deux.I just find it funny because my mom is a lite brite with ash blond hair to boot. But she always envied the dark skinned sisters. She would tan frequently(much to her detriment) and dyed her hair brown even though men white and black wanted her to be otherwise.I guess yall can never win. Glad I’m not a woman.P.S. Just don’t lose that a$$ Bey…

  6. lenoir tyrannical, nyc/caribbean ragazza and tblack: You do have a point. It hadn’t occurred to me at the time I wrote that celebs and their handlers do get final approval. So that was some pretty garish approval there.And I’ve never really got the “Creole” thing or why, in this day in age where she became famous looking like a brown woman, she’d want to dramatically alter her skin tone in anyway. Nose job, eh. At least it was somewhat subtle. But turning almost an “Irish” level of pale is patently ridiculous.talented tenth: Yes. Black women sort of lived in this “damned if you are, damned if you aren’t” world of beauty where being either too white or too African looking can be a detriment depending on which circles you want to operate. That’s why the deal with Beyonce was kooky, considering she was in the “golden brownish” middle where things can be annoying but aren’t quite as hellish.This would be like me trying to sell myself off as half-white using my old chemically processed long hair. While every black person in America is “mixed” in one way or another (including me), it would be silly to make up a new identity for myself after being “another black girl” for 30 years.Whatever she says or does, Beyonce is still “another black girl” to me and everyone else. So seriously, she should quit playing.

  7. Snob,You hit the nail right square in the head with your reply above. I couldn't said it any better.But …Beyonce. I can acknowledge that she's a pretty black woman but she's nowhere near the "image of perfection" that a Vibe magazine writer described her as for a cover story. She's pretty, but she wasn't any prettier than the original lineup of Destiny's Child. They were all equally pretty. I remember when their first single was out, they appeared on Regis & Kathie Lee and Kathie Lee said something to the effect of "Wow, you girls are all so pretty. You guys are gonna give Naomi & Tyra a run for their money!". Translation: You are all four really pretty black chicks! Exactly.And …Kelly Rowland. Intrestingly enough, in reply to an above comment, she also has had a visit to the plastic surgeon's. She got her lips done, a new nose and some breast implants. She admits to this.Once you reach Hollywood, you get your required makeover!

  8. mynameismyname: I actually thought all four original members of Destiny’s Child were pretty too, although Beyonce stood out since Papa Knowles was the one pushing the group and she had the strongest vocal chops.And Miss Kelly truly did order up the “Chinese Buffet” of plastic surgery. But she had to admit to it because it was so obvious, especially the boob job since she was a long-time member of the itty-bitty-titty committee. Per that Vibe reporter’s “perfection” statement … um, no. She’s pretty enough though. But you have to watch us journalists. We are hyperbole prone.

  9. some of the blame has to go to Beyonce. She is the superstar and the millionaire. If he really bothered her, which I highly doubt since she has been getting lighter and blonder since the start of DC, then she would have made a change in the add.she’s beyonce, she can do what ever she wants and people will still say oh great it is (see: House of Dereon trash she put out).if she really wanted to make an impact, as someone said, maybe she could have done her own thing with different tones of black women. SHM at Beyonce, though I’m not a fan and those who feel she is the best that the black community can offer in terms of “beautiful” black women.

  10. This is the perfect example of how technology can change a person's appearance. So many women want to have plastic surgery because they look at pictures like this one, and they think that they should look like that too. Plastic surgery used to be a way for someone to fix a part of their body in order to feel better about themselves. I try to tell women to be careful that they are not using a photoshopped image to decide what they want done. So many people want to look like a certain celebrity, but then they get upset because they will see that person again and he/she will look different than the picture they used. I really wish the magazines would not use photoshop to change a person's entire image.Brad Kentbuttock augmentation

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