Top Pundits Revealed!

The votes were tallied and the results are in! From all your ballots I learned one thing … you folks really love you some Donna Brazile. Seriously. (I also learned that a lot of you have sick, sick bushy eyebrow fetishes!)

Here are your “Top Pundits” along with my own personal pundit picks and opinions below.

“Love her she is such a straight shooter. The smartest in the business,” — an anonymous voter

“She’s a bad mother… SHUT YO MOUTH!” — Lisa Marie Turtle

Brazile was a big favorite in every category she competed in, but she beat out Keith Olbermann by one point to be at the top of the “Top Five Pundits” heap. Here are your top five pundits.

1. Donna Brazile
2. Keith Olbermann
3. Rachel Maddow
4. Jamal Simmons
5. (Tie) Roland Martin/Gwen Ifil

Snob Picks!

The Snob really enjoys pundits who bring the crazy like it’s never been brought, so all my Top Pundits are about who is best a verbal calisthenics, bringing drama and making good trainwreck television. The Krav Maga masters of political hardball. I like all the sane, rational, smart people you guys picked, but with the exception of Olbermann, all those choices were a little too sane for me.

Give me the Fruit Loops!

1. James Carville and/or Mary Matalin
2. Patrick J. Buchanan (What an AMAZING bigot. Breath-taking really.)
3. Chris Matthews
4. Jim McLaughlin (“Bye! Bye!”)
5. Keith Olbermann

They’re crazy in love with hate … on you or anyone else who gets in their way. It was a tie between O’Reilly and Limbaugh for nuttiest of the nuts (with Sean Hannity at a close second). One of you pointed out that Rush is a former drug addict which might explain his insanity. Perhaps it was self-medication for some preexisting mental illness.

“(H)e’s been spouting ignorance before a lot of us were born so hands down he wins,” wrote commenter Ms. B.

As for Hannity’s closely seconded certifiable papers, commenters said he was Loony Toons, “No Diggity, No Doubt.” Others were more blunt in their critiques. “What a serious unadulterated douchebag,” wrote Anarchy 1.

1. (Tie) Rush Limbaugh/Bill O’Reilly
2. Sean Hannity
3. Chris Matthews

Snob Pick!

Chris Matthews

Commenter Lisa Marie Turtle, like myself, picked Chris Matthews as the real loon in the bin.

“I’m sure most people will say Bill O’Reilly or Glen Beck but I think Chris Matthew’s lunacy is ignored far too often. I mean, he’s considered crazy in general but I think he might be certifiable. He also comes across as emotionally unstable,” she writes.

No joke. The man issued an almost one minute apology on his show to women viewers he offended in his Hillary bashing and general sexist attitude, then went right back to stammering over people and saying things seen as “inappropriate” by all of us with vaginas. Or with permanent tans. Or … basically anyone.

The man is like a jabbering, Kennedy obsessed, emotional drunk. Occasionally though he’ll sober up enough to issue a well-deserved (or not well-deserved) verbal beatdown. You cannot out talk Chris Matthews. He will invite you to be on his show and he will not allow you to say one word because he has a point somewhere in his Rather-esque attempts to turn a pretty phrase, instead he mauls, mangles and molests the English language.

Crazy pants, all the way.

“Okay I hate the eyebrows too – but come on now – he is pretty fly for a political pundit,” — Hollins JD Princess

“Let me tweeze those brows.” — Ms. B

“I don’t understand why there are other names on the list.” — Lisa Marie Turtle

It’s gotta be the eyebrows. “Those sexy bushy brows!” gushed one reader. Obviously, The Snob has an overwhelming number of female (or gay) readers who feen for Jamal Simmons and his bushylicious eyebrows. He ran away in the voting leaving his sparring partner and conservative counterpart Amy Holmes a distant second. Commenter Bronze Trinity called Simmons a “good looking brotha and educated, and polite.”

1. Jamal Simmons
2. Amy Holmes
3. Michelle D. Bernard

Snob Pick!

