More Tyra As Michelle Madness

A few of you have noted that Tyra Banks’ “Tyra-as-Michelle” madness needs to stop, but mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery (and a tell-tale sign of unhealthy obsession). I feel differently. I don’t want her to stop. Go further, Tyra! Go so far you come out the other side of the looking glass! Delve into your own insanity until you adopt a pair of girls and rename them Sasha and Malia. Descend into the absurd until you legally change your name to “Tyra Obama,” then get put down on that list the Secret Service keeps of deranged women obsessed with Barack.

Just her and Scarlett Johansson, whispering prettily, “Yes we can.”

Pictures from Us Magazine and The Insider.

5 thoughts on “More Tyra As Michelle Madness

  1. I am not the biggest Tyra fan, don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of ANTM and I watch her show sometimes (depending if the topic peaks my interest). With that said, give the girl a break, I love the whole concept, I can’t wait to purchase the magazine. Sisters let’s support each other! I wish I could be a part of history like Tyra Banks!

  2. I’m with Chantale. Can’t we just enjoy Tyra’s crazy ride to Crazytown while dressed “sort of” like Michelle Obama? It’s harmless! And hilarious!

  3. I can embrace that. Especially after seeing that she went full-on crazytown and is really pretending that she is Michelle. I would really call in a psychiatrist for this. Seriously. Do you think the photog looked at his/her assistant and said out of their mouth “Just go with it.” Because that is some single white female shit.

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