More Obamas In More Magazines

Courtesy of WWD Media (Women’s Wear Daily) and an anonymous tipster: The Obamas on the cover of Essence in a story by Gwen Ifil! Tyra Banks, unrecognizable and looking nothing like Michelle Obama in Harper’s Bazaar! So much fun!

Essence Magazine cover

Tyra and another model posing as a fashion fantasy version of Michelle and Barack for Harper’s Bazaar. I don’t quite get it and Tyra doesn’t look like herself or Michelle. But perhaps there will be more pictures to go with this politically inspired fashion spread. (The purple obviously invokes Michelle’s royal purple victory sheath dress from “Delegate Clinching Day.” Fake model Barack though is kind of hot. Like Barack’s sexy big-eared half-brother. Rrroawrrr!

10 thoughts on “More Obamas In More Magazines

  1. Tyra is an ass. If the folks at Bazaar suggested this she should have told them to stuff it. If it was her idea, someone should have told her to shove it. Doesn’t she have any brains?What a question–what am I thinking?

  2. I think Tyra is on drugs. Or maybe the crazy that was always there is finally emerging full-force. The crazy is a progressive disease…

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