I think I may be one of the few black women immune to Jamal’s bushy charms. With this category based purely on appearance (and not opinion), I have to give the edge to Amy Holmes and Harold Ford Jr.

Hannity barely beat out Ann Coulter for the “I Hate (or Strongly Dislike) You” Award. Since he was already labeled a “douchebag” when he came in second for “Most Insane,” I’m going to go on the record and say you don’t like the guy. You really don’t like him.

1. Sean Hannity
2. Ann Coulter
3. (Tie) Bill O’Reilly/Patrick J. Buchanan

Snob Pick!

This was a tough one. I couldn’t decide who was worse: Limbaugh, Hannity or O’Reilly. But I also think the power of these three involves a lot of hype. I probably hate Michelle Malkin the most because she said the US government was right in arresting Japanese citizens during WWII and placing them in detention camps. They were citizens. American citizens. The majority born here. Their sons were allowed to serve and die for their country, but their parents, friends and relatives remained locked up simply because they were Japanese. So, ahem, screw you, Michelle Malkin.

“I can’t stand him. I literally want to punch him. ‘Barack Obama is a politician, Jesse Jackson is a prophet.’ That statement alone is enough reason for him to never speak in a public forum again. I can’t believe I didn’t pick Al Sharpton,” — Lisa Marie Turtle

Dyson barely beat out Jesse Jackson for this honor. I’m happy to know that I wasn’t the only one, as he was my pick to STFU too. Despite many of us sometimes agreeing with Dyson, he is simply so annoying that even when you second that motion you want to chop block him in the throat.

Snob Pick!

Dyson. All the way to the bank. No more hip hop lyrics when answering questions. You are not cool.

I get it. You love Donna. She’s the awesome. She’s funny. She’s smart. She always gets in her point and rarely makes mistakes. She will not be buffaloed, punked or tricked. And she is not your boo. Seriously.

1. Donna Brazile
2. Rachel Maddow
3. (Tie) Keith Olbermann/Arianna Huffington

Snob Pick!

Tie between Maddow and Brazile

I hate to break it to many Snob readers, but Williams is, in fact, a lefty. He is pro-abortion and pro-birth control. He leans left on almost all social issues. He just has a little “disagreement” with black folks over his views on … black folks. But take away the race factor (and him being a Bill O’Reilly apologist) and Williams is technically a left-leaning centrist.

1. Juan Williams
2. Maureen Dowd
3. Harold Ford Jr.

Snob pick!

Gah. Maureen Dowd. We’re having the most torrid love/hate affair of the century.

Michelle Bernard is actually a right-leaning centrist. (I think she calls herself an independent as the head of the Independent Women’s Forum). She just barely beat out Amy Holmes, who many of you picked as a second while admitting that you pretty much hate everything Holmes says.

1. Michelle Bernard
2. Amy Holmes
3. Andrew Sullivan

Snob Pick!

Peggy Noonan (“She just seems like a grandma. An evil Republican grandma,” reader Nay)

Can’t say I was surprised here. It was a landslide for the oft-bowtied, “dickish” Carlson, who seems to rub almost everyone the wrong way with his prickish nature. He’s not a “cool” or “hip” or even interesting conservative pundit. He’s not a charming blowhard or a snarky blonde. And the IRONY of hearing him talk about Obama as “elitist” was almost unbearable as Carlson doesn’t look like he’s ever skipped a fine glass of Chablis or platter of brie and goose liver patte his entire life.

Carlson beat out the now ailing Prince of Darkness, Bob Novak, who recently retired after being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.

1. Tucker Carlson
2. Bob Novak
3. (Tie) Joe Scarborough/Armstrong Williams

Snob Pick!

I don’t know why I didn’t put down Ron Christie because if I were a Republican he would be the last guy I’d want out there shilling the party brand. But since I didn’t put down Christie I’ll have to go with a tie between Carlson and Leslie Sanchez. I actually kind of like Leslie Sanchez, mostly because no matter how dire the news she always finds a way to flip it and make it a good thing for the Republicans. Where Bill Bennett and Carlson give in or recede on some arguments, Sanchez proudly marches on. I admire that in a hack.

