And finally, the Crazy Tyra Obama Banks Photo Spread

As a writer at the Los Angeles Times noted, Bazaar” indeed! Here is the rest of Tyra Banks’ photo pictorial from Harper’s Bazaar where she does her best to demonstrate campaign inspired fashions with Michelle, Barack, Sasha, Malia, Jackie O., John-John and possibly Jackée Harry as her inspiration.


I realize that at a certain age you’re supposed to stop playing dress up. But c’mon, folks! She’s a former supermodel. Until she retired, her whole life was about playing dress up. Playing a hoochie lingerie “angel.” Playing an SI swimsuit cover gal. Playing a bootleg Naomi Campbell. (Photographs only. Tyra uses her cell phones for dialing!) Playing a make-up hawker. Playing “fierce” and “edgy.” Playing Omar Epps‘ girlfriend in “Higher Learning.” Playing Will Smith’s love interest in the last season of “The Fresh Prince” when Willy-Will went to college. Playing a sorority den mother to reality TV model wannabes. Playing “Oprah Winfrey.”

Quit playing about wanting Tyra to QUIT PLAYING! She will never, EVER stop playing! Playing is what she does and she wanted to play Michelle Obama. Yeah, it looks weird and goofy and tacky and wrong, but she can’t help it that she’s rich and famous enough to take her Obama Stan-hood to a level other Obama stans can only dream of. Can we convince an internationally heralded fashion magazine to let us play pretend with a hot big eared model and some fake kids in some ridiculously expensive clothes for over six pages and get a cover shot? No. No we can’t. Most of us just gush to ourselves about the Obamas. Well, Tyra wanted to take our gushing to that … Next! Creepy! Level!

This photos are sooooo “Hand That Rocks the Cradle” meets “Single White Female.”

Michelle, consider them a warning when Tyra starts wearing black leggings with every dress and Sasha complains of a woman in a bad wig who keeps showing up at soccer practice, wanting to be called “Mommy.”

12 thoughts on “And finally, the Crazy Tyra Obama Banks Photo Spread

  1. LOL “Who are you?””I am your mother.”poor Sasha.But seriously, who does that? I understand it’s Tyra just being Tyra, and believe me I love Michelle too, but it’s creepy.

  2. Tyra Banks has either…A. An excellent marketing team B. An uncanny ability to capatilize off other people’s successC. A serious case of the Pod PersonitisD. All of the above!

  3. There’s a fascinating Norma Desmondish quality about this. I can’t turn my head from them. Damn Tyra. It’s freaky – admit it.

  4. Going away from all the Tyra mess (oh…Tyra), it’s nice to see that people are impressed with Michelle Obama’s style. So for that, I’ll appreciate the spread for what it is: about the clothing. I’ll ignore Tyra and look at the Barack Obama model because he looks so right lol…

  5. The Barack model seriously has it going on. Can we google stalk him. Tyra, kudos for smiling with your eyes AND not losing your neck.

  6. Okay, I’m starting to think Tyra might be a little pathological. She seems to like to dress up like the people she admires the most. First she dressed like Beyonce (lawd that was hot mess) and now like the wife of Obama (notice I didn’t say Michelle Obama). This is becoming scary.Its bad enough she got a whole damn daytime show to dress up and play Oprah, now this. She might need to seek help. But then again I guess if you can’t be them, become them.

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