Paris Hilton Talks Politics

It’s actually funny. I was surprised. I’m working on a column about the whole notion of Obama’s “hubris,” and the mythology that McCain “I’ll follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of Hell, but not to Pakistan because it’s a sovereign nation” is some aw shucks modest fellow who doesn’t toot his own horn and about how all of this smacks of “Uppity Negro Mess.” But that column isn’t done yet. So please settle for the Queen of Tackiness, Paris Hilton, shiller of the world’s cheapest looking hair extensions.

9 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Talks Politics

  1. It's okay, wng. I like it too, especially the beginning. "He's the oldest celebrity ever. Like super old." haha& I'm looking forward to your column Snob 🙂

  2. It was clever but how much fake outrage is she going to pout about? Is she even registered to vote? Plus her parents are McCain supporters – so I don’t really feel sorry for any of them. McCain’s little swipe backfired big time on him though and that’s good and fair! Keep shooting yourself in the foot and our work here will be done.

  3. heartsandflowers: She’s Paris Hilton. Pimping a situation for attention is what she does. And her mom is Kathy Hilton, the woman who trained her in this art.While you’re concerned about the fake tan, I wonder how old do you have to be where wearing your hair in pigtails is presumptuous? Because she’s 27. And unless you’re playing dress up for your EXTREMELY old husband (who’s currently running for president), I don’t really get it.

  4. I thought the ad was an excellenyt smackdown to McMaverick’s slur implying she (along with Britney and Obama) is a mindless celebutard.Skinny white bitch kicked some geezer ass!

  5. Point to Paris. She has the money, she could kick it up a notch. Put it in the news cycle. Team McCain will be up against the ropes if they foul up like this again. Republicans will bring Rove off the bench in 2 weeks. Girl got nerve like a toothache, LOL see you at the debates.

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