As for Carlson, commenter Whitty sums up my feelings for the guy.

“I feel bad for him.”

I do too, Whitty. I do too. So sad and such a douche.

In the rush for the middle there was a three-way traffic jam. Bernard, Martin and Toobin made out equally in the vote count, even if many of you were suspicious about their leanings. Many doubted Martin as a centrist, but due to a tersely worded comment he wrote me a while back, Martin sees himself as an impartial eye on this whole election. Bernard holds the middle mantel, while Toobin, primarily a legal scholar, sometimes chimes in on political issues and is usual devastating in what he dishes out.

Snob Pick!

Toobin, all the way.

Bill Maher kicked this category’s ass. He won by an overwhelming majority leaving his competitors in the dust. I had one Rev. Wright honorary write in that I feel I must give props too, but other than that, this award is all for that stripper dating, hoochie loving, politically incorrect Maher.

1. Bill Maher
2. (Tie) Jack Cafferty/Patrick J. Buchanan

Snob Pick!

I like Maher and enjoy him, but I have to get it to the Inglorious Bastard himself, Patrick J. Buchanan. He may be crazy and may be a bigot, but he is the only one willing to speak the truth about how a lot of Americans really think about black people, immigrants, Mexicans, women folk, crime, etc. Truth hurts, but as I often say while watching “Hardball,” “L
ET THE BIGOT SPEAK!” He may be an asshole, but he’s a honest asshole. I trust his opinion on how “working class white people” think more so than Chris Matthews, who keeps repeating the same, kumbya, “My kids don’t even think or notice race” horse manure.

Jon Stewart is a genius, beating out fellow comedic geniuses Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black. He is also The Snob pick. I love the man. If he didn’t already have a wife I’d consider putting up with him and the nebbishness.

1. Jon Stewart
2. Stephen Colbert
3. Bill Maher

So many people did not want to pick among the three (non?)blondes who competed for this top spot as the best combination of Nordic looks and insanity. But there were still enough votes to crown Coulter the queen of the hate-filled banshees. Laura Ingraham, The Snob pick, came in second. I think Coulter’s act is a tired form of performance art that even she doesn’t believe anymore, but still goes through the “trying to be edgy” motions.

Ingraham on the other hand, her voice is like nails on a chalk board as she rips her way through people. Her brand of crazy also feels a little more authentic even if it too might be performance art. I always struggle with understanding bossy, aggressive women operating in a man’s forum advocating the conservative philosophy of women knowing their place, while at the same time arguing that no one better put a burkha on them.

Wait? Are you submissive or not? Are you for the feminist ideals that allow you to speak your mind in a miniskirt or are you against feminism … that allowed you to speak your mind in a miniskirt? Very confusing!

There wasn’t even a contest. You went 15-to-1 for Olbermann. His closest competitor, Rachel Maddow, got one lonely vote. I don’t know when it sunk in for me. Perhaps it was when he started directly apologizing to the victims of Republican attacks on behalf of the recalcitrant Republicans. Maybe it was when he would get all sanctimonious about some issue like he felt our pain more poetically worded and sacrificial lamb-like. During primary nights I thought I saw him afflicted with stigmata once or twice. The Holier-Than-Thou, Gandlafian “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” way that he rips into opponents. The self-deprecation mixed with his fecal matter throwing spat with Bill-O.

He’s a bleeder, all right.

Here is where we agree. “Hardball with Chris Matthews” is a guilty pleasure of mine. The show offers no substance. The debates are often superficial, as are the pundits who usually frequent the show. But Matthews, like the Mad Hatter of politics conducts this fool’s symphony every week night, bumbling, slurring his words along as he spits out answers and screams all over the people he invited to his party. People he invited simply to insult. But like the Mad Hatter, Matthews seems to really love what he’s doing. He’s quite jubilant and perky about it. Both churlish and girlish in his glee. He’s the only pundit I know of who caused an old Southern to wish that he could re-institute a now illegal form of retribution.

