Morgan Freeman in Serious Condition After Car Accident

From The Associated Press:

JACKSON, Miss. – Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman has been injured in car accident in Mississippi and is in a Memphis hospital.

Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Kathy Stringer says Freeman is in serious condition.

The hospital, commonly known as The Med, is an acute-care teaching facility that serves patients within 150 miles of Memphis.

Ashley Norris, manager of the Ground Zero Blue Club in Clarksdale that is owned by Freeman, confirmed the actor was in a wreck. Norris said she had no other details.

The accident apparently occurred in Tallahatchie County Mississippi, but the sheriff’s department referred calls to the Mississippi Highway Patrol. A highway patrol spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

I hope he’ll be all right because he’s one of my favorite actors and he’s an all around cool guy. He chose to stay in the South rather than move to Los Angeles. He loves jazz and blues. He was in “The Shawshank Redemption.” (And has an Oscar … finally.) Let’s all hope he’ll make it out all right for his wife and family’s sake.

4 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman in Serious Condition After Car Accident

  1. I saw this on CNN! Get better soon, Morgan Freeman (aka the voice of God).This makes me want a beer real bad….

  2. I too am praying for an expedient recovery for Mr. Freeman.In the interim, is there anyway we can find another picture for him, BlackSnob? This pic is a little obituary-ish…

  3. erica: But it’s from when he played “God” in “Bruce Almighty?” Yeah, he looks heavenly. But he’s playing God. :-)I have a different, less heavenly, picture in the update to this story further up thread.

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