Michelle Obama On the Cover of Ebony

13 thoughts on “Michelle Obama On the Cover of Ebony

  1. shani-o: Well, you know Ebony. It’s like the black folks Public Relations magazine. They try their darndest to make us look good, so they “over” tried a bit with Michelle.

  2. *prepares to stalk all the newsstands in the city*And the whole family is going to be on the September Essence cover as well.

  3. You know I love this.I will not slam Ebony. Love it. Love it. They believe their purpose is to make Black look at beautiful as possible. Won’t hate on them for that. This Michelle-A-Holic has been smiling since I saw it. She’ll be a wonderful First Lady. 🙂

  4. Sistah is doing her thing. I am so PROUD to be a black women.I want to be just like her when I grow up… well in 12 years when I am 46, I want to be just as fierce!

  5. She Is PHENOMANAL!!!For The First Time In My Adult Life I’m Actually Proud of My Country and may I add…Equally as Proud of the Solidarity we (black folk) have shown for our Future President and First Lady!!!

  6. WTF is wrong with you people! She is straight out of Star Trek Kling-On Nation! The bitch is butt-ugly! And the only reason you are endorsing her is because she’s Black. Not on her merits simply because she’s Black!

  7. She looks like a pit bull. She is full of hate and rage for this country and white people. And since she is of a slavery background and Barak Hussein is not, then he is going to have to pay her retribution payments like the American Indians get and he won’t get anything.

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