Zell Miller called Matthews out “for a duel.” But not pistols for Matthews. He prefers a microphone.

1. Chris Matthews
2. Bill O’Reilly
3. (Tie) James Carville/Mary Matalin/Michelle Malkin

Many of you don’t want to give up on Ford or Tavis Smiley, who came in second. I, personally, think Paul Zahn could be rehabilitated and put to some use, but, eh … pundits are people too. Sometimes they deserve a second chance. So come on Ford, as one commenter wrote “pick a side.” You could get hit by a car wandering in the middle of that road.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

18 thoughts on “Top Pundits Revealed!

  1. The sad thing about Michael Eric Dyson is that 10 years ago before someone started calling that Negro up and asking him to be on tv, he had the makings of being a halfway decent scholar..Now he just loves to hear himself talk, you know it says something when folks find him more annoying that Jesse.

  2. Hey since when is nebbishness not sexy? After my divorce from John Legend I am DEFINITELY headed for Jon Stewart’s house. Who says I can’t have it all?

  3. 1. I think you messed up. You said Limbaugh and O’Reilly tied then you have him and Hannity.2. I said that comment about Michael Eric Dyson, Not Ms. B! LoL, not that you don’t have enough quotes from me. πŸ˜‰ But seriously, I’ll even link you back to the post. you look under me or start typing in the quote I’m the only one it’s under. πŸ˜‰ LoL. But ty for finding me so quotable!

  4. yay some of mine got picked. Thanks for this, gave me some fun in my boring life. I feel sorry for poor Chris Matthews though. I didn’t realize he was such a trainwreck.And Pat B. is such a racist, and I can’t stand him, but he just gave Obama a compliment about an hour ago.

  5. artchess: I actually think Pat should start a column called, “Ask Pat: Real Bigoted Views From A Real Professional Bigot.”I mean, he’s believes it. He’s not doing it for show or ratings. He practices the Tao of Bigotry. He’s such a bigot he doesn’t even know he’s a bigot which he knows tells him deep down inside that he is, most assuredly, a bigot. And because he is a bigot he thinks all who claim to not be bigots are just liars.Hence the faces he makes at Chris Matthews. He like “You’re an Irish-American prick from Philly, you douche! You’re a bigot just like me! Say it! SAY IT!!!”

  6. Snob,You’re cracking me up. Hilarious…Hilarious…Your comments about Pat Buchanan. You are indeed correct – he IS a ‘true believer’. But, picking on my Tweety. I don’t know what it is, but I like Tweety, even when I can’t stand him. That quote from Donna Brazile about Anderson not being her boo was some of the funniest $($* EVER on cable television. It was so out in left field that you had to shake yourself to see if you were awake and heard correctly.You all can have all the hope you want for Dark Sith Ford – he’s hopeless. Pathetically hopeless.

  7. @ Lisa Marie Turtle…I would have seconded your nomination of Elizabeth!!!she hold’s down those liberal, menopausal, semi-psychotic(rosie) biddies like no other blond fembot could do; Well…maybe one with a little more education πŸ˜‰ But, hey! who needs semantics when you’ve got lilly white BEAUTY!!!

  8. Ms. Snob,You absolutely made my day! It’s not everyday you start a trend of comparing ultra-rightwing pundits to feminine products and are immortalized in the process! Thanks for helping me point out that Hannity’s America is a sad,dreary place where the first act of sex is pushing the twin beds together.”Oh, the Douchebaggery!!!!” I love it! LMAO.I’m so glad I found your site…much love and continued success! Oh, and Amy Holmes ain’t got nothin’ on you! πŸ™‚

  9. I am sad I missed the poll. But one person I really like and did not see was Michael Smerconish. He is probably one of my favorite righties on T.V. and I find him to have really rational views on things. Though I am a leftie and probably disagree with him on most issues in policy especially the economic ones.

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