The Hamburgler: When Lame Advertising Events Happen to Pseudo (and Some Real) Celebrities

It was the 40th birthday of McDonald’s “Big Mac” sandwich on July 27 in Malibu, Calif. I think Big Macs taste gross. (But I’m a burger Snob. Nothing tops a Double-Double from In-And-Out. I miss those dearly.) But ain’t no party like a product placement party because all the celebrities were paid to be there!

Make that money, child, but don’t let the money make you!

I’m not feeling my girl Serena’s get up, but we spare regularly over what she deems fit to wear outside. Sanaa Lathan looks lovely, although that dress could double as a shirt.

Blu Cantrell, do you still work for a living? I loved “Hit ‘Em Up Style” as much as the next jilted ex-girlfriend, but dude, seriously, … what do you do to keep the lights on? That said, you look exhausted, but sort of pretty. And I like the top/scarf combo.

I get why Mickey D’s would want Common (he’s hot right now) but Ian Ziering from “90210?” Your choices intrigue me, McDonald’s.

And now for the bargain bin of Robertson Blvd.: Celebrity Reality TV show stars. Kim Kardashian (dressed in some odd, button-less khaki romper and beige bikini top — better to show off the boobage I gather.), is featured in these following pictures with her sister Khloe and later with Common, Serena Williams and singer Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo serenades a burger.

And now everyone gather around the product placement and say, “Cheese!”

11 thoughts on “The Hamburgler: When Lame Advertising Events Happen to Pseudo (and Some Real) Celebrities

  1. Common is a G for showing up at this event. One because he doesn’t eat meat, and two because he used to knock boots with Serena, who clearly loves her some meat.

  2. Ugh… why all the females there look just plain tacky. Kim Kardashian looks like she should be working a corner somewhere (yeah, I know that sounds bad). That said Common looks nice!

  3. Why, pray tell, does Steve Sanders seem to have misplaced his shirt? Does McShit’s make people wanna take their shirt off?Seriously, if you have to shill red carpet for McD’s, you might want to consider your relevancy.

  4. blackgirlinmaine: All the women DID look trashy for this event. And not even like classy courteseans like actresses at the Oscars or glamorous, whory showgirls like female entertainers at the Grammys.But rather they look like they all came from (*Florissant, Mo. reference incoming*) Hazelwood Day at Six Flags Over Mid-America where they spent half the trip at the water park and they’re trying really hard to be “sexy” like Beyonce or pre-meltdown Britney and they just look like a bunch of trashy, sweaty, damp underage street urchins.And while that may turn pederasts on … ew.KBO: Out of context, his shirtlessness does look insane, but this was actually a pool party. Only he was the only pseudo celeb who stripped for the cameras and hopped in the pool. All the other pool shots were of models paid to be there. I’m assuming those were models … I think WireImage had them listed as “guests.” Suuuuure. Folks who willingly whored themselves out for cheeseburgers for free. They just like the notion of having angioplasty when they hit 40.

  5. Wow, Serena is some kinda fly …Her and Common are actually a couple. Yeah, I just found out too.Kadashian looks soooo plastic. Everything about her.And yeah, Blu Cantrell, is she at Blockbuster down the street or flippin’ bugers at the Mickey D’s down the street?

  6. Of course everyone looked like a tackhead at this event, it was for frickin McDonalds! Like you’re going to pull out the couture gown and Van Cleef jewels to celebrate a Big Mac? Hope they got some McDs coupons for showing up – come in handy when the bank account is low.

  7. i understand the kardashian sisters …their skill set was built for appearing at a mcdonald’s party and blu cantrell probably does need the money but commonne-yoand serenado they really believe their mommas birthed them to celebrate some flatulent inducing soylent green by-product?

  8. So The Kard”ass”hianan “FAME” annoys the shit out of ME!!!sex tape = UBER rich Handsome Black Boyfriend + Invitations to do “Celeb” appearences + Reality Tv Show + Modeling Contracts + other amenities yet to be seen…The END of BABYLON soon COME!!!

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