Sorry. I Can’t Stop Writing About Tyra As Michelle Obama. Hopefully This Will Be the Last Post. Seriously.

When it came to paying homage to Michelle Obama for this story, Banks found the process “surreal.” “It’s kind of embarrassing,” she confesses, “but in my early 20s, I used to want to be a princess. But I didn’t want to have to marry somebody in order to do it! Of course, I don’t see the position of first lady as a princess, where it’s something you have to marry into. With Barack Obama, his becoming president is them becoming president because Michelle was there from the beginning. Without Michelle, he wouldn’t be there.” Or, as she pronounces to her Tyra Banks Show camera after her Oval Office portrait, “Michelle Obama, you’re one hot mama.” (Harper’s Bazaar)

Per instructions from several readers, I’ve begun my research into the background of Tyra Banks’ “I Am Michelle” fashion shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and found not only the full article on their Web site, but the “Look Book” of the shoot and a “behind the scene” video.

Holly Golighty, that was nutty. Tyra predicts at the end that Barack and Michelle may be going to the White House, but she’s going to “White Castle.”

Now I can’t blame a sista for loving White Castle as I love White Castles. Sliders, belly bombers, whatever you want to call them. I realize they’re not for everyone, but I think they’re DELICIOUS!

And speaking of delicious ….

Fake Barack’s name is Roman Watson. He’s a Miami-based, 6-foot-2-inch, Jesus-loving hunk of a male model who works for MC2 Model Management. I suggest restraint while looking through his portfolio. He really does look like Barack’s insanely hot half-brother.

That’s right, ladies. You’re welcome. But please. RESTRAINT with his portfolio. I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves passing out on their desks or keyboards.

And now I’m done (I hope). I think I’ve written everything I could say about this shoot … that it was weird. That fake Barack was hot. That Tyra Banks is deliciously insane. Yes. I think I’m done now. I can write about something else. Wake me up with Tyra kills Sasha and Malia’s pet rabbit.

13 thoughts on “Sorry. I Can’t Stop Writing About Tyra As Michelle Obama. Hopefully This Will Be the Last Post. Seriously.

  1. *fans self* God bless you for doing the research on that gorgeous man. & how sexy is that name? I still can't get over Tyra. I mean, really. who does that? p.s. the enlightening sandwiches at White Castle – Belly Busters 🙂

  2. fyi – Michelle (the real one – not Tyra) is in Norfolk, VA right now meeting with military wives for a town hall. Earlier she went to the daycare on the naval base and read to the kids and hung out with them. I was watching the spot on the news and all I could think was that I want her to be my mom!if my mom finds out i said that she will HURT me…

  3. The picture of him with the longjohns and boots shall be etched in my mind for at least…6 months. We’re not worthy of your Google-stalking skills Black Snob.

  4. Tyra is crazy!! Ok this shoot is growing on me – thanks a lot Snob! Yeah I guess after the New Yorker cover this spread is full of humor. Anna Wintour is becoming more irrelevant by the hour.

  5. it’s not enough that she’s tyra banks …she has to go live out her first lady fantasy too?it’s official…i’m sick of her